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54 [fifty-four]



54 [елу төрт]

54 [elw tört]

Сауда жасау

[Sawda jasaw]

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I want to buy a present. М---сы-л-----т-- --ай-н---п е---. М__ с_____ с____ а_____ д__ е____ М-н с-й-ы- с-т-п а-а-ы- д-п е-і-. --------------------------------- Мен сыйлық сатып алайын деп едім. 0
M-n---y-ı- sa--p al-yı--d-- ed-m. M__ s_____ s____ a_____ d__ e____ M-n s-y-ı- s-t-p a-a-ı- d-p e-i-. --------------------------------- Men sıylıq satıp alayın dep edim.
But nothing too expensive. Бі-ақ--т--қ--б-т бо--ас--. Б____ ө__ қ_____ б________ Б-р-қ ө-е қ-м-а- б-л-а-ы-. -------------------------- Бірақ өте қымбат болмасын. 0
Biraq---- -----t -o-ma--n. B____ ö__ q_____ b________ B-r-q ö-e q-m-a- b-l-a-ı-. -------------------------- Biraq öte qımbat bolmasın.
Maybe a handbag? М-мкін----мке-сатып--л--сы-? М______ с____ с____ а_______ М-м-і-, с-м-е с-т-п а-а-с-з- ---------------------------- Мүмкін, сөмке сатып аларсыз? 0
Müm-i-----m---sat-------sı-? M______ s____ s____ a_______ M-m-i-, s-m-e s-t-p a-a-s-z- ---------------------------- Mümkin, sömke satıp alarsız?
Which color would you like? Қанда--т-сін--ал--с--? Қ_____ т____ қ________ Қ-н-а- т-с-н қ-л-й-ы-? ---------------------- Қандай түсін қалайсыз? 0
Qan--y--üs-n q-la-sı-? Q_____ t____ q________ Q-n-a- t-s-n q-l-y-ı-? ---------------------- Qanday tüsin qalaysız?
Black, brown or white? Қа--, ----- ә-д- ақ---? Қ____ қ____ ә___ а_ п__ Қ-р-, қ-ң-р ә-д- а- п-? ----------------------- Қара, қоңыр әлде ақ па? 0
Q---- q--ır------a--p-? Q____ q____ ä___ a_ p__ Q-r-, q-ñ-r ä-d- a- p-? ----------------------- Qara, qoñır älde aq pa?
A large one or a small one? Үл---ін бе----- к---е----ы----? Ү______ б_ ә___ к__________ б__ Ү-к-н-н б- ә-д- к-ш-е-т-й-н б-? ------------------------------- Үлкенін бе әлде кішкентайын ба? 0
Ülkeni- -e äld--k------a-ın-ba? Ü______ b_ ä___ k__________ b__ Ü-k-n-n b- ä-d- k-ş-e-t-y-n b-? ------------------------------- Ülkenin be älde kişkentayın ba?
May I see this one, please? Мынан- к-------о-а-ма? М_____ к_____ б___ м__ М-н-н- к-р-е- б-л- м-? ---------------------- Мынаны көрсем бола ма? 0
M-nanı -ö--e- -o---m-? M_____ k_____ b___ m__ M-n-n- k-r-e- b-l- m-? ---------------------- Mınanı körsem bola ma?
Is it made of leather? Былғ--- --? Б______ м__ Б-л-а-ы м-? ----------- Былғары ма? 0
B--ğ-rı-ma? B______ m__ B-l-a-ı m-? ----------- Bılğarı ma?
Or is it made of plastic? Әлде-жас-----м-т---а--ма? Ә___ ж______ м_______ м__ Ә-д- ж-с-н-ы м-т-р-а- м-? ------------------------- Әлде жасанды материал ма? 0
Älde-j--a-dı -at----- --? Ä___ j______ m_______ m__ Ä-d- j-s-n-ı m-t-r-a- m-? ------------------------- Älde jasandı materïal ma?
Of leather, of course. Ә-ине -ыл-ар-. Ә____ б_______ Ә-и-е б-л-а-ы- -------------- Әрине былғары. 0
Ä-ï-e bıl----. Ä____ b_______ Ä-ï-e b-l-a-ı- -------------- Ärïne bılğarı.
This is very good quality. С-па-- е-екше ---с-. С_____ е_____ ж_____ С-п-с- е-е-ш- ж-қ-ы- -------------------- Сапасы ерекше жақсы. 0
S-p-sı e----e -aq--. S_____ e_____ j_____ S-p-s- e-e-ş- j-q-ı- -------------------- Sapası erekşe jaqsı.
And the bag is really very reasonable. C--к-н---б-ғ-сы- р-с- ө-е-тиім--. C_______ б______ р___ ө__ т______ C-м-е-і- б-ғ-с-, р-с- ө-е т-і-д-. --------------------------------- Cөмкенің бағасы, рас, өте тиімді. 0
Cömkeni- -a-ası, ------t- -ï-md-. C_______ b______ r___ ö__ t______ C-m-e-i- b-ğ-s-, r-s- ö-e t-i-d-. --------------------------------- Cömkeniñ bağası, ras, öte tïimdi.
I like it. Мағ-н -на---. М____ ұ______ М-ғ-н ұ-а-д-. ------------- Маған ұнайды. 0
M-ğ-- -n-y--. M____ u______ M-ğ-n u-a-d-. ------------- Mağan unaydı.
I’ll take it. М-н---ы алам-н. М__ о__ а______ М-н о-ы а-а-ы-. --------------- Мен оны аламын. 0
M-n--n- a--m--. M__ o__ a______ M-n o-ı a-a-ı-. --------------- Men onı alamın.
Can I exchange it if needed? Қ--а-ам,---ыст--- -л-м -а? Қ_______ а_______ а___ б__ Қ-л-с-м- а-ы-т-р- а-а- б-? -------------------------- Қаласам, ауыстыра алам ба? 0
Q--as-m, a-ıst-r- al----a? Q_______ a_______ a___ b__ Q-l-s-m- a-ı-t-r- a-a- b-? -------------------------- Qalasam, awıstıra alam ba?
Of course. Әр--е. Ә_____ Ә-и-е- ------ Әрине. 0
Ä----. Ä_____ Ä-ï-e- ------ Ärïne.
We’ll gift wrap it. Б-з --ы-с-й-ық етіп-о-ай--з. Б__ о__ с_____ е___ о_______ Б-з о-ы с-й-ы- е-і- о-а-м-з- ---------------------------- Біз оны сыйлық етіп ораймыз. 0
B---o-ı -ıylıq e--- o------. B__ o__ s_____ e___ o_______ B-z o-ı s-y-ı- e-i- o-a-m-z- ---------------------------- Biz onı sıylıq etip oraymız.
The cashier is over there. Ка-с- --а-жа-т-. К____ а__ ж_____ К-с-а а-а ж-қ-а- ---------------- Касса ана жақта. 0
Kas-a-an--j----. K____ a__ j_____ K-s-a a-a j-q-a- ---------------- Kassa ana jaqta.

Who understands whom?

There are about 7 billion people in the world. They all have a language. Unfortunately, it's not always the same. So in order to speak with other nations, we must learn languages. That is often very arduous. But there are languages that are very similar. Their speakers understand one another, without mastering the other language. This phenomenon is called mutual intelligibility . Whereby two variants are distinguished. The first variant is oral mutual intelligibility . Here, the speakers understand each other when they talk. They do not understand the written form of the other language, however. This is because the languages have different written forms. Examples of this are the languages Hindi and Urdu. Written mutual intelligibility is the second variant. In this case, the other language is understood in its written form. But the speakers do not understand each other when they speak to each other. The reason for this is that they have very different pronunciation. German and Dutch are examples of this. The most closely related languages contain both variants. Meaning they are mutually intelligible both orally and in written form. Russian and Ukrainian or Thai and Laotian are examples. But there is also an asymmetrical form of mutual intelligibility. That is the case when speakers have different levels of understanding each other. Portuguese understand Spanish better than the Spanish understand Portuguese. Austrians also understand Germans better than the other way around. In these examples, pronunciation or dialect is a hindrance. He who really wants to have good conversations must learn something new…