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79 [seventy-nine]

Adjectives 2

Adjectives 2

79 [жетпіс тоғыз]

79 [jetpis toğız]

Сын есім 2

[Sın esim 2]

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I am wearing a blue dress. Ме--ң----і--е-кө- к-йл-к. М____ ү______ к__ к______ М-н-ң ү-т-м-е к-к к-й-е-. ------------------------- Менің үстімде көк көйлек. 0
M-ni- -s-imd- kö-----l--. M____ ü______ k__ k______ M-n-ñ ü-t-m-e k-k k-y-e-. ------------------------- Meniñ üstimde kök köylek.
I am wearing a red dress. Мен-----тім-е-қы-ы----йле-. М____ ү______ қ____ к______ М-н-ң ү-т-м-е қ-з-л к-й-е-. --------------------------- Менің үстімде қызыл көйлек. 0
M-niñ üs-imd- qı--- k-y-e-. M____ ü______ q____ k______ M-n-ñ ü-t-m-e q-z-l k-y-e-. --------------------------- Meniñ üstimde qızıl köylek.
I am wearing a green dress. М-нің ----м-е-ж---л---й--к. М____ ү______ ж____ к______ М-н-ң ү-т-м-е ж-с-л к-й-е-. --------------------------- Менің үстімде жасыл көйлек. 0
M-ni---s-i--e-j-sı- köyl--. M____ ü______ j____ k______ M-n-ñ ü-t-m-e j-s-l k-y-e-. --------------------------- Meniñ üstimde jasıl köylek.
I’m buying a black bag. Ме---------мк- -аты--а-амы-. М__ қ___ с____ с____ а______ М-н қ-р- с-м-е с-т-п а-а-ы-. ---------------------------- Мен қара сөмке сатып аламын. 0
M-n----- s--ke sa--- -la-ın. M__ q___ s____ s____ a______ M-n q-r- s-m-e s-t-p a-a-ı-. ---------------------------- Men qara sömke satıp alamın.
I’m buying a brown bag. М----о-ы------е-с-ты- а--мын. М__ қ____ с____ с____ а______ М-н қ-ң-р с-м-е с-т-п а-а-ы-. ----------------------------- Мен қоңыр сөмке сатып аламын. 0
M-n q-ñı----m-e-sa-ı- --amı-. M__ q____ s____ s____ a______ M-n q-ñ-r s-m-e s-t-p a-a-ı-. ----------------------------- Men qoñır sömke satıp alamın.
I’m buying a white bag. М---ақ сө------ты--а-ам-н. М__ а_ с____ с____ а______ М-н а- с-м-е с-т-п а-а-ы-. -------------------------- Мен ақ сөмке сатып аламын. 0
M-n--q-s---e s---p-al--ın. M__ a_ s____ s____ a______ M-n a- s-m-e s-t-p a-a-ı-. -------------------------- Men aq sömke satıp alamın.
I need a new car. М-ғ-н---ң-----і-----е-. М____ ж___ к____ к_____ М-ғ-н ж-ң- к-л-к к-р-к- ----------------------- Маған жаңа көлік керек. 0
M-ğ------- --li- ke-e-. M____ j___ k____ k_____ M-ğ-n j-ñ- k-l-k k-r-k- ----------------------- Mağan jaña kölik kerek.
I need a fast car. Маған-ж--д-м-к---к --р-к. М____ ж_____ к____ к_____ М-ғ-н ж-л-а- к-л-к к-р-к- ------------------------- Маған жылдам көлік керек. 0
Mağ-n-j--dam k-li- kerek. M____ j_____ k____ k_____ M-ğ-n j-l-a- k-l-k k-r-k- ------------------------- Mağan jıldam kölik kerek.
I need a comfortable car. М-ғ-н --ғ---ы --л-к------. М____ ы______ к____ к_____ М-ғ-н ы-ғ-й-ы к-л-к к-р-к- -------------------------- Маған ыңғайлы көлік керек. 0
M-ğ-- -ñ---l- -ö-i--ke-ek. M____ ı______ k____ k_____ M-ğ-n ı-ğ-y-ı k-l-k k-r-k- -------------------------- Mağan ıñğaylı kölik kerek.
An old lady lives at the top. Жо-ар--а -і- ег---ә-е---ұ-а-ы. Ж_______ б__ е___ ә___ т______ Ж-ғ-р-д- б-р е-д- ә-е- т-р-д-. ------------------------------ Жоғарыда бір егде әйел тұрады. 0
Joğa-ı-a -ir----e--yel tu--dı. J_______ b__ e___ ä___ t______ J-ğ-r-d- b-r e-d- ä-e- t-r-d-. ------------------------------ Joğarıda bir egde äyel turadı.
A fat lady lives at the top. Ж-ғар----бі- -о-ық-әй-л--ұр---. Ж_______ б__ т____ ә___ т______ Ж-ғ-р-д- б-р т-л-қ ә-е- т-р-д-. ------------------------------- Жоғарыда бір толық әйел тұрады. 0
Jo-----a b-r tol-- --el-t--adı. J_______ b__ t____ ä___ t______ J-ğ-r-d- b-r t-l-q ä-e- t-r-d-. ------------------------------- Joğarıda bir tolıq äyel turadı.
A curious lady lives below. Ж---ры-а б---қ----құмар --е---ұра-ы. Ж_______ б__ қ_________ ә___ т______ Ж-ғ-р-д- б-р қ-з-қ-ұ-а- ә-е- т-р-д-. ------------------------------------ Жоғарыда бір қызыққұмар әйел тұрады. 0
J--a-ı-----r-q-zı--uma- ---l----ad-. J_______ b__ q_________ ä___ t______ J-ğ-r-d- b-r q-z-q-u-a- ä-e- t-r-d-. ------------------------------------ Joğarıda bir qızıqqumar äyel turadı.
Our guests were nice people. Қ--ақ--рым-- --й--м-і ---д---б---ы. Қ___________ с_______ ж_____ б_____ Қ-н-қ-а-ы-ы- с-й-і-д- ж-н-а- б-л-ы- ----------------------------------- Қонақтарымыз сүйкімді жандар болды. 0
Q--a-t--ım-z sü--im-----n----b---ı. Q___________ s_______ j_____ b_____ Q-n-q-a-ı-ı- s-y-i-d- j-n-a- b-l-ı- ----------------------------------- Qonaqtarımız süykimdi jandar boldı.
Our guests were polite people. Қ-нақ--ры--з сы-ай- а---д----о-д-. Қ___________ с_____ а______ б_____ Қ-н-қ-а-ы-ы- с-п-й- а-а-д-р б-л-ы- ---------------------------------- Қонақтарымыз сыпайы адамдар болды. 0
Q---qta-ı-ız---p--ı-ada-d---bo---. Q___________ s_____ a______ b_____ Q-n-q-a-ı-ı- s-p-y- a-a-d-r b-l-ı- ---------------------------------- Qonaqtarımız sıpayı adamdar boldı.
Our guests were interesting people. Қ--ақт-р--ыз ----қты жа--а--б--д-. Қ___________ қ______ ж_____ б_____ Қ-н-қ-а-ы-ы- қ-з-қ-ы ж-н-а- б-л-ы- ---------------------------------- Қонақтарымыз қызықты жандар болды. 0
Q-naq-----ız-q-z----------r -o-dı. Q___________ q______ j_____ b_____ Q-n-q-a-ı-ı- q-z-q-ı j-n-a- b-l-ı- ---------------------------------- Qonaqtarımız qızıqtı jandar boldı.
I have lovely children. Мені--сүйк---- -а-ала-ым ба-. М____ с_______ б________ б___ М-н-ң с-й-і-д- б-л-л-р-м б-р- ----------------------------- Менің сүйкімді балаларым бар. 0
Me-iñ--üy---di b----ar---bar. M____ s_______ b________ b___ M-n-ñ s-y-i-d- b-l-l-r-m b-r- ----------------------------- Meniñ süykimdi balalarım bar.
But the neighbours have naughty children. Б-ра--к-рш-л------сот-ар ба-а-ары б--. Б____ к__________ с_____ б_______ б___ Б-р-қ к-р-і-е-д-ң с-т-а- б-л-л-р- б-р- -------------------------------------- Бірақ көршілердің сотқар балалары бар. 0
B--a- k--şi--rd------qa----l----ı b-r. B____ k__________ s_____ b_______ b___ B-r-q k-r-i-e-d-ñ s-t-a- b-l-l-r- b-r- -------------------------------------- Biraq körşilerdiñ sotqar balaları bar.
Are your children well behaved? С--дің-ба-а---ы--- -деп-- --? С_____ б__________ ә_____ м__ С-з-і- б-л-л-р-ң-з ә-е-т- м-? ----------------------------- Сіздің балаларыңыз әдепті ме? 0
Si---ñ-ba---arı--- äde--- --? S_____ b__________ ä_____ m__ S-z-i- b-l-l-r-ñ-z ä-e-t- m-? ----------------------------- Sizdiñ balalarıñız ädepti me?

One language, many varieties

Even if we only speak one language, we speak many languages. For no language is a self-contained system. Every language shows many different dimensions. Language is a living system. Speakers always orient themselves towards their conversation partners. Therefore, people vary the language they speak. These varieties appear in various forms. For example, every language has a history. It has changed and will continue to change. This can be recognized in the fact that old people speak differently than young people. There are also various dialects in most languages. However, many dialect speakers can adapt to their environment. In certain situations they speak the standard language. Different social groups have different languages. Youth language or hunter's jargon are examples of this. Most people speak differently at work than they do at home. Many also use a professional jargon at work. Differences also appear in spoken and written language. Spoken language is typically much simpler than written. The difference can be quite large. This is the case when written languages don't change for a long time. Speakers then must learn to use the language in written form first. The language of women and men is often different as well. This difference isn't that great in western societies. But there are countries in which women speak very differently from men. In some cultures, politeness has its own linguistic form. Speaking is therefore not at all so easy! We have to pay attention to many different things at the same time…