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03/20/2023 22:19:33

Test 1

Mix basic and advanced


Click on a word
1. I and you
и ти   See hint
2. one, two, three
, два, три   See hint
3. The child likes cocoa and apple juice.
Детето сака какао и сок од   See hint
4. The dishes are dirty.
Садовите се   See hint
5. I would like to go to the airport.
Би / сакала кон аеродромот   See hint
6. Do you like pork?
Сакаш ли свинско ,   See hint
7. Where is the bus stop?
Каде е станица?   See hint
8. Where is the castle?
е замокот?   See hint
9. Take some suntan lotion with you.
Земи за сончање со себе   See hint
10. I need a drill and a screwdriver.
треба една дупчалка и еден штрафцигер   See hint