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61 [sixty-one]

Ordinal numbers

Ordinal numbers

61 [ሱሳንሓደን]

61 [susaniḥadeni]

ቁጽርታት “ኦርዲናል”

[k’uts’iritati “oridīnali”]

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The first month is January. ቀ--ይ ----ጥሪ-እ-። ቀ___ ወ__ ጥ_ እ__ ቀ-ማ- ወ-ሒ ጥ- እ-። --------------- ቀዳማይ ወርሒ ጥሪ እዩ። 0
k’e----y- ---ih-ī----rī i--። k________ w_____ t____ i___ k-e-a-a-i w-r-h-ī t-i-ī i-u- ---------------------------- k’edamayi weriḥī t’irī iyu።
The second month is February. ካ-----ርሒ-ለካቲ--እዩ። ካ___ ወ__ ለ___ እ__ ካ-ኣ- ወ-ሒ ለ-ቲ- እ-። ----------------- ካልኣይ ወርሒ ለካቲት እዩ። 0
k--i-a-i-w--iḥ- l-katīt- --u። k_______ w_____ l_______ i___ k-l-’-y- w-r-h-ī l-k-t-t- i-u- ------------------------------ kali’ayi weriḥī lekatīti iyu።
The third month is March. ሳ--ይ-ወ-ሒ መ----እ-። ሳ___ ወ__ መ___ እ__ ሳ-ሳ- ወ-ሒ መ-ቢ- እ-። ----------------- ሳልሳይ ወርሒ መጋቢት እዩ። 0
s-l-sayi--er-h-- ----b-t---yu። s_______ w_____ m_______ i___ s-l-s-y- w-r-h-ī m-g-b-t- i-u- ------------------------------ salisayi weriḥī megabīti iyu።
The fourth month is April. ራ--ይ ------ዝያ---። ራ___ ወ__ ሚ___ እ__ ራ-ዓ- ወ-ሒ ሚ-ዝ- እ-። ----------------- ራብዓይ ወርሒ ሚያዝያ እዩ። 0
ra-i-a-i---r-h---mī-a---a --u። r_______ w_____ m_______ i___ r-b-‘-y- w-r-h-ī m-y-z-y- i-u- ------------------------------ rabi‘ayi weriḥī mīyaziya iyu።
The fifth month is May. ሓም-----ሒ---በ--እዩ። ሓ___ ወ__ ጉ___ እ__ ሓ-ሻ- ወ-ሒ ጉ-በ- እ-። ----------------- ሓምሻይ ወርሒ ጉንበት እዩ። 0
h-am-sha-i--er---ī g-n--et----u። ḥ________ w_____ g_______ i___ h-a-i-h-y- w-r-h-ī g-n-b-t- i-u- -------------------------------- ḥamishayi weriḥī gunibeti iyu።
The sixth month is June. ሻድሻ- ወ-- -ነ እዩ። ሻ___ ወ__ ሰ_ እ__ ሻ-ሻ- ወ-ሒ ሰ- እ-። --------------- ሻድሻይ ወርሒ ሰነ እዩ። 0
s-ad--hayi-wer--̣--sen--iyu። s_________ w_____ s___ i___ s-a-i-h-y- w-r-h-ī s-n- i-u- ---------------------------- shadishayi weriḥī sene iyu።
Six months make half a year. ሽ-ሽ- --ርሕ---- ዓመ--እዩ። ሽ___ ኣ___ ፍ__ ዓ__ እ__ ሽ-ሽ- ኣ-ር- ፍ-ቂ ዓ-ት እ-። --------------------- ሽዱሽተ ኣዋርሕ ፍርቂ ዓመት እዩ። 0
sh------te --a-i-̣- -ir-k-ī -a--t----u። s_________ a______ f______ ‘_____ i___ s-i-u-h-t- a-a-i-̣- f-r-k-ī ‘-m-t- i-u- --------------------------------------- shidushite awariḥi firik’ī ‘ameti iyu።
January, February, March, ጥ-- ለ--ት- መ---፣ ጥ__ ለ____ መ____ ጥ-፣ ለ-ቲ-፣ መ-ቢ-፣ --------------- ጥሪ፣ ለካቲት፣ መጋቢት፣ 0
t’irī----k-tī-i- me------፣ t_____ l________ m________ t-i-ī- l-k-t-t-፣ m-g-b-t-፣ -------------------------- t’irī፣ lekatīti፣ megabīti፣
April, May and June. ሚ-ዝ---ጉ-በ-- -ነ-። ሚ____ ጉ____ ሰ___ ሚ-ዝ-፣ ጉ-በ-ን ሰ-ን- ---------------- ሚያዝያ፣ ጉንበትን ሰነን። 0
mīy--i--፣ gu-----i-i s--eni። m________ g_________ s______ m-y-z-y-፣ g-n-b-t-n- s-n-n-። ---------------------------- mīyaziya፣ gunibetini seneni።
The seventh month is July. ሻውዓ- --ሒ ሓም- -ዩ። ሻ___ ወ__ ሓ__ እ__ ሻ-ዓ- ወ-ሒ ሓ-ለ እ-። ---------------- ሻውዓይ ወርሒ ሓምለ እዩ። 0
sh---‘-y---e----ī ḥ-mi-e -y-። s________ w_____ ḥ_____ i___ s-a-i-a-i w-r-h-ī h-a-i-e i-u- ------------------------------ shawi‘ayi weriḥī ḥamile iyu።
The eighth month is August. ሻም-- -ርሒ ነሓ- --። ሻ___ ወ__ ነ__ እ__ ሻ-ና- ወ-ሒ ነ-ሰ እ-። ---------------- ሻምናይ ወርሒ ነሓሰ እዩ። 0
s-am---y------------h-a-e-iyu። s________ w_____ n_____ i___ s-a-i-a-i w-r-h-ī n-h-a-e i-u- ------------------------------ shaminayi weriḥī neḥase iyu።
The ninth month is September. ታሽዓ----ሒ መ-ከ-ም-እ-። ታ___ ወ__ መ____ እ__ ታ-ዓ- ወ-ሒ መ-ከ-ም እ-። ------------------ ታሽዓይ ወርሒ መስከረም እዩ። 0
ta---‘ayi-w--i-̣- -----ere-----u። t________ w_____ m_________ i___ t-s-i-a-i w-r-h-ī m-s-k-r-m- i-u- --------------------------------- tashi‘ayi weriḥī mesikeremi iyu።
The tenth month is October. ዓስራይ ወ-ሒ ---ቲ እ-። ዓ___ ወ__ ጥ___ እ__ ዓ-ራ- ወ-ሒ ጥ-ም- እ-። ----------------- ዓስራይ ወርሒ ጥቕምቲ እዩ። 0
‘-si---i-we-ih-ī t--ḵ--m--ī---u። ‘_______ w_____ t_________ i___ ‘-s-r-y- w-r-h-ī t-i-̱-i-i-ī i-u- --------------------------------- ‘asirayi weriḥī t’iḵ’imitī iyu።
The eleventh month is November. መበ--ዓሰ-ተ-----ሒ--ዳር --። መ__ ዓ_____ ወ__ ሕ__ እ__ መ-ል ዓ-ር-ሓ- ወ-ሒ ሕ-ር እ-። ---------------------- መበል ዓሰርተሓደ ወርሒ ሕዳር እዩ። 0
me-----‘---rit--̣--e-w--ih-- --id--- ---። m_____ ‘___________ w_____ ḥ_____ i___ m-b-l- ‘-s-r-t-h-a-e w-r-h-ī h-i-a-i i-u- ----------------------------------------- mebeli ‘aseriteḥade weriḥī ḥidari iyu።
The twelfth month is December. መ-ል -ሰርተ-ል- ወ----ሕሳ--እ-። መ__ ዓ______ ወ__ ታ___ እ__ መ-ል ዓ-ር-ክ-ተ ወ-ሒ ታ-ሳ- እ-። ------------------------ መበል ዓሰርተክልተ ወርሒ ታሕሳስ እዩ። 0
m-be-- -----ite--lite--er-h-ī-ta-̣-sa-----u። m_____ ‘_____________ w_____ t_______ i___ m-b-l- ‘-s-r-t-k-l-t- w-r-h-ī t-h-i-a-i i-u- -------------------------------------------- mebeli ‘aseritekilite weriḥī taḥisasi iyu።
Twelve months make a year. ዓ-ርተ-ል- --ርሕ-ሓደ --ት እዮ-። ዓ______ ኣ___ ሓ_ ዓ__ እ___ ዓ-ር-ክ-ተ ኣ-ር- ሓ- ዓ-ት እ-ም- ------------------------ ዓሰርተክልተ ኣዋርሕ ሓደ ዓመት እዮም። 0
‘aserit--i---- --ar-ḥ- h-ad- --me-i i-o-i። ‘_____________ a______ ḥ___ ‘_____ i_____ ‘-s-r-t-k-l-t- a-a-i-̣- h-a-e ‘-m-t- i-o-i- ------------------------------------------- ‘aseritekilite awariḥi ḥade ‘ameti iyomi።
July, August, September, ሓ--- ነ----መ--ረም ሓ___ ነ___ መ____ ሓ-ለ- ነ-ሰ- መ-ከ-ም --------------- ሓምለ፣ ነሓሰ፣ መስከረም 0
h-amil-፣ -e--as---m-siker--i ḥ______ n______ m_________ h-a-i-e- n-h-a-e- m-s-k-r-m- ---------------------------- ḥamile፣ neḥase፣ mesikeremi
October, November and December. ጥ---፣----- ታ--ስ ጥ____ ሕ___ ታ___ ጥ-ም-፣ ሕ-ር- ታ-ሳ- --------------- ጥቕምቲ፣ ሕዳር፣ ታሕሳስ 0
t-i-̱’--itī፣-h-idar-፣ -ah--sasi t__________ ḥ______ t_______ t-i-̱-i-i-ī- h-i-a-i- t-h-i-a-i ------------------------------- t’iḵ’imitī፣ ḥidari፣ taḥisasi

The native language is always the most important language

Our native language is the first language we learn. This happens automatically, so we don't notice it. Most people only have one native language. All other languages are studied as foreign languages. Of course there are also people who grow up with multiple languages. However, they typically speak these languages with differing levels of fluency. Often, the languages are also used differently. One language is used at work, for example. The other is used at home. How well we speak a language is dependent on multiple factors. When we learn it as small children, we typically learn it very well. Our speech center works most effectively in these years of life. How often we speak a language is also important. The more often we use it, the better we speak it. But researchers believe a person can never speak two languages equally well. One language is always the more important language. Experiments seem to confirm this hypothesis. Various people were tested in one study. Half of the test subjects spoke two languages fluently. Chinese was the native language and English the second. The other half of the subjects only spoke English as their native language. The test subjects had to solve simple tasks in English. While doing so, the activity of their brains was measured. And differences appeared in the brains of the test subjects! In the multilingual individuals, one region of the brain was especially active. The monolingual individuals, on the other hand, showed no activity in this region. Both groups solved the tasks equally fast and well. Despite this, the Chinese still translated everything into their native language…