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Learn Turkish for freeTry our ’Memo Game’ to train your memory while strengthening your vocabulary in a new language. Simply click on a card to flip it over, then try to find its matching pair from the rest of the cards in as few attempts as possible.

Learn Turkish fast and easily with our language course ‘Turkish for beginners’.

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Learn Turkish - First words
Hi! Merhaba!
Hello! İyi günler! / Merhaba!
How are you? Nasılsın?
Good bye! Görüşmek üzere!
See you soon! Yakında görüşmek üzere!

What is the best way to learn the Turkish language?

Immersion offers one of the most effective ways to learn Turkish. Surround yourself with Turkish music, films, and literature. Seek out Turkish speakers, whether physically or through language exchange platforms, for practice. Grasping basic Turkish grammar and vocabulary is the first step towards fluency. Learn the Turkish alphabet, pronunciation rules, and some common phrases. This creates a solid base for advanced learning. Turkish for beginners is one of over 50 free language packs that you can get from us. ‘50LANGUAGES’ is the effective way to learn Turkish online and for free. Our teaching materials for the Turkish course are available both online and as iPhone and Android apps.

Flashcards can serve as an invaluable learning aid. Regularly reviewing new Turkish vocabulary helps to commit them to memory. Practice using new words in sentences to strengthen their recall. Leveraging language learning apps can be highly beneficial. These apps provide interactive lessons, quizzes, and often pronunciation aids. You can learn at your own pace and from anywhere. With this course you can learn Turkish independently - without a teacher and without a language school! The lessons are clearly structured and will help you achieve your goals.

Regular interaction with native Turkish speakers significantly enhances your language skills. You can perfect your pronunciation, understand colloquial phrases, and gain insights into Turkish culture and traditions. Enrolling in a Turkish language course, either online or in a traditional classroom, offers a structured path to learning. These courses provide comprehensive lessons and feedback from qualified instructors, which can greatly expedite your progress. Learn Turkish fast with 100 Turkish language lessons organized by topic. The MP3 audio files for the lessons were spoken by native Turkish speakers. They help you improve your pronunciation.

Consistent practice is key in language learning. Dedicate a portion of your day to reading, writing, listening, and speaking Turkish. Regular exposure to the language fosters understanding and boosts confidence. Learning Turkish is not just about acquiring a new skill, but it‘s also an exciting journey. Patience and persistence are essential, as progress may seem slow at times. Every word learned and every conversation held takes you one step closer to fluency.

Even Turkish beginners can learn Turkish efficiently with ‘50LANGUAGES’ through the practical sentences. First you will get to know the basic structures of the language. Sample dialogues help you to express yourself in the foreign language. Prior knowledge is not required.

Even advanced learners can repeat and consolidate what they have learned. You learn correct and frequently spoken sentences and you can use them immediately. You will be able to communicate in everyday situations. Use your lunch break or time in traffic to learn a few minutes of Turkish. You learn on the go as well as at home.