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A quick way to master Norwegian

Learn Norwegian fast and easily with our language course ‘Norwegian for beginners’.

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Learn Norwegian - First words
Hi! Hei!
Hello! God dag!
How are you? Hvordan går det?
Good bye! På gjensyn!
See you soon! Ha det så lenge!

How can I learn Norwegian in 10 minutes a day?

Embarking on the journey to learn Norwegian can be exciting, especially when you break it down into manageable daily ten-minute sessions. Start with the basics like greetings, numbers, and common phrases. This initial step introduces you to the sounds and structure of Norwegian, making it less daunting.

Incorporating language learning apps into your daily routine is a convenient way to practice. These apps are designed with busy learners in mind, offering short, interactive lessons that cover vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. They make it easy to stick to your ten-minute learning goal.

Listening to Norwegian music or podcasts during your downtime is another effective strategy. This passive listening helps you become familiar with the rhythm and intonation of the language. It’s a fun way to learn without feeling like you’re studying.

Practicing pronunciation regularly is essential. Try repeating phrases you hear from your apps or audio resources. This not only helps with your accent but also builds your confidence in speaking Norwegian.

Engaging with native speakers, if possible, can greatly enhance your learning experience. Even simple conversations online or in person can provide valuable practice and exposure to everyday language use and cultural nuances.

Reviewing what you’ve learned at the end of each day solidifies your knowledge. Quick revisions of new vocabulary and phrases help reinforce your learning and ensure you’re ready to build on it the next day. This daily habit keeps the language fresh in your mind.

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