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Hi! Tungjatjeta! / Ç’kemi!
Hello! Mirёdita!
How are you? Si jeni?
Good bye! Mirupafshim!

The written form of Albanian wasn't developed until the 20th century. The language is written with Latin letters.

Albanian is counted among the Indo-Germanic languages. However, it is not closely related to any other language in the group and no one knows exactly how Albanian came into being. Today it is mainly spoken in Albania and in Kosovo. It is the native language of around 6 million people. Albanian is divided into two large dialect groups. The Shkumbin River is the dividing line between the northern and southern dialects. In some areas there is a noticeable difference between the two.

The grammar of the Albanian language is somewhat similar to Greek and Romanian. It is also possible to find parallels to South Slavic languages. All of these similarities must have arisen from contact with those languages. If you are interested in languages, you should definitely learn Albanian! It is a unique language!

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