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    Learn more than 50 languages for free
    online or with our Android or iPhone APP
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    Anytime and anywhere
    50 LANGUAGES Apps
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    Prefer to learn with texts?
    Buy 50 LANGUAGES books in various language
    combinations at Amazon and other leading bookstores.
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    FREE MP3 audio files
    in 50 languages
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    Vocabulary quick and easy
    You can learn 2.000 words categorized into
    42 important topics (e.g. food, office, shopping,...).
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    FREE language tests
    in 25 languages
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    Language poster series
    Perfect for activities in language classes.
    Show your students how easy it is to learn a new language!

... or choose your native language from our map of world languages.

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50 LANGUAGES is available as:

Free online course

Learn a new language fast using 100 topics in the lessons. The MP3 files in the lessons are spoken by native speakers.


If you prefer to learn a language using printed materials, you can buy our books at Amazon or other bookstores.

Android APP

The apps includes all lessons of the 50 LANGUAGES curriculum. And it's totally free! Many tests and games are included in the apps.

iOS APP - iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

The "50 LANGUAGES" iOS apps are ideal for all those who want to learn anytime and offline.

Free to share MP3 Audio files

All our MP3 audio files can be downloaded for free, shared (CC license) and used on any device.

Language cards

Learn more than 2.000 words categorized into 42 important topics (e.g. food,...) with our vocabulary cards online.

Language posters

Perfect for activities in language classes. 6 posters with 288 words English/German.

Language crossword puzzles

Free language puzzles in 5 languages and 20 language combinations by Goethe-Verlag.

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Learn more about what 50 LANGUAGES has to offer

More than 50 languages to learn

...like English, German, Spanish, Chinese,...

Learn in your native language

...that's over 2,500 combinations to learn!

100 real life topics

...vocabulary that you can use immediately.

18 sentences per topic

...categorized for easier learning.

Minimum of 30 completely FREE topics

...in each course.
Smartphone App for iOS and Android

FREE Android APPs

...with 100 completely free topics.


...with 100 completely free topics.

More than 5.000.000 downloads

...in Google Play Store!


More than 5.000.000 people downloaded our Android App - here is what they have to say

“Thank you! As everyone knows people are lazy to learn languages. But this APP is a good start and motivates people. Thank you for the free knowledge! ”

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“This app is very practical for learners of all ages from 8 years onwards for basic level language learning.”

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Android App

Have a closer look at our Android App - Free download. Completely free to use after registration!.


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