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65 [sixty-five]

Negation 2

Negation 2

65 [ሱሳንሓሙሽተን]

65 [susaniḥamushiteni]

ኣሉታ 2

[aluta 2]

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Is the ring expensive? እቲ -ለቤ--ክቡ- --? እ_ ቀ___ ክ__ ድ__ እ- ቀ-ቤ- ክ-ር ድ-? --------------- እቲ ቀለቤት ክቡር ድዩ? 0
i-ī --e------ kib-ri---yu? i__ k________ k_____ d____ i-ī k-e-e-ē-i k-b-r- d-y-? -------------------------- itī k’elebēti kiburi diyu?
No, it costs only one hundred Euros. ኖ- --ቲ--ይሮ--ራይ--ዩ ---። ኖ_ ሚ__ ኦ__ ጥ__ ኢ_ ዋ___ ኖ- ሚ-ቲ ኦ-ሮ ጥ-ይ ኢ- ዋ-ኡ- ---------------------- ኖ፣ ሚእቲ ኦይሮ ጥራይ ኢዩ ዋግኡ። 0
n-፣ m-’it--oyi-o--’---y--ī---w--i-u። n__ m_____ o____ t______ ī__ w______ n-፣ m-’-t- o-i-o t-i-a-i ī-u w-g-’-። ------------------------------------ no፣ mī’itī oyiro t’irayi īyu wagi’u።
But I have only fifty. ኣ---ን-ሓም--ጥ----ለኒ። ኣ_ ግ_ ሓ__ ጥ__ ኣ___ ኣ- ግ- ሓ-ሳ ጥ-ይ ኣ-ኒ- ------------------ ኣነ ግን ሓምሳ ጥራይ ኣለኒ። 0
a-e g--- --am----t’----- -lenī። a__ g___ ḥ_____ t______ a_____ a-e g-n- h-a-i-a t-i-a-i a-e-ī- ------------------------------- ane gini ḥamisa t’irayi alenī።
Are you finished? ወ--ካ---? ወ___ ዲ__ ወ-እ- ዲ-? -------- ወዲእካ ዲኻ? 0
we-ī--k- dī---? w_______ d____ w-d-’-k- d-h-a- --------------- wedī’ika dīẖa?
No, not yet. ኖ ጌና ኣ-ወድኣኹን። ኖ ጌ_ ኣ_______ ኖ ጌ- ኣ-ወ-ኣ-ን- ------------- ኖ ጌና ኣይወድኣኹን። 0
n--g--- ----ed--ah-un-። n_ g___ a_____________ n- g-n- a-i-e-i-a-̱-n-። ----------------------- no gēna ayiwedi’aẖuni።
But I’ll be finished soon. ግን--ጂ ክውድእ‘የ። ግ_ ሕ_ ክ______ ግ- ሕ- ክ-ድ-‘-። ------------- ግን ሕጂ ክውድእ‘የ። 0
g--i -̣-jī----i----‘y-። g___ ḥ___ k___________ g-n- h-i-ī k-w-d-’-‘-e- ----------------------- gini ḥijī kiwidi’i‘ye።
Do you want some more soup? መረቕ -ደ- ዲኻ። መ__ ት__ ዲ__ መ-ቕ ት-ሊ ዲ-። ----------- መረቕ ትደሊ ዲኻ። 0
m----̱’i-----lī--īh-a። m______ t_____ d____ m-r-k-’- t-d-l- d-h-a- ---------------------- mereḵ’i tidelī dīẖa።
No, I don’t want anymore. ኖ መረቕ -ይደለ--። ኖ መ__ ኣ______ ኖ መ-ቕ ኣ-ደ-ኹ-። ------------- ኖ መረቕ ኣይደለኹን። 0
n- ----ḵ-i-ayi--le--un-። n_ m______ a___________ n- m-r-k-’- a-i-e-e-̱-n-። ------------------------- no mereḵ’i ayideleẖuni።
But another ice cream. ግ- --ቲ-----ክ-ም ግ_ ሓ__ ኣ______ ግ- ሓ-ቲ ኣ-ስ-ክ-ም -------------- ግን ሓንቲ ኣይስ-ክሪም 0
g--i---an--ī a--s--kirī-i g___ ḥ_____ a___________ g-n- h-a-i-ī a-i-i-k-r-m- ------------------------- gini ḥanitī ayisi-kirīmi
Have you lived here long? ኣብዚ---ሕ -ርካ ዲ-? ኣ__ ነ__ ጌ__ ዲ__ ኣ-ዚ ነ-ሕ ጌ-ካ ዲ-? --------------- ኣብዚ ነዊሕ ጌርካ ዲኻ? 0
abizī --wī-̣-----------h-a? a____ n_____ g_____ d____ a-i-ī n-w-h-i g-r-k- d-h-a- --------------------------- abizī newīḥi gērika dīẖa?
No, only for a month. ኖ- ሓደ ወ----ራይ። ኖ_ ሓ_ ወ__ ጥ___ ኖ- ሓ- ወ-ሒ ጥ-ይ- -------------- ኖ፣ ሓደ ወርሒ ጥራይ። 0
no- ----e-w---h-- -’---yi። n__ ḥ___ w_____ t_______ n-፣ h-a-e w-r-h-ī t-i-a-i- -------------------------- no፣ ḥade weriḥī t’irayi።
But I already know a lot of people. ግ- -ብዙሓት-ሰባ- እ- -ፈ-ጥ። ግ_ ን____ ሰ__ እ_ ዝ____ ግ- ን-ዙ-ት ሰ-ት እ- ዝ-ል-። --------------------- ግን ንብዙሓት ሰባት እየ ዝፈልጥ። 0
g-n- -ibi-u--a-i--e-ati -ye z---li---። g___ n_________ s_____ i__ z_________ g-n- n-b-z-h-a-i s-b-t- i-e z-f-l-t-i- -------------------------------------- gini nibizuḥati sebati iye zifelit’i።
Are you driving home tomorrow? ጽባሕ-ን--ኻ -----ዲኻ? ጽ__ ን___ ት___ ዲ__ ጽ-ሕ ን-ዛ- ት-ይ- ዲ-? ----------------- ጽባሕ ንገዛኻ ትኸይድ ዲኻ? 0
t-’---h----i-ez------iẖe-id- d-h--? t_______ n_______ t_______ d____ t-’-b-h-i n-g-z-h-a t-h-e-i-i d-h-a- ------------------------------------ ts’ibaḥi nigezaẖa tiẖeyidi dīẖa?
No, only on the weekend. ኖ፣ ኣብ --መ-ሰ-በት። ኖ_ ኣ_ ቀ________ ኖ- ኣ- ቀ-መ-ሰ-በ-። --------------- ኖ፣ ኣብ ቀዳመ-ሰንበት። 0
no--a-i -’edam--sen-beti። n__ a__ k________________ n-፣ a-i k-e-a-e-s-n-b-t-። ------------------------- no፣ abi k’edame-senibeti።
But I will be back on Sunday. ግን-ሰ--ት--ምለስ--። ግ_ ሰ___ ክ______ ግ- ሰ-በ- ክ-ለ-‘-። --------------- ግን ሰንበት ክምለስ‘የ። 0
gi-i-sen--e-- --mil--i‘ye። g___ s_______ k___________ g-n- s-n-b-t- k-m-l-s-‘-e- -------------------------- gini senibeti kimilesi‘ye።
Is your daughter an adult? ጋ-ካ -ባ- ድያ? ጋ__ ዓ__ ድ__ ጋ-ካ ዓ-ይ ድ-? ----------- ጋልካ ዓባይ ድያ? 0
ga-i---‘-ba-i-di--? g_____ ‘_____ d____ g-l-k- ‘-b-y- d-y-? ------------------- galika ‘abayi diya?
No, she is only seventeen. ኣ--ነትን--ና-ዓ--ተሸ-ዓ- -- ዘላ። ኣ_____ ጌ_ ዓ_______ ኢ_ ዘ__ ኣ-ኮ-ት- ጌ- ዓ-ር-ሸ-ዓ- ኢ- ዘ-። ------------------------- ኣይኮነትን ጌና ዓሰርተሸውዓተ ኢያ ዘላ። 0
a-iko-e--ni g--a-‘-ser-----ewi-a-e---- ---a። a__________ g___ ‘________________ ī__ z____ a-i-o-e-i-i g-n- ‘-s-r-t-s-e-i-a-e ī-a z-l-። -------------------------------------------- ayikonetini gēna ‘aseriteshewi‘ate īya zela።
But she already has a boyfriend. ግን -ኣ----ዓርኪ-ኣለዋ ። ግ_ ከ_ ሓ_ ዓ__ ኣ__ ። ግ- ከ- ሓ- ዓ-ኪ ኣ-ዋ ። ------------------ ግን ከኣ ሓደ ዓርኪ ኣለዋ ። 0
g-n--ke’a-ḥ----‘ari-ī -l--a-። g___ k___ ḥ___ ‘_____ a____ ። g-n- k-’- h-a-e ‘-r-k- a-e-a ። ------------------------------ gini ke’a ḥade ‘arikī alewa ።

What words tell us

Worldwide there are many millions of books. How many have been written up to now is unknown. A great deal of knowledge is stored in these books. If one were to read all of them, he would know a lot about life. Because books show us how our world changes. Each era has its own books. By reading them one can identify what is important to people. Unfortunately, no one can read every book. But modern technology can help analyze books. Using digitalization, books can be stored like data. After that, the contents can be analyzed. In this way, linguists see how our language has changed. It is even more interesting, however, to count the frequency of words. By doing so, the significance of certain things can be identified. Scientists studied more than 5 million books. These were books from the last five centuries. A total of 500 billion words were analyzed. The frequency of the words shows how people lived then and now. Ideas and trends are reflected in the language. The word men has lost some meaning, for example. It is used less frequently today than it was earlier. The frequency of the word women , on the other hand, has increased significantly. One can also see what we like to eat by looking at words. The word ice cream was very important in the fifties. After that, the words pizza and pasta became popular. The term sushi has been dominant for a few years now. There is good news for all language lovers… Our language gains more words every year!