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Learn Estonian - First words
Hi! Tere!
Hello! Tere päevast!
How are you? Kuidas läheb?
Good bye! Nägemiseni!

Estonian is determined by the pronunciation. This should definitely be practiced with a native speaker.

If you want to learn Estonian, you need discipline and a little patience. Estonians are happy to overlook little mistakes made by foreigners. They are excited to meet anyone who is interested in their language!

Estonian is counted among the Finno-Ugrian languages. It is thereby related to Finnish and Hungarian. However, parallels to Hungarian are only slightly noticeable. Many think that Estonian is similar to Latvian or Lithuanian. That is completely false, however. Both of those languages belong to a completely different language family. Estonian does not have any grammatical genders. There is no differentiation between feminine and masculine. Instead there are 14 different cases. The orthography is not very difficult.

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