Test 1

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Sun Jun 16, 2024


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1. I and you
저와   See hint
2. one, two, three
하나, 둘,   See hint
3. The child likes cocoa and apple juice.
아이가 사과주스를 좋아해요.   See hint
4. The dishes are dirty.
그릇들이 ,   See hint
5. I would like to go to the airport.
공항에 가고 ,   See hint
6. Do you like pork?
돼지고기를 ,   See hint
7. Where is the bus stop?
정류장이 어디예요?   See hint
8. Where is the castle?
성이 ,   See hint
9. Take some suntan lotion with you.
선탠 로션을 가져 ,   See hint
10. I need a drill and a screwdriver.
저는 드릴과 드라이버가 ,   See hint