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A quick way to master Thai

Learn Thai fast and easily with our language course ‘Thai for beginners’.

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Learn Thai - First words
Hi! สวัสดีครับ♂! / สวัสดีค่ะ♀! sà-wát-dèek-ráp-sà-wát-dee-kâ
Hello! สวัสดีครับ♂! / สวัสดีค่ะ♀! sà-wát-dèek-ráp-sà-wát-dee-kâ
How are you? สบายดีไหม ครับ♂ / สบายดีไหม คะ♀? sà-bai-dee-mǎi-kráp-sà-bai-dee-mǎi-ká
Good bye! แล้วพบกันใหม่นะครับ♂! / แล้วพบกันใหม่นะค่ะ♀! lǽo-póp-gan-mài-ná-kráp-lǽo-póp-gan-mài-ná-kâ
See you soon! แล้วพบกัน นะครับ♂ / นะคะ♀! lǽo-póp-gan-ná-kráp-ná-ká

How can I learn Thai in 10 minutes a day?

Embarking on the journey to learn Thai can seem daunting, but dedicating just ten minutes a day can lead to meaningful progress. Begin with essential phrases and greetings, laying the foundation for basic communication skills and everyday interactions.

Using language learning apps is a highly effective strategy for fitting Thai lessons into a busy lifestyle. These apps are designed to make learning engaging and manageable, offering short lessons through games, flashcards, and interactive quizzes.

Listening to Thai music or podcasts during your free time immerses you in the language, even if you don’t understand everything initially. This exposure helps with getting used to the sound and rhythm of Thai, which is crucial for developing listening skills.

Watching Thai movies or TV shows, particularly with subtitles, is an excellent way to enhance comprehension and cultural understanding. This method allows you to hear native speakers in various contexts, broadening your grasp of the language.

Practicing speaking regularly, even if it’s by yourself, reinforces new vocabulary and phrases. Attempting to form sentences and using new words in conversation boosts memory retention and confidence in speaking Thai.

Engaging with native speakers or joining online Thai learning communities provides invaluable practice and insights. These interactions allow for real-time conversation practice and offer a glimpse into the nuances and everyday usage of Thai, enriching the overall learning experience.

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