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Hi! নমস্কার! (IN) / আসসলাম আলেকুম (BD) - Namaskāra! (IN)/ āsasalāma ālēkuma (BD)
Hello! নমস্কার! (IN) / আসসলাম আলেকুম (BD) - Namaskāra! (IN)/ āsasalāma ālēkuma (BD)
How are you? আপনি কেমন আছেন? -´Āpani kēmana āchēna?
Good bye! এখন তাহলে আসি! - Ēkhana tāhalē āsi!

Bengali is one of the most spoken languages of the world. The language has its own writing system. There are even distinct symbols for numbers. Nowadays, however, Arabic digits are used most of the time. Bengali syntax follows strict rules.

Bengali is one of the Indo-Iranian languages. It is the native language of about 200 million people. More than 140 million of those people live in Bangladesh. There are also approximately 75 million speakers in India. Additional speakers are found in Malaysia, Nepal and Saudi Arabia.

In the Bengali language the subject comes first, then the object, and finally the verb. There are no grammatical genders. Nouns and adjectives also vary only slightly. That is a good thing for everyone that wants to learn this important language. And as many as possible should do so!

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