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90 [ninety]

Imperative 2

Imperative 2

90 [тоқсан]

90 [toqsan]

Бұйрық рай 2

[Buyrıq ray 2]

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Shave! Қ----! Қ_____ Қ-р-н- ------ Қырын! 0
Q-rı-! Q_____ Q-r-n- ------ Qırın!
Wash yourself! Ж-ы-! Ж____ Ж-ы-! ----- Жуын! 0
J--n! J____ J-ı-! ----- Jwın!
Comb your hair! Т----! Т_____ Т-р-н- ------ Таран! 0
Tara-! T_____ T-r-n- ------ Taran!
Call! Қ-ң--ау---л- Қоң---у-ша-ы-ыз! Қ______ ш___ Қ______ ш_______ Қ-ң-р-у ш-л- Қ-ң-р-у ш-л-ң-з- ----------------------------- Қоңырау шал! Қоңырау шалыңыз! 0
Qoñıra--şa-!-Qoñır----a-ıñ--! Q______ ş___ Q______ ş_______ Q-ñ-r-w ş-l- Q-ñ-r-w ş-l-ñ-z- ----------------------------- Qoñıraw şal! Qoñıraw şalıñız!
Begin! Б---а! Б-стаңы-! Б_____ Б________ Б-с-а- Б-с-а-ы-! ---------------- Баста! Бастаңыз! 0
Bast-!--as-añ-z! B_____ B________ B-s-a- B-s-a-ı-! ---------------- Basta! Bastañız!
Stop! Қ--! -ойы-ыз! Қ___ Қ_______ Қ-й- Қ-й-ң-з- ------------- Қой! Қойыңыз! 0
Q--! --y--ı-! Q___ Q_______ Q-y- Q-y-ñ-z- ------------- Qoy! Qoyıñız!
Leave it! Т--та -ұны! Тас-аңы- ---ы! Т____ м____ Т_______ м____ Т-с-а м-н-! Т-с-а-ы- м-н-! -------------------------- Таста мұны! Тастаңыз мұны! 0
T--------ı!-T--ta-ız--u--! T____ m____ T_______ m____ T-s-a m-n-! T-s-a-ı- m-n-! -------------------------- Tasta munı! Tastañız munı!
Say it! О-ын--ай-- ----- -й-ы-ыз! О____ а___ О____ а_______ О-ы-ы а-т- О-ы-ы а-т-ң-з- ------------------------- Осыны айт! Осыны айтыңыз! 0
O-ı-- --t!-Osını -ytıñı-! O____ a___ O____ a_______ O-ı-ı a-t- O-ı-ı a-t-ñ-z- ------------------------- Osını ayt! Osını aytıñız!
Buy it! Мы--ны-с-т----л- Мын--ы-са-ы--а-ы-ы-! М_____ с____ а__ М_____ с____ а______ М-н-н- с-т-п а-! М-н-н- с-т-п а-ы-ы-! ------------------------------------- Мынаны сатып ал! Мынаны сатып алыңыз! 0
Mı--nı s-tı--a-! -ın----s-t-p ----ız! M_____ s____ a__ M_____ s____ a______ M-n-n- s-t-p a-! M-n-n- s-t-p a-ı-ı-! ------------------------------------- Mınanı satıp al! Mınanı satıp alıñız!
Never be dishonest! Ешқа-а--өт--і-ш- болм-! Е______ ө_______ б_____ Е-қ-ш-н ө-і-і-ш- б-л-а- ----------------------- Ешқашан өтірікші болма! 0
Eş-aş---öt--ik----ol-a! E______ ö_______ b_____ E-q-ş-n ö-i-i-ş- b-l-a- ----------------------- Eşqaşan ötirikşi bolma!
Never be naughty! Е--ашан-д-р--- -олм-! Е______ д_____ б_____ Е-қ-ш-н д-р-к- б-л-а- --------------------- Ешқашан дөрекі болма! 0
E-q--an-d-r--- bo-ma! E______ d_____ b_____ E-q-ş-n d-r-k- b-l-a- --------------------- Eşqaşan döreki bolma!
Never be impolite! Е-қа--н ә--п--- --л--! Е______ ә______ б_____ Е-қ-ш-н ә-е-с-з б-л-а- ---------------------- Ешқашан әдепсіз болма! 0
E---ş---ä---------l--! E______ ä______ b_____ E-q-ş-n ä-e-s-z b-l-a- ---------------------- Eşqaşan ädepsiz bolma!
Always be honest! Әр-аша---ын-ыл ---! Ә______ ш_____ б___ Ә-қ-ш-н ш-н-ы- б-л- ------------------- Әрқашан шыншыл бол! 0
Ä--a--- şı-ş-- b--! Ä______ ş_____ b___ Ä-q-ş-n ş-n-ı- b-l- ------------------- Ärqaşan şınşıl bol!
Always be nice! Ә-қа--н---ш--е--- б--! Ә______ к________ б___ Ә-қ-ш-н к-ш-п-й-л б-л- ---------------------- Әрқашан кішіпейіл бол! 0
Är--şan--işi--y-- -ol! Ä______ k________ b___ Ä-q-ş-n k-ş-p-y-l b-l- ---------------------- Ärqaşan kişipeyil bol!
Always be polite! Ә--ашан--д------о-! Ә______ ә_____ б___ Ә-қ-ш-н ә-е-т- б-л- ------------------- Әрқашан әдепті бол! 0
Ärq--an-äd-p-i bo-! Ä______ ä_____ b___ Ä-q-ş-n ä-e-t- b-l- ------------------- Ärqaşan ädepti bol!
Hope you arrive home safely! Ү-г- жақс----т-ң--! Ү___ ж____ ж_______ Ү-г- ж-қ-ы ж-т-ң-з- ------------------- Үйге жақсы жетіңіз! 0
Ü--e ----- j---ñiz! Ü___ j____ j_______ Ü-g- j-q-ı j-t-ñ-z- ------------------- Üyge jaqsı jetiñiz!
Take care of yourself! Өз-ң-зге---а- болы---! Ө_______ а___ б_______ Ө-і-і-г- а-а- б-л-ң-з- ---------------------- Өзіңізге абай болыңыз! 0
Öziñ--ge-abay --l--ı-! Ö_______ a___ b_______ Ö-i-i-g- a-a- b-l-ñ-z- ---------------------- Öziñizge abay bolıñız!
Do visit us again soon! Жақ-нд----ғ- ----он-ққ--к-лің--! Ж______ т___ д_ қ______ к_______ Ж-қ-н-а т-ғ- д- қ-н-қ-а к-л-ң-з- -------------------------------- Жақында тағы да қонаққа келіңіз! 0
J---n---ta-ı -- -onaq-a k-l----! J______ t___ d_ q______ k_______ J-q-n-a t-ğ- d- q-n-q-a k-l-ñ-z- -------------------------------- Jaqında tağı da qonaqqa keliñiz!

Babies can learn grammar rules

Children grow up very quickly. And they also learn very quickly! It has yet to be researched how children learn. Learning processes take place automatically. Children don't notice when they are learning. Nevertheless, every day they are capable of more. This also becomes clear with language. Babies can only cry in the first few months. With a few months they can say short words. Then sentences are created from those words. Eventually the children speak their native language. Unfortunately, that doesn't work in the case of adults. They need books or other material in order to learn. Only this way can they learn grammar rules, for example. Babies, however, learn grammar as early as four months old! Researchers taught German babies foreign grammar rules. In order to do this, they played Italian sentences aloud to them. These sentences contained certain syntactical structures. The babies listened to the correct sentences for about fifteen minutes. Afterwards, sentences were played for the babies again. This time, however, a few of the sentences were incorrect. While the babies listened to the sentences, their brainwaves were measured. This way the researchers could identify how the brain reacted to sentences. And the babies showed different levels of activity with the sentences! Although they had just learned them, they registered the mistakes. Naturally, babies do not understand why some sentences are wrong. They orient themselves toward phonetic patterns. But that is enough to learn a language – at least for babies…