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Learn Chinese Simplified for free

Learn Chinese fast and easily with our language course ‘Chinese for beginners’.

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Learn Chinese - First words
Hi! 你好 /喂 !
Hello! 你好 !
How are you? 你 好 吗 /最近 怎么 样 ?
Good bye! 再见 !
See you soon! 一会儿 见 !

What is the best way to learn the Chinese (Simplified) language?

Embarking on the journey to learn Simplified Chinese is a rewarding endeavor that opens up a rich cultural and linguistic world. Immersion is key, as it allows learners to absorb the language naturally through everyday use and media. Surrounding oneself with Chinese-speaking environments accelerates understanding and fluency. Starting with the basics, such as learning Pinyin and basic characters, sets a solid foundation. Regular practice, even for short periods daily, greatly enhances retention and comprehension. Numerous online platforms and apps offer interactive ways to make learning engaging.

Engaging with native speakers through language exchange programs or social gatherings provides invaluable practical experience. This direct interaction is essential for understanding nuances and improving conversational skills in a real-world context. Setting specific, attainable goals keeps learners motivated and on track. Whether it’s reading a short story, having a five-minute conversation, or recognizing 100 characters, each achievement is a step forward in the learning journey.

Reading in Chinese, starting with children’s books or simple articles, gradually increases vocabulary and comprehension. As proficiency grows, more complex texts can be tackled, enriching language skills and cultural understanding. Writing exercises, such as journaling in Chinese or composing short messages, reinforce character recognition and grammar. Feedback from native speakers can correct mistakes and enhance learning.

Listening to Chinese music, podcasts, or watching movies without subtitles immerses learners in the language. This method helps with pronunciation, understanding spoken Chinese, and getting accustomed to the language’s rhythm and tone. Adopting a flexible approach that combines these methods can make learning Simplified Chinese more effective and enjoyable. With dedication and persistence, navigating the complexities of the language becomes a fulfilling part of the linguistic journey.

Even Chinese (Simplified) beginners can learn Chinese (Simplified) efficiently with ‘50LANGUAGES’ through the practical sentences. First you will get to know the basic structures of the language. Sample dialogues help you to express yourself in the foreign language. Prior knowledge is not required.

Even advanced learners can repeat and consolidate what they have learned. You learn correct and frequently spoken sentences and you can use them immediately. You will be able to communicate in everyday situations. Use your lunch break or time in traffic to learn a few minutes of Chinese (Simplified). You learn on the go as well as at home.