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63 [sixty-three]

Asking questions 2

Asking questions 2

63 [алпыс үш]

63 [alpıs üş]

Сұрақ қою 2

[Suraq qoyu 2]

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I have a hobby. М-нің--о------ба-. М____ х______ б___ М-н-ң х-б-и-м б-р- ------------------ Менің хоббиім бар. 0
M-n-- xo---im----. M____ x______ b___ M-n-ñ x-b-ï-m b-r- ------------------ Meniñ xobbïim bar.
I play tennis. Ме----н--с---най-ы-. М__ т_____ о________ М-н т-н-и- о-н-й-ы-. -------------------- Мен теннис ойнаймын. 0
Me---e-nïs-o-----ı-. M__ t_____ o________ M-n t-n-ï- o-n-y-ı-. -------------------- Men tennïs oynaymın.
Where is the tennis court? Теннис --а---қ--д-? Т_____ а____ қ_____ Т-н-и- а-а-ы қ-й-а- ------------------- Теннис алаңы қайда? 0
T-nnïs--l-ñ----y--? T_____ a____ q_____ T-n-ï- a-a-ı q-y-a- ------------------- Tennïs alañı qayda?
Do you have a hobby? Сені-------і- -а- --? С____ х______ б__ м__ С-н-ң х-б-и-ң б-р м-? --------------------- Сенің хоббиің бар ма? 0
S------obb--ñ b-r-m-? S____ x______ b__ m__ S-n-ñ x-b-ï-ñ b-r m-? --------------------- Seniñ xobbïiñ bar ma?
I play football / soccer (am.). М---ф-т--л---н---ын. М__ ф_____ о________ М-н ф-т-о- о-н-й-ы-. -------------------- Мен футбол ойнаймын. 0
Me- --t-o- oynaymın. M__ f_____ o________ M-n f-t-o- o-n-y-ı-. -------------------- Men fwtbol oynaymın.
Where is the football / soccer (am.) field? Футб-л а-а-ы----да? Ф_____ а____ қ_____ Ф-т-о- а-а-ы қ-й-а- ------------------- Футбол алаңы қайда? 0
Fwt--l al--- qay--? F_____ a____ q_____ F-t-o- a-a-ı q-y-a- ------------------- Fwtbol alañı qayda?
My arm hurts. М-н-ң--ол----уы--п-т--. М____ қ____ а_____ т___ М-н-ң қ-л-м а-ы-ы- т-р- ----------------------- Менің қолым ауырып тұр. 0
Meni- q---m-aw-rıp-tu-. M____ q____ a_____ t___ M-n-ñ q-l-m a-ı-ı- t-r- ----------------------- Meniñ qolım awırıp tur.
My foot and hand also hurt. М-ні- --қ--ол-м-д- а-ырып -ұр. М____ а________ д_ а_____ т___ М-н-ң а-қ-қ-л-м д- а-ы-ы- т-р- ------------------------------ Менің аяқ-қолым да ауырып тұр. 0
Meniñ--ya---olı- -------ıp t--. M____ a_________ d_ a_____ t___ M-n-ñ a-a---o-ı- d- a-ı-ı- t-r- ------------------------------- Meniñ ayaq-qolım da awırıp tur.
Is there a doctor? Дәрі-ер -а--а? Д______ қ_____ Д-р-г-р қ-й-а- -------------- Дәрігер қайда? 0
Dä--ger -ayd-? D______ q_____ D-r-g-r q-y-a- -------------- Däriger qayda?
I have a car / an automobile. М---- ---іг----ар. М____ к______ б___ М-н-ң к-л-г-м б-р- ------------------ Менің көлігім бар. 0
Meni- -öli-im -a-. M____ k______ b___ M-n-ñ k-l-g-m b-r- ------------------ Meniñ köligim bar.
I also have a motorcycle. Мен-ң-м-т-цик-і--б--. М____ м_________ б___ М-н-ң м-т-ц-к-і- б-р- --------------------- Менің мотоциклім бар. 0
M-niñ------ï---m b-r. M____ m_________ b___ M-n-ñ m-t-c-k-i- b-r- --------------------- Meniñ motocïklim bar.
Where could I park? Кө--к тұр-ғы -а---? К____ т_____ қ_____ К-л-к т-р-ғ- қ-й-а- ------------------- Көлік тұрағы қайда? 0
K--ik tur--ı-qa-d-? K____ t_____ q_____ K-l-k t-r-ğ- q-y-a- ------------------- Kölik turağı qayda?
I have a sweater. Ме--е-с-и--р--а-. М____ с_____ б___ М-н-е с-и-е- б-р- ----------------- Менде свитер бар. 0
M--de s-ïter -a-. M____ s_____ b___ M-n-e s-ï-e- b-r- ----------------- Mende svïter bar.
I also have a jacket and a pair of jeans. Мен-е-к-рте м-- дж-н----а-б-р. М____ к____ м__ д_____ д_ б___ М-н-е к-р-е м-н д-и-с- д- б-р- ------------------------------ Менде күрте мен джинсы да бар. 0
Me--- ---t- ----d--ns---- ba-. M____ k____ m__ d_____ d_ b___ M-n-e k-r-e m-n d-ï-s- d- b-r- ------------------------------ Mende kürte men djïnsı da bar.
Where is the washing machine? К-р ----ш м-ш--а---й-а? К__ ж____ м_____ қ_____ К-р ж-ғ-ш м-ш-н- қ-й-а- ----------------------- Кір жуғыш машина қайда? 0
K-r---ğ-- maşïn----y--? K__ j____ m_____ q_____ K-r j-ğ-ş m-ş-n- q-y-a- ----------------------- Kir jwğış maşïna qayda?
I have a plate. Менд----релк--б-р. М____ т______ б___ М-н-е т-р-л-е б-р- ------------------ Менде тәрелке бар. 0
Mend- tä------b-r. M____ t______ b___ M-n-e t-r-l-e b-r- ------------------ Mende tärelke bar.
I have a knife, a fork and a spoon. М-нде п-ш--- ш-н-шқ---ен қасық----. М____ п_____ ш______ м__ қ____ б___ М-н-е п-ш-қ- ш-н-ш-ы м-н қ-с-қ б-р- ----------------------------------- Менде пышақ, шанышқы мен қасық бар. 0
Mende--ı-aq- şa----- -en-q---q-ba-. M____ p_____ ş______ m__ q____ b___ M-n-e p-ş-q- ş-n-ş-ı m-n q-s-q b-r- ----------------------------------- Mende pışaq, şanışqı men qasıq bar.
Where is the salt and pepper? Т-- -ен-б--ы----й-а? Т__ б__ б____ қ_____ Т-з б-н б-р-ш қ-й-а- -------------------- Тұз бен бұрыш қайда? 0
T-z--en-bu--ş q----? T__ b__ b____ q_____ T-z b-n b-r-ş q-y-a- -------------------- Tuz ben burış qayda?

Bodies react to speech

Speech is processed in our brain. Our brain is active when we listen or read. This can be measured using various methods. But not only our brain reacts to linguistic stimuli. Recent studies show that speech also activates our body. Our body works when it hears or reads certain words. Above all, words that describe physical reactions. The word smile is a good example of this. When we read this word, we move our ‘smile muscle’. Negative words also have a measurable effect. An example of this is the word pain . Our body exhibits a clear pain reaction when we read this word. It could be said then that we imitate that which we read or hear. The more vivid the speech is, the more we react to it. A precise description has a strong reaction as a result. The activity of the body was measured for a study. Test subjects were shown various words. There were positive and negative words. The facial expressions of the test subjects changed during the tests. The movements of the mouth and forehead varied. That proves that speech has a strong effect on us. Words are more than just a means of communication. Our brain translates speech into body language. How exactly that works hasn't been researched yet. It is possible that the results of the study will have consequences. Physicians are discussing how best to treat patients. Because many ill people must undergo a long round of therapy. And there is a lot of talking in the process…