Promote English and German with our Goethe Verlag poster series. This poster series has been selected as Good Practice by a jury of experts at European Cultural Interactions and the European Commission!

Show your students how easy it is to learn English or German if you already know one of the two languages! Our 6 posters contain 288 words that are similar in both languages.

Language poster
Language poster
Language poster
Language poster
Language poster
Language poster

How can I use the poster series?

"The posters that you sent us are very popular. Participants ask us daily if we could give them any of these posters. And this is the first time I have seen people stand in front of a German poster for so long and look at it carefully. Our compliments on your work!" (Martin Bode, Goethe-Institut Hong Kong)

Some ideas, classroom materials, and suggestions on how to use our posters:

Promote the languages

For example: Show how similar some languages are and explain the origin of specific words to your students.

Learn vocabulary and topics

For example: Let your students form groups of words for a topic. Form questions for specific words.

Grammar and semantics

For example: Form groups of words sorted by their articles. Show your students how to combine words to form new words.

Simple text production

For example: One student chooses a word and another student has to form a sentence with it.

Creative text production

For example: Select 3 words and let your students write a story containing these words.


For example: Hide specific words and let your students remember them.

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