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98 [ninety-eight]

Double connectors

Double connectors

98 [nёntёdhjetёetetё]

Lidhёza bashkёrenditёse

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The journey was beautiful, but too tiring. Ud-ёt--i-i--t- i b--ur- p---i ----s-ёm. U------- i---- i b----- p-- i l-------- U-h-t-m- i-h-e i b-k-r- p-r i l-d-s-ё-. --------------------------------------- Udhёtimi ishte i bukur, por i lodhshёm. 0
The train was on time, but too full. Tre----shte-i-pё----t-, --- -lo-. T---- i---- i p-------- p-- p---- T-e-i i-h-e i p-r-i-t-, p-r p-o-. --------------------------------- Treni ishte i pёrpiktё, por plot. 0
The hotel was comfortable, but too expensive. H---li-i-h-- --r-h-tshёm, --r-i-sh-renj--. H----- i---- i r--------- p-- i s--------- H-t-l- i-h-e i r-h-t-h-m- p-r i s-t-e-j-ё- ------------------------------------------ Hoteli ishte i rehatshёm, por i shtrenjtё. 0
He’ll take either the bus or the train. A---e-r-----aut-b-------e--r--i-. A- m--- o-- a-------- o-- t------ A- m-r- o-e a-t-b-s-n o-e t-e-i-. --------------------------------- Ai merr ose autobusin ose trenin. 0
He’ll come either this evening or tomorrow morning. A---j-- o-- so--nё-m-r-m----s------- n----n---s. A- v--- o-- s-- n- m------ o-- n---- n- m------- A- v-e- o-e s-t n- m-r-m-e o-e n-s-r n- m-n-j-s- ------------------------------------------------ Ai vjen ose sot nё mbrёmje ose nesёr nё mёngjes. 0
He’s going to stay either with us or in the hotel. Ai ------o-e ---ne ----n- -otel. A- b---- o-- t- n- o-- n- h----- A- b-n-n o-e t- n- o-e n- h-t-l- -------------------------------- Ai banon ose te ne ose nё hotel. 0
She speaks Spanish as well as English. A-------spa--i-ht dh- --g--sht. A- f--- s-------- d-- a-------- A- f-e- s-a-j-s-t d-e a-g-i-h-. ------------------------------- Ai flet spanjisht dhe anglisht. 0
She has lived in Madrid as well as in London. A-o k--jetu-r-si -ё Madr-d a-ht------ n-----d--. A-- k- j----- s- n- M----- a---- e--- n- L------ A-o k- j-t-a- s- n- M-d-i- a-h-u e-h- n- L-n-ё-. ------------------------------------------------ Ajo ka jetuar si nё Madrid ashtu edhe nё Londёr. 0
She knows Spain as well as England. A-- nj-h-si -p----- --h---e-he A--l-nё. A-- n--- s- S------ a---- e--- A------- A-o n-e- s- S-a-j-n a-h-u e-h- A-g-i-ё- --------------------------------------- Ajo njeh si Spanjёn ashtu edhe Anglinё. 0
He is not only stupid, but also lazy. A--nu--ё--t--vetё--bu-a--a p-- ed-- --mbe-. A- n-- ё---- v---- b------ p-- e--- d------ A- n-k ё-h-ё v-t-m b-d-l-a p-r e-h- d-m-e-. ------------------------------------------- Ai nuk ёshtё vetёm budalla por edhe dembel. 0
She is not only pretty, but also intelligent. A-- --- ёsh----e-ёm e -uk---po--edhe--n---i-je-t-. A-- n-- ё---- v---- e b---- p-- e--- i------------ A-o n-k ё-h-ё v-t-m e b-k-r p-r e-h- i-t-l-g-e-t-. -------------------------------------------------- Ajo nuk ёshtё vetёm e bukur por edhe inteligjente. 0
She speaks not only German, but also French. A-o-n-k-fle- -etё- gjer--nis---por --h- f------sht. A-- n-- f--- v---- g---------- p-- e--- f---------- A-o n-k f-e- v-t-m g-e-m-n-s-t p-r e-h- f-ë-g-i-h-. --------------------------------------------------- Ajo nuk flet vetёm gjermanisht por edhe frëngjisht. 0
I can neither play the piano nor the guitar. U-ё-nu----a- -s p-a-o as-ki---e. U-- n-- l--- a- p---- a- k------ U-ё n-k l-a- a- p-a-o a- k-t-r-. -------------------------------- Unё nuk luaj as piano as kitare. 0
I can neither waltz nor do the samba. Unё nu- mun- t--k-rc--ё--- --ls-as s-mb-. U-- n-- m--- t- k------ a- v--- a- s----- U-ё n-k m-n- t- k-r-e-ё a- v-l- a- s-m-a- ----------------------------------------- Unё nuk mund tё kёrcejё as vals as samba. 0
I like neither opera nor ballet. S---a-a- ---rё---s----e--n. S---- a- o----- a- b------- S-d-a a- o-e-ё- a- b-l-t-n- --------------------------- S’dua as operёn as baletin. 0
The faster you work, the earlier you will be finished. Sa--------jt tё pu----- -- -- sh-ej--j- gat-. S- m- s----- t- p------ a- m- s----- j- g---- S- m- s-p-j- t- p-n-s-, a- m- s-p-j- j- g-t-. --------------------------------------------- Sa mё shpejt tё punosh, aq mё shpejt je gati. 0
The earlier you come, the earlier you can go. Sa m---hpejt t- --s---a- m- --p-j- mund--ё -h--sh. S- m- s----- t- v---- a- m- s----- m--- t- s------ S- m- s-p-j- t- v-s-, a- m- s-p-j- m-n- t- s-k-s-. -------------------------------------------------- Sa mё shpejt tё vish, aq mё shpejt mund tё shkosh. 0
The older one gets, the more complacent one gets. S-----tepё- tё-plakesh,--- -ё ----e-v--t-m--d---. S- m- t---- t- p------- a- m- p-- e v--- m------- S- m- t-p-r t- p-a-e-h- a- m- p-k e v-e- m-n-j-n- ------------------------------------------------- Sa mё tepёr tё plakesh, aq mё pak e vret mendjen. 0

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