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A quick way to master Marathi

Learn Marathi fast and easily with our language course ‘Marathi for beginners’.

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Learn Marathi - First words
Hi! नमस्कार! namaskāra!
Hello! नमस्कार! Namaskāra!
How are you? आपण कसे आहात? Āpaṇa kasē āhāta?
Good bye! नमस्कार! येतो आता! भेटुय़ा पुन्हा! Namaskāra! Yētō ātā! Bhēṭuẏā punhā!
See you soon! लवकरच भेटू या! Lavakaraca bhēṭū yā!

How can I learn Marathi in 10 minutes a day?

Learning Marathi in just 10 minutes a day is an achievable goal with the right strategies. Start your journey by focusing on common phrases and greetings. These basics not only build a solid foundation but also boost your confidence in everyday conversations.

Using mobile apps tailored for language learning can make a significant difference. These applications offer short, manageable lessons that fit perfectly into your 10-minute schedule. Interactive quizzes and flashcards help reinforce your learning, making it easier to memorize new words and phrases.

Listening to Marathi songs or podcasts during your daily routine introduces you to the language’s sounds and rhythms. Even if full understanding eludes you initially, this immersion technique gradually improves your listening skills. Familiarity with the language grows, making it easier to recognize and learn new words.

Speaking Marathi aloud is equally important. Regular practice of pronouncing words and sentences enhances your speaking skills and boosts confidence. Recording yourself and listening back can provide insight into your pronunciation and areas that need improvement.

Exploring Marathi culture through movies, TV shows, or books offers an engaging way to learn. This method allows you to see the language in context, enriching your understanding and making learning more enjoyable. It also acquaints you with cultural nuances, deepening your connection to the language.

Setting realistic daily goals can maintain your motivation and sense of progress. Achieving these small milestones, such as learning a new set of vocabulary or understanding a dialogue in a movie, encourages continued learning. Remember, consistency is key in language learning, and each small step forward is progress towards fluency.

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