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78 [seventy-eight]

Adjectives 1

Adjectives 1

78 [семьдесят восемь]

78 [semʹdesyat vosemʹ]

Прилагательные 1

[Prilagatelʹnyye 1]

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an old lady Пож--а- же--и-а П______ ж______ П-ж-л-я ж-н-и-а --------------- Пожилая женщина 0
Po--i-----zh------ina P________ z__________ P-z-i-a-a z-e-s-c-i-a --------------------- Pozhilaya zhenshchina
a fat lady То-ст-- ж-нщи-а Т______ ж______ Т-л-т-я ж-н-и-а --------------- Толстая женщина 0
T--sta-a -he---c---a T_______ z__________ T-l-t-y- z-e-s-c-i-a -------------------- Tolstaya zhenshchina
a curious lady Люб----н-я ----ина Л_________ ж______ Л-б-п-т-а- ж-н-и-а ------------------ Любопытная женщина 0
Ly---p-t-ay-------hc---a L___________ z__________ L-u-o-y-n-y- z-e-s-c-i-a ------------------------ Lyubopytnaya zhenshchina
a new car Н---я м-ш-на Н____ м_____ Н-в-я м-ш-н- ------------ Новая машина 0
N-v--a-m--h-na N_____ m______ N-v-y- m-s-i-a -------------- Novaya mashina
a fast car Быс--ая ---ина Б______ м_____ Б-с-р-я м-ш-н- -------------- Быстрая машина 0
Bys---y-----h-na B_______ m______ B-s-r-y- m-s-i-a ---------------- Bystraya mashina
a comfortable car У-о-на- ---и-а У______ м_____ У-о-н-я м-ш-н- -------------- Удобная машина 0
Udo-na-- m---i-a U_______ m______ U-o-n-y- m-s-i-a ---------------- Udobnaya mashina
a blue dress Син-е---ат-е С____ п_____ С-н-е п-а-ь- ------------ Синее платье 0
Si-e-- p-a-ʹye S_____ p______ S-n-y- p-a-ʹ-e -------------- Sineye platʹye
a red dress К--сное-п---ье К______ п_____ К-а-н-е п-а-ь- -------------- Красное платье 0
Kra--o---pla-ʹ-e K_______ p______ K-a-n-y- p-a-ʹ-e ---------------- Krasnoye platʹye
a green dress З-л-н---п--т-е З______ п_____ З-л-н-е п-а-ь- -------------- Зелёное платье 0
Ze--no---p-atʹ-e Z_______ p______ Z-l-n-y- p-a-ʹ-e ---------------- Zelënoye platʹye
a black bag Чё-н-я--ум-а Ч_____ с____ Ч-р-а- с-м-а ------------ Чёрная сумка 0
Chë--a-- -u--a C_______ s____ C-ë-n-y- s-m-a -------------- Chërnaya sumka
a brown bag Ко---не--- -ум-а К_________ с____ К-р-ч-е-а- с-м-а ---------------- Коричневая сумка 0
Kor--hn-va-a -umka K___________ s____ K-r-c-n-v-y- s-m-a ------------------ Korichnevaya sumka
a white bag Б-лая-су--а Б____ с____ Б-л-я с-м-а ----------- Белая сумка 0
B--ay--sumka B_____ s____ B-l-y- s-m-a ------------ Belaya sumka
nice people Прия-н---л--и П_______ л___ П-и-т-ы- л-д- ------------- Приятные люди 0
Pr-ya-nyy- ---di P_________ l____ P-i-a-n-y- l-u-i ---------------- Priyatnyye lyudi
polite people Вежливые-л--и В_______ л___ В-ж-и-ы- л-д- ------------- Вежливые люди 0
V-zh--vy-e -y--i V_________ l____ V-z-l-v-y- l-u-i ---------------- Vezhlivyye lyudi
interesting people И---ре---е-лю-и И_________ л___ И-т-р-с-ы- л-д- --------------- Интересные люди 0
Int--esnyy--lyu-i I__________ l____ I-t-r-s-y-e l-u-i ----------------- Interesnyye lyudi
loving children Хо-о--е де-и Х______ д___ Х-р-ш-е д-т- ------------ Хорошие дети 0
Kh-r--h-y--deti K_________ d___ K-o-o-h-y- d-t- --------------- Khoroshiye deti
cheeky children Д-рз-и- --ти Д______ д___ Д-р-к-е д-т- ------------ Дерзкие дети 0
D--zki----e-i D_______ d___ D-r-k-y- d-t- ------------- Derzkiye deti
well behaved children П-с-у---- де-и П________ д___ П-с-у-н-е д-т- -------------- Послушные дети 0
Poslus-n-ye -e-i P__________ d___ P-s-u-h-y-e d-t- ---------------- Poslushnyye deti

Computers can reconstruct heard words

It has long been a dream of man to be able to read minds. Everyone would like to know what another is thinking at a given time. This dream has still not come true. Even with modern technology, we can't read minds. What others think remains a secret. But we can recognize what others hear! This has been proven by a scientific experiment. Researchers succeeded in reconstructing heard words. For this purpose, they analyzed the brain waves of test subjects. When we hear something, our brain becomes active. It has to process the heard language. A certain activity pattern emerges in the process. This pattern can be recorded with electrodes. And this recording can be processed further too! It can be converted into a sound pattern with a computer. The heard word can be identified this way. This principle works with all words. Every word that we hear produces a particular signal. This signal is always connected with the sound of the word. So it ‘only’ needs to be translated into an acoustic signal. For if you know the sound pattern, you'll know the word. The test subjects heard real words and fake words in the experiment. Thus, part of the words did not exist. Despite this, these words could be reconstructed too. The recognized words can be expressed by a computer. It is also possible to have them just appear on a monitor. Now, researchers hope they will soon understand language signals better. So the dream of mind reading continues...