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90 [ninety]

Imperative 2

Imperative 2

90 [дев’яносто]

90 [devʺyanosto]

Наказовий спосіб 2

[Nakazovyy̆ sposib 2]

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Shave! Пого----! П________ П-г-л-с-! --------- Поголися! 0
P-h---sy-! P_________ P-h-l-s-a- ---------- Poholysya!
Wash yourself! П-ми-ся! П_______ П-м-й-я- -------- Помийся! 0
P--yy----! P________ P-m-y-s-a- ---------- Pomyy̆sya!
Comb your hair! П-ичеш-с-! П_________ П-и-е-и-я- ---------- Причешися! 0
P-y----h-s--! P____________ P-y-h-s-y-y-! ------------- Prycheshysya!
Call! З-т--е-он-й---ат-----н----! З___________ З_____________ З-т-л-ф-н-й- З-т-л-ф-н-й-е- --------------------------- Зателефонуй! Зателефонуйте! 0
Z-te-ef-nuy-! ---elefo-u--t-! Z___________ Z_____________ Z-t-l-f-n-y-! Z-t-l-f-n-y-t-! ----------------------------- Zatelefonuy̆! Zatelefonuy̆te!
Begin! Поч----- -о--най--! П_______ П_________ П-ч-н-й- П-ч-н-й-е- ------------------- Починай! Починайте! 0
P---yna-̆- ---hy-a---e! P________ P__________ P-c-y-a-̆- P-c-y-a-̆-e- ----------------------- Pochynay̆! Pochynay̆te!
Stop! Пр-пини- -ри--ні-ь! П_______ П_________ П-и-и-и- П-и-и-і-ь- ------------------- Припини! Припиніть! 0
Pr---n-! ---py---ʹ! P_______ P_________ P-y-y-y- P-y-y-i-ʹ- ------------------- Prypyny! Prypynitʹ!
Leave it! Обли- -----б-иште --! О____ ц__ О______ ц__ О-л-ш ц-! О-л-ш-е ц-! --------------------- Облиш це! Облиште це! 0
Obly-- ts-!-Oblys-te-tse! O_____ t___ O_______ t___ O-l-s- t-e- O-l-s-t- t-e- ------------------------- Oblysh tse! Oblyshte tse!
Say it! Ск--- -е!--к----- це! С____ ц__ С______ ц__ С-а-и ц-! С-а-і-ь ц-! --------------------- Скажи це! Скажіть це! 0
S----y----- Ska---tʹ ts-! S_____ t___ S_______ t___ S-a-h- t-e- S-a-h-t- t-e- ------------------------- Skazhy tse! Skazhitʹ tse!
Buy it! Ку----е!-К-п--ь-це! К___ ц__ К_____ ц__ К-п- ц-! К-п-т- ц-! ------------------- Купи це! Купіть це! 0
Ku----s----upi---t-e! K___ t___ K_____ t___ K-p- t-e- K-p-t- t-e- --------------------- Kupy tse! Kupitʹ tse!
Never be dishonest! Ні---и--е ---ь ----сни-! Н_____ н_ б___ н________ Н-к-л- н- б-д- н-ч-с-и-! ------------------------ Ніколи не будь нечесним! 0
Nikoly ---b-dʹ--e---s---! N_____ n_ b___ n_________ N-k-l- n- b-d- n-c-e-n-m- ------------------------- Nikoly ne budʹ nechesnym!
Never be naughty! Н-коли--е -удь-з-хвалим! Н_____ н_ б___ з________ Н-к-л- н- б-д- з-х-а-и-! ------------------------ Ніколи не будь зухвалим! 0
Ni-o----e-bu----u--v-l-m! N_____ n_ b___ z_________ N-k-l- n- b-d- z-k-v-l-m- ------------------------- Nikoly ne budʹ zukhvalym!
Never be impolite! Н-кол- -- -уд- невві-ли--м! Н_____ н_ б___ н___________ Н-к-л- н- б-д- н-в-і-л-в-м- --------------------------- Ніколи не будь неввічливим! 0
Ni--l--ne bud------i-h-y-ym! N_____ n_ b___ n____________ N-k-l- n- b-d- n-v-i-h-y-y-! ---------------------------- Nikoly ne budʹ nevvichlyvym!
Always be honest! З--ж-и ---ь--есним! З_____ б___ ч______ З-в-д- б-д- ч-с-и-! ------------------- Завжди будь чесним! 0
Zavzhdy--udʹ -h-sn--! Z______ b___ c_______ Z-v-h-y b-d- c-e-n-m- --------------------- Zavzhdy budʹ chesnym!
Always be nice! Завж-- ------ю-’яз-и-! З_____ б___ л_________ З-в-д- б-д- л-б-я-н-м- ---------------------- Завжди будь люб’язним! 0
Za--hdy-budʹ l----y-z-ym! Z______ b___ l___________ Z-v-h-y b-d- l-u-ʺ-a-n-m- ------------------------- Zavzhdy budʹ lyubʺyaznym!
Always be polite! З----и -у----в---ив--! З_____ б___ в_________ З-в-д- б-д- в-і-л-в-м- ---------------------- Завжди будь ввічливим! 0
Za-z----budʹ vvi-hlyv-m! Z______ b___ v__________ Z-v-h-y b-d- v-i-h-y-y-! ------------------------ Zavzhdy budʹ vvichlyvym!
Hope you arrive home safely! Щасли--ї-д--о--! Щ_______ д______ Щ-с-и-о- д-р-г-! ---------------- Щасливої дороги! 0
S-cha-l---i--doro-y! S__________ d______ S-c-a-l-v-i- d-r-h-! -------------------- Shchaslyvoï dorohy!
Take care of yourself! Вважа----д--ре -а-----! В_______ д____ н_ с____ В-а-а-т- д-б-е н- с-б-! ----------------------- Вважайте добре на себе! 0
Vv----y̆t--d---e -a-----! V________ d____ n_ s____ V-a-h-y-t- d-b-e n- s-b-! ------------------------- Vvazhay̆te dobre na sebe!
Do visit us again soon! Пр----ьт---о нас -к--- з-о--! П________ д_ н__ с____ з_____ П-и-о-ь-е д- н-с с-о-о з-о-у- ----------------------------- Приходьте до нас скоро знову! 0
Pr---o-ʹte d- n-s-s-or- z--vu! P_________ d_ n__ s____ z_____ P-y-h-d-t- d- n-s s-o-o z-o-u- ------------------------------ Prykhodʹte do nas skoro znovu!

Babies can learn grammar rules

Children grow up very quickly. And they also learn very quickly! It has yet to be researched how children learn. Learning processes take place automatically. Children don't notice when they are learning. Nevertheless, every day they are capable of more. This also becomes clear with language. Babies can only cry in the first few months. With a few months they can say short words. Then sentences are created from those words. Eventually the children speak their native language. Unfortunately, that doesn't work in the case of adults. They need books or other material in order to learn. Only this way can they learn grammar rules, for example. Babies, however, learn grammar as early as four months old! Researchers taught German babies foreign grammar rules. In order to do this, they played Italian sentences aloud to them. These sentences contained certain syntactical structures. The babies listened to the correct sentences for about fifteen minutes. Afterwards, sentences were played for the babies again. This time, however, a few of the sentences were incorrect. While the babies listened to the sentences, their brainwaves were measured. This way the researchers could identify how the brain reacted to sentences. And the babies showed different levels of activity with the sentences! Although they had just learned them, they registered the mistakes. Naturally, babies do not understand why some sentences are wrong. They orient themselves toward phonetic patterns. But that is enough to learn a language – at least for babies…