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37 [thirty-seven]

En route

En route

‫37 [سبعة وثلاثون]‬

37 [sbaeat wathalathun]

‫فى الطريق‬

[faa altariyqa]

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He drives a motorbike. ‫-ن- ---ب --اج- --ري--‬ ‫___ ي___ د____ ن______ ‫-ن- ي-ك- د-ا-ة ن-ر-ة-‬ ----------------------- ‫إنه يركب دراجة نارية.‬ 0
'-ina--yur-ib-d-r--a----n--ri-t-. '_____ y_____ d________ n________ '-i-a- y-r-i- d-r-j-t-n n-a-i-t-. --------------------------------- 'iinah yurkib dirajatan naariata.
He rides a bicycle. ‫-نه يركب ----ة --ائي--‬ ‫___ ي___ د____ ه_______ ‫-ن- ي-ك- د-ا-ة ه-ا-ي-.- ------------------------ ‫إنه يركب دراجة هوائية.‬ 0
'-inah --r-i----r-j---- -a-a--y---. '_____ y_____ d________ h__________ '-i-a- y-r-i- d-r-j-t-n h-w-y-y-t-. ----------------------------------- 'iinah yurkib dirajatan hawayiyata.
He walks. ‫إ-ه يس-ر---ى-ا----ام.‬ ‫___ ي___ ع__ ا________ ‫-ن- ي-ي- ع-ى ا-أ-د-م-‬ ----------------------- ‫إنه يسير على الأقدام.‬ 0
'----h y-s-r-----a ---aq-a-. '_____ y____ e____ a________ '-i-a- y-s-r e-l-a a-'-q-a-. ---------------------------- 'iinah yasir ealaa al'aqdam.
He goes by ship. ‫م-ى--الس-ين--‬ ‫___ ب_________ ‫-ض- ب-ل-ف-ن-.- --------------- ‫مضى بالسفينة.‬ 0
m----b--l--f-n---. m___ b____________ m-a- b-a-s-f-n-t-. ------------------ mdaa bialsafinata.
He goes by boat. ‫مض--با-ق-ر-.‬ ‫___ ب________ ‫-ض- ب-ل-ا-ب-‬ -------------- ‫مضى بالقارب.‬ 0
md-a b-a-q--b. m___ b________ m-a- b-a-q-r-. -------------- mdaa bialqarb.
He swims. ‫--- -----‬ ‫___ ي_____ ‫-ن- ي-ب-.- ----------- ‫إنه يسبح.‬ 0
'-i-ah-yusbi--. '_____ y_______ '-i-a- y-s-i-a- --------------- 'iinah yusbiha.
Is it dangerous here? ‫---ه----ل-كا----ر؟‬ ‫__ ه__ ا_____ خ____ ‫-ل ه-ا ا-م-ا- خ-ر-‬ -------------------- ‫هل هذا المكان خطر؟‬ 0
h--hdha a-ma-an kh-tr? h_ h___ a______ k_____ h- h-h- a-m-k-n k-a-r- ---------------------- hl hdha almakan khatr?
Is it dangerous to hitchhike alone? ‫-ل هن-ك-خ-ر إ- ح--لت-ا-سف--ب-يقا----ا-ة؟‬ ‫__ ه___ خ__ إ_ ح____ ا____ ب_____ س______ ‫-ل ه-ا- خ-ر إ- ح-و-ت ا-س-ر ب-ي-ا- س-ا-ة-‬ ------------------------------------------ ‫هل هناك خطر إن حاولت السفر بإيقاف سيارة؟‬ 0
h- h--a---h-t---'iin h--ala----sa--r b--i--af-s-ar? h_ h____ k_____ '___ h______ a______ b_______ s____ h- h-n-k k-a-a- '-i- h-w-l-t a-s-f-r b-'-i-a- s-a-? --------------------------------------------------- hl hunak khatar 'iin hawalat alsafar bi'iiqaf syar?
Is it dangerous to go for a walk at night? ‫-ل -لت-ز- ---ا- ---؟‬ ‫__ ا_____ ل___ خ____ ‫-ل ا-ت-ز- ل-ل-ً خ-ر-‬ ---------------------- ‫هل التنزه ليلاً خطر؟‬ 0
h--alt--azuh----aan -h-t-? h_ a________ l_____ k_____ h- a-t-n-z-h l-l-a- k-a-r- -------------------------- hl altanazuh lylaan khatr?
We got lost. ‫لقد--ل-نا --ط-يق.‬ ‫___ ض____ ا_______ ‫-ق- ض-ل-ا ا-ط-ي-.- ------------------- ‫لقد ضللنا الطريق.‬ 0
l--d-da-a--- al-a---a. l___ d______ a________ l-a- d-l-l-a a-t-r-q-. ---------------------- lqad dalalna altariqa.
We’re on the wrong road. ‫--- في-ا--ري- --خط--‬ ‫___ ف_ ا_____ ا______ ‫-ح- ف- ا-ط-ي- ا-خ-أ-‬ ---------------------- ‫نحن في الطريق الخطأ.‬ 0
n-a- fi-a---r-- al-h---'-. n___ f_ a______ a_________ n-a- f- a-t-r-q a-k-a-a-a- -------------------------- nhan fi altariq alkhata'a.
We must turn around. ‫-ل-نا-أ---ع-- من -ي- أت----‬ ‫_____ أ_ ن___ م_ ح__ أ______ ‫-ل-ن- أ- ن-و- م- ح-ث أ-ي-ا-‬ ----------------------------- ‫علينا أن نعود من حيث أتينا.‬ 0
el----'-n -aeu- m-n --yth ---in-. e____ '__ n____ m__ h____ '______ e-i-a '-n n-e-d m-n h-y-h '-t-n-. --------------------------------- elina 'an naeud min hayth 'atina.
Where can one park here? ‫أين --كن-إيقا----سي-ر--‬ ‫___ ي___ إ____ ا________ ‫-ي- ي-ك- إ-ق-ف ا-س-ا-ة-‬ ------------------------- ‫أين يمكن إيقاف السيارة؟‬ 0
ay----mk-- 'iiq---al-ya-? a__ y_____ '_____ a______ a-n y-m-i- '-i-a- a-s-a-? ------------------------- ayn yumkin 'iiqaf alsyar?
Is there a parking lot here? ‫ه- --اك -وق------ارات-‬ ‫__ ه___ م___ ل_________ ‫-ل ه-ا- م-ق- ل-س-ا-ا-؟- ------------------------ ‫هل هناك موقف للسيارات؟‬ 0
h- h---k-m---i--li-------t? h_ h____ m_____ l__________ h- h-n-k m-w-i- l-l-i-a-a-? --------------------------- hl hunak mawqif lilsiyarat?
How long can one park here? ك- ----ل-ق---مكن----ل--و- ه---‬ ك_ م_ ا____ ي_____ ا_____ ه____ ك- م- ا-و-ت ي-ك-ن- ا-و-و- ه-ا-‬ ------------------------------- كم من الوقت يمكنني الوقوف هنا؟‬ 0
kam--in-a---qt y-m-----i----uq-f-hn-? k__ m__ a_____ y________ a______ h___ k-m m-n a-w-q- y-m-i-u-i a-w-q-f h-a- ------------------------------------- kam min alwaqt yumkinuni alwuquf hna?
Do you ski? ‫---ت--ر- ال--ح-------الجلي--‬ ‫__ ت____ ا______ ع__ ا_______ ‫-ل ت-ا-س ا-ت-ح-ق ع-ى ا-ج-ي-؟- ------------------------------ ‫هل تمارس التزحلق على الجليد؟‬ 0
hl t--ar----l--z---luq-----a a---lid? h_ t______ a__________ e____ a_______ h- t-m-r-s a-t-z-h-l-q e-l-a a-j-l-d- ------------------------------------- hl tumaras altazahuluq ealaa aljalid?
Do you take the ski lift to the top? ‫-- س-ص-د إ-ى ال--ة----م----ال---ئي؟‬ ‫__ س____ إ__ ا____ ب______ ا________ ‫-ل س-ص-د إ-ى ا-ق-ة ب-ل-ص-د ا-ه-ا-ي-‬ ------------------------------------- ‫هل ستصعد إلى القمة بالمصعد الهوائي؟‬ 0
hl --ta-ead -ii--a --qi--t-bi-lmase---a----ayi-? h_ s_______ '_____ a______ b_________ a_________ h- s-t-s-a- '-i-a- a-q-m-t b-a-m-s-a- a-h-w-y-y- ------------------------------------------------ hl satasead 'iilaa alqimat bialmasead alhawayiy?
Can one rent skis here? ‫هل يمكن-- --تئ-ار -ل-ج--؟‬ ‫__ ي_____ ا______ ز_______ ‫-ل ي-ك-ن- ا-ت-ج-ر ز-ا-ا-؟- --------------------------- ‫هل يمكنني استئجار زلاجات؟‬ 0
h- --mk-n-n- ais-ij-- -l----? h_ y________ a_______ z______ h- y-m-i-u-i a-s-i-a- z-a-a-? ----------------------------- hl yumkinuni aistijar zlajat?

Talking to yourself

When someone is talking to himself, it's odd to listeners. And yet almost everyone talks to themselves on a regular basis. Psychologists estimate that more than 95 percent of adults do it. Children almost always talk to themselves when playing. So it is completely normal to have conversations with yourself. This is just a special form of communication. And there are many advantages in talking to yourself every now and then! This is because we organize our thoughts through speech. Our inner voice emerges when we talk to ourselves. You might also say it's thinking out loud. Scatterbrained people in particular talk quite often to themselves. In their case, a certain area of the brain is less active. Therefore, they are less organized. With self-talks they are helping themselves be more methodical. Self-talks can also help us make decisions. And they are a very good way to relieve stress. Self-talks promote concentration and make you more productive. Because saying something aloud takes longer than just thinking about it. We are more aware of our thoughts when speaking. We tackle difficult tests better when we talk to ourselves in the process. Various experiments have shown this. We can also give ourselves courage through self-talks. Many athletes hold self-talks to motivate themselves. Unfortunately, we typically talk to ourselves in negative situations. Therefore, we should always try to be positive. And we often have to review what we wish for. In this way we can positively influence our actions through speaking. But unfortunately, that only works when we stay realistic!
Did you know?
Romanian is counted among the Eastern Romance languages. It is the native language of about 30 million people. These people live primarily in Romania and Moldova. Romanian is also the official language of the Republic of Moldova. There are also sizeable Romanian-speaking communities in Serbia and Ukraine, however. Romanian originated from Latin. The Romans formerly maintained two provinces in the region surrounding the Danube. Romanian is most closely related to Italian. Therefore, Romanians can understand Italians very well for the most part. The opposite is not always the case. This is due to the fact that Romanian contains many Slavic words. The phonology was influenced by the neighbouring Slavic linguistic area. As a result, the Romanian alphabet has a few special symbols. Romanian is written like it is spoken. And it still exhibits many similarities with the structure of ancient Latin … That is precisely what makes the discovery of this language so exciting!