Test 1

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Thu Dec 07, 2023


Click on a word
1. I and you
jaz ti   See hint
2. one, two, three
ena, , tri   See hint
3. The child likes cocoa and apple juice.
Otroci imajo kakav in jabolčni sok.   See hint
4. The dishes are dirty.
Posoda umazana.   See hint
5. I would like to go to the airport.
Rad šel / Rada šla na letališče.   See hint
6. Do you like pork?
Bi svinjino?   See hint
7. Where is the bus stop?
Kje je postaja?   See hint
8. Where is the castle?
Kje grad?   See hint
9. Take some suntan lotion with you.
Vzemi s kremo za sončenje.   See hint
10. I need a drill and a screwdriver.
Potrebujem vrtalnik izvijač.   See hint