Test 2

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Thu Feb 22, 2024


Click on a word
1. both of us
molemmat   See hint
2. The woman likes orange and grapefruit juice.
pitää appelsiinimehusta ja greippimehusta.   See hint
3. Who washes the windows?
Kuka ikkunat?   See hint
4. I would like to go to the city centre / center (am.).
keskustaan.   See hint
5. How do I get to the station?
Miten rautatieasemalle?   See hint
6. I’d like something without meat.
Haluaisin ilman lihaa.   See hint
7. When does the tour begin?
Milloin alkaa?   See hint
8. Take the sun-glasses with you.
Ota mukaan.   See hint
9. Where is the jewellery / jewelry (am.) department?
Missä ovat?   See hint
10. I need a ring and earrings.
Tarvitsen ja korvakorut.   See hint