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A quick way to master Georgian

Learn Georgian fast and easily with our language course ‘Georgian for beginners’.

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Learn Georgian - First words
Hi! გამარჯობა! gamarjoba!
Hello! გამარჯობა! gamarjoba!
How are you? როგორ ხარ? rogor khar?
Good bye! ნახვამდის! nakhvamdis!
See you soon! დროებით! droebit!

How can I learn Georgian in 10 minutes a day?

Learning Georgian in just 10 minutes a day might seem challenging, but it’s quite feasible with focused efforts. Start by finding a good language app that offers Georgian lessons. These apps typically divide lessons into short, manageable segments perfect for daily learning.

Incorporating Georgian music into your routine can greatly assist your learning process. Listening to songs in Georgian not only helps with pronunciation but also immerses you in the culture. Through music, you’ll naturally pick up phrases and improve your listening skills.

Flashcards are another effective tool for quick learning. Spend a few minutes each day going through flashcards focused on Georgian vocabulary. This method reinforces memory and helps in gradually building up a solid vocabulary base.

Interacting with native speakers, even if briefly, can significantly enhance your language skills. Platforms that offer language exchange or conversational practice can connect you with Georgians. These interactions provide practical speaking experience and improve listening comprehension.

Reading simple Georgian texts, such as children’s books or basic articles, exposes you to the language in a structured way. This practice is beneficial for understanding sentence construction and expanding your vocabulary in a contextual manner.

Watching short videos or clips in Georgian with subtitles can be very instructive. This method allows you to hear natural speech patterns and familiarize yourself with colloquial expressions. Gradually, you will start to understand more and improve your ability to follow conversations.

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