em Giving reasons 3   »   ti ገለ ምኽንያት ሃበ 3

77 [seventy-seven]

Giving reasons 3

Giving reasons 3

77 [ሰብዓንሸውዓተን]

77 [sebi‘anishewi‘ateni]

ገለ ምኽንያት ሃበ 3

[gele miẖiniyati habe 3]

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Why aren’t you eating the cake? ስለም-ታይ-ቶርታ-----ልዑ? ስ_____ ቶ__ ዘ______ ስ-ም-ታ- ቶ-ታ ዘ-ት-ል-? ------------------ ስለምንታይ ቶርታ ዘይትበልዑ? 0
si--min-t-yi tor-t- -e---ib--i--? s___________ t_____ z____________ s-l-m-n-t-y- t-r-t- z-y-t-b-l-‘-? --------------------------------- sileminitayi torita zeyitibeli‘u?
I must lose weight. ክብ-----ጉድል-ኣለኒ። ክ____ ከ___ ኣ___ ክ-ደ-ይ ከ-ድ- ኣ-ኒ- --------------- ክብደተይ ከጉድል ኣለኒ። 0
kibid-tey- k----i-i a--n-። k_________ k_______ a_____ k-b-d-t-y- k-g-d-l- a-e-ī- -------------------------- kibideteyi kegudili alenī።
I’m not eating it because I must lose weight. ክብ-ተ--መ-ን ከጉድ- -ይበል- -የ-። ክ____ መ__ ከ___ ኣ____ እ_ ። ክ-ደ-ይ መ-ን ከ-ድ- ኣ-በ-ዕ እ- ። ------------------------- ክብደተይ መታን ከጉድል ኣይበልዕ እየ ። 0
k-b-det-yi -et--i---gu-i---------i-i --e-። k_________ m_____ k_______ a________ i__ ። k-b-d-t-y- m-t-n- k-g-d-l- a-i-e-i-i i-e ። ------------------------------------------ kibideteyi metani kegudili ayibeli‘i iye ።
Why aren’t you drinking the beer? ስ-ም-ታ---ኹም ቢ----ት---? ስ_____ ኢ__ ቢ_ ዘ______ ስ-ም-ታ- ኢ-ም ቢ- ዘ-ት-ት-? --------------------- ስለምንታይ ኢኹም ቢራ ዘይትሰትዩ? 0
si-e-i---a-- -h-um--bī-a----itise-iy-? s___________ ī____ b___ z____________ s-l-m-n-t-y- ī-̱-m- b-r- z-y-t-s-t-y-? -------------------------------------- sileminitayi īẖumi bīra zeyitisetiyu?
I have to drive. ገና-መኪና-ክ--ር-ስለ------። ገ_ መ__ ክ___ ስ_ ዝ___ ። ገ- መ-ና ክ-ው- ስ- ዝ-ን- ። --------------------- ገና መኪና ክዝውር ስለ ዝኾንኩ ። 0
g--a-----n- --z-w-ri--il- z-ẖo-ik--። g___ m_____ k_______ s___ z_______ ። g-n- m-k-n- k-z-w-r- s-l- z-h-o-i-u ። ------------------------------------- gena mekīna kiziwiri sile ziẖoniku ።
I’m not drinking it because I have to drive. ኣ------፣-ጌ- -ኪና -ዝውር---ዘሎኒ። ኣ_______ ጌ_ መ__ ክ___ ስ_____ ኣ-ሰ-ን-የ- ጌ- መ-ና ክ-ው- ስ-ዘ-ኒ- --------------------------- ኣይሰትን‘የ፣ ጌና መኪና ክዝውር ስለዘሎኒ። 0
ayiset---‘y---gē-a --kī-- k-ziw--i-s--ez--o--። a____________ g___ m_____ k_______ s__________ a-i-e-i-i-y-፣ g-n- m-k-n- k-z-w-r- s-l-z-l-n-። ---------------------------------------------- ayisetini‘ye፣ gēna mekīna kiziwiri silezelonī።
Why aren’t you drinking the coffee? ስ---ታይ-እ- -- ዘ-ትሰትዮ? ስ_____ እ_ ቡ_ ዘ______ ስ-ም-ታ- እ- ቡ- ዘ-ት-ት-? -------------------- ስለምንታይ እቲ ቡን ዘይትሰትዮ? 0
s--e----t-----tī buni--eyi-i-et-yo? s___________ i__ b___ z____________ s-l-m-n-t-y- i-ī b-n- z-y-t-s-t-y-? ----------------------------------- sileminitayi itī buni zeyitisetiyo?
It is cold. ዝሑል-ስለ--ነ። ዝ__ ስ_____ ዝ-ል ስ-ዝ-ነ- ---------- ዝሑል ስለዝኾነ። 0
zi---l- ----zi-̱-ne። z_____ s__________ z-h-u-i s-l-z-h-o-e- -------------------- ziḥuli sileziẖone።
I’m not drinking it because it is cold. ዝሑል-ስለ-ኾነ-ኣይ-ት--‘-። ዝ__ ስ____ ኣ________ ዝ-ል ስ-ዝ-ነ ኣ-ሰ-ዮ-‘-። ------------------- ዝሑል ስለዝኾነ ኣይሰትዮን‘የ። 0
zi-̣--i--il-zi-̱-n- a-------on----። z_____ s_________ a______________ z-h-u-i s-l-z-h-o-e a-i-e-i-o-i-y-። ----------------------------------- ziḥuli sileziẖone ayisetiyoni‘ye።
Why aren’t you drinking the tea? ስ-ምንታይ -- ሻሂ-ዘ--ሰት-? ስ_____ ነ_ ሻ_ ዘ______ ስ-ም-ታ- ነ- ሻ- ዘ-ት-ት-? -------------------- ስለምንታይ ነቲ ሻሂ ዘይትሰትዮ? 0
si---i--tayi -e-ī---ahī ze-i--s-t-yo? s___________ n___ s____ z____________ s-l-m-n-t-y- n-t- s-a-ī z-y-t-s-t-y-? ------------------------------------- sileminitayi netī shahī zeyitisetiyo?
I have no sugar. ኣ- ሽኮር ----ን። ኣ_ ሽ__ የ_____ ኣ- ሽ-ር የ-ለ-ን- ------------- ኣነ ሽኮር የብለይን። 0
a-e-s---o-----bile-in-። a__ s______ y__________ a-e s-i-o-i y-b-l-y-n-። ----------------------- ane shikori yebileyini።
I’m not drinking it because I don’t have any sugar. ሽ-ር ስለ-ይብ-ይ --ስትዮ-‘የ። ሽ__ ስ______ ኣ________ ሽ-ር ስ-ዘ-ብ-ይ ኣ-ስ-ዮ-‘-። --------------------- ሽኮር ስለዘይብለይ ኣይስትዮን‘የ። 0
shi---- -i-e--yi--le-- -----tiyo-i‘ye። s______ s_____________ a______________ s-i-o-i s-l-z-y-b-l-y- a-i-i-i-o-i-y-። -------------------------------------- shikori silezeyibileyi ayisitiyoni‘ye።
Why aren’t you eating the soup? ስ------ነ- --- ዘይ--ልዑ-? ስ_____ ነ_ መ__ ዘ_______ ስ-ም-ታ- ነ- መ-ቕ ዘ-ት-ል-ዎ- ---------------------- ስለምንታይ ነቲ መረቕ ዘይትበልዑዎ? 0
s---m--itayi---tī---r-k-’--zey----eli‘---? s___________ n___ m______ z______________ s-l-m-n-t-y- n-t- m-r-k-’- z-y-t-b-l-‘-w-? ------------------------------------------ sileminitayi netī mereḵ’i zeyitibeli‘uwo?
I didn’t order it. ን----ይኮ-ኩ--ጠሊበ -ይረ ን__ ኣ_____ ጠ__ ነ__ ን-ኡ ኣ-ኮ-ኩ- ጠ-በ ነ-ረ ------------------ ንዕኡ ኣይኮንኩን ጠሊበ ነይረ 0
ni‘--u -y-koniku-i--’-------e-i-e n_____ a__________ t______ n_____ n-‘-’- a-i-o-i-u-i t-e-ī-e n-y-r- --------------------------------- ni‘i’u ayikonikuni t’elībe neyire
I’m not eating it because I didn’t order it. ኣ- --ዘይጠ-ብ-ዎ ኣይ--ዕ---። ኣ_ ስ________ ኣ________ ኣ- ስ-ዘ-ጠ-ብ-ዎ ኣ-በ-ዕ-‘-። ---------------------- ኣነ ስለዘይጠለብኩዎ ኣይበልዕን‘የ። 0
ane ---ez------le--k----ay-b-l--i-i---። a__ s__________________ a______________ a-e s-l-z-y-t-e-e-i-u-o a-i-e-i-i-i-y-። --------------------------------------- ane silezeyit’elebikuwo ayibeli‘ini‘ye።
Why don’t you eat the meat? ስለም-ታይ--- ---------ዎ? ስ_____ ነ_ ስ_ ዘ_______ ስ-ም-ታ- ነ- ስ- ዘ-ት-ል-ዎ- --------------------- ስለምንታይ ነቲ ስጋ ዘይትበልዑዎ? 0
sil----it-yi n--ī ---a -----i--l--uwo? s___________ n___ s___ z______________ s-l-m-n-t-y- n-t- s-g- z-y-t-b-l-‘-w-? -------------------------------------- sileminitayi netī siga zeyitibeli‘uwo?
I am a vegetarian. ኣነ -ጋ--ይ----ሰብ---ታ-ያ)-እየ። ኣ_ ስ_ ዘ____ ሰ________ እ__ ኣ- ስ- ዘ-በ-ዕ ሰ-(-ጀ-ር-) እ-። ------------------------- ኣነ ስጋ ዘይበልዕ ሰብ(ቨጀታርያ) እየ። 0
ane s-----eyib------se-i--e-e-a---a- i--። a__ s___ z_________ s_______________ i___ a-e s-g- z-y-b-l-‘- s-b-(-e-e-a-i-a- i-e- ----------------------------------------- ane siga zeyibeli‘i sebi(vejetariya) iye።
I’m not eating it because I am a vegetarian. ኣይበልዖን--የ፣ ስ--ዘ---ዕ ሰ---ለ-ኾንኩ። ኣ_____ እ__ ስ_ ዘ____ ሰ_ ስ______ ኣ-በ-ዖ- እ-፣ ስ- ዘ-በ-ዕ ሰ- ስ-ዝ-ን-። ------------------------------ ኣይበልዖን እየ፣ ስጋ ዘይበልዕ ሰብ ስለዝኾንኩ። 0
a--bel---n- -ye--s--a -e-ib---‘i-s-bi sil----̱o-iku። a__________ i___ s___ z_________ s___ s____________ a-i-e-i-o-i i-e- s-g- z-y-b-l-‘- s-b- s-l-z-h-o-i-u- ---------------------------------------------------- ayibeli‘oni iye፣ siga zeyibeli‘i sebi sileziẖoniku።

Gestures help with the learning of vocabulary

When we learn vocabulary, our brain has a lot of work to do. It must store every new word. But you can support your brain in learning. This is achieved through gestures. Gestures help our memory. It can remember words better if it processes gestures at the same time. A study has clearly proven this. Researchers had test subjects study vocabulary. These words didn't really exist. They belonged to an artificial language. A few words were taught to the test subjects with gestures. That is to say, the test subjects didn't just hear or read the words. Using gestures, they imitated the meaning of the words as well. While they studied, their brain activity was measured. Researchers made an interesting discovery in the process. When the words were learned with gestures, more areas of the brain were active. In addition to the speech center, sensomotoric areas showed activity as well. This additional brain activity influences our memory. In learning with gestures, complex networks form. These networks save the new words in multiple places in the brain. Vocabulary can be processed more efficiently this way. When we want to use certain words our brain finds them faster. They are also stored better. It's important, however, that the gesture is associated with the word. Our brain recognizes when a word and gesture don't go together. The new findings could lead to new teaching methods. Individuals that know little about languages often learn slowly. Perhaps they will learn easier if they imitate the words physically…