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39 [thirty-nine]

Car breakdown

Car breakdown

39 [отыз тоғыз]

39 [otız toğız]

Көліктің сынуы

[Köliktiñ sınwı]

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Where is the next gas station? Ке-ес- -ана------рмай ---ет---а--жерд-? К_____ ж_____________ б_____ қ__ ж_____ К-л-с- ж-н-р-ж-ғ-р-а- б-к-т- қ-й ж-р-е- --------------------------------------- Келесі жанар-жағармай бекеті қай жерде? 0
Kel--i ja--r-ja--r--- b---ti q---j--de? K_____ j_____________ b_____ q__ j_____ K-l-s- j-n-r-j-ğ-r-a- b-k-t- q-y j-r-e- --------------------------------------- Kelesi janar-jağarmay beketi qay jerde?
I have a flat tyre / tire (am.). Ме-ің дө----егі-----ылып қ--ды. М____ д_________ ж______ қ_____ М-н-ң д-ң-е-е-і- ж-р-л-п қ-л-ы- ------------------------------- Менің дөңгелегім жарылып қалды. 0
Men-ñ--ö--el-g---j-r-lı- q---ı. M____ d_________ j______ q_____ M-n-ñ d-ñ-e-e-i- j-r-l-p q-l-ı- ------------------------------- Meniñ döñgelegim jarılıp qaldı.
Can you change the tyre / tire (am.)? С-- дөңге--к -уыст-ра --асыз -а? С__ д_______ а_______ а_____ б__ С-з д-ң-е-е- а-ы-т-р- а-а-ы- б-? -------------------------------- Сіз дөңгелек ауыстыра аласыз ба? 0
S-- d-ñ---e--a-ı-tı-a -lasız --? S__ d_______ a_______ a_____ b__ S-z d-ñ-e-e- a-ı-t-r- a-a-ı- b-? -------------------------------- Siz döñgelek awıstıra alasız ba?
I need a few litres / liters (am.) of diesel. Ма--н бірнеш- -и-- -----ь м------рек. М____ б______ л___ д_____ м___ к_____ М-ғ-н б-р-е-е л-т- д-з-л- м-й- к-р-к- ------------------------------------- Маған бірнеше литр дизель майы керек. 0
M--a-----n-şe -ï-- dï-el--ay- -e---. M____ b______ l___ d____ m___ k_____ M-ğ-n b-r-e-e l-t- d-z-l m-y- k-r-k- ------------------------------------ Mağan birneşe lïtr dïzel mayı kerek.
I have no more petrol / gas (am.). Жан-рм-йы- -а--ылд-. Ж_________ т________ Ж-н-р-а-ы- т-у-ы-д-. -------------------- Жанармайым таусылды. 0
Ja-a-m---m t---ı--ı. J_________ t________ J-n-r-a-ı- t-w-ı-d-. -------------------- Janarmayım tawsıldı.
Do you have a petrol can / jerry can / gas can (am.)? Сіз-- қосал------и--р-б-р--а? С____ қ______ к______ б__ м__ С-з-е қ-с-л-ы к-н-с-р б-р м-? ----------------------------- Сізде қосалқы канистр бар ма? 0
S-z-e--osa--ı-ka-ï-t--b-r---? S____ q______ k______ b__ m__ S-z-e q-s-l-ı k-n-s-r b-r m-? ----------------------------- Sizde qosalqı kanïstr bar ma?
Where can I make a call? Қай--е-д-- ------у-ш-л--- болад-? Қ__ ж_____ қ______ ш_____ б______ Қ-й ж-р-е- қ-ң-р-у ш-л-а- б-л-д-? --------------------------------- Қай жерден қоңырау шалсам болады? 0
Qay -e--e----ñ-r-w şa-s-m ---adı? Q__ j_____ q______ ş_____ b______ Q-y j-r-e- q-ñ-r-w ş-l-a- b-l-d-? --------------------------------- Qay jerden qoñıraw şalsam boladı?
I need a towing service. Мағ-- ---к--то----ре-. М____ э________ к_____ М-ғ-н э-а-у-т-р к-р-к- ---------------------- Маған эвакуатор керек. 0
M---- é----ator ke-e-. M____ é________ k_____ M-ğ-n é-a-w-t-r k-r-k- ---------------------- Mağan évakwator kerek.
I’m looking for a garage. Мен--в--шеб-р---а із-е- ----і-. М__ а____________ і____ ж______ М-н а-т-ш-б-р-а-а і-д-п ж-р-і-. ------------------------------- Мен автошеберхана іздеп жүрмін. 0
Me- -v-o--ber---a-----p-jür--n. M__ a____________ i____ j______ M-n a-t-ş-b-r-a-a i-d-p j-r-i-. ------------------------------- Men avtoşeberxana izdep jürmin.
An accident has occurred. К---к -па-----лд-. К____ а____ б_____ К-л-к а-а-ы б-л-ы- ------------------ Көлік апаты болды. 0
Kö--- a---ı--old-. K____ a____ b_____ K-l-k a-a-ı b-l-ı- ------------------ Kölik apatı boldı.
Where is the nearest telephone? Ең жа--н --л--о- -а- ---д-? Е_ ж____ т______ қ__ ж_____ Е- ж-қ-н т-л-ф-н қ-й ж-р-е- --------------------------- Ең жақын телефон қай жерде? 0
Eñ -------e-------a- --r-e? E_ j____ t______ q__ j_____ E- j-q-n t-l-f-n q-y j-r-e- --------------------------- Eñ jaqın telefon qay jerde?
Do you have a mobile / cell phone (am.) with you? Жан-ңы-д- ұ-л---елефо---а----? Ж________ ұ___ т______ б__ м__ Ж-н-ң-з-а ұ-л- т-л-ф-н б-р м-? ------------------------------ Жаныңызда ұялы телефон бар ма? 0
Ja-ı--zd--u--lı --le--n--ar ma? J________ u____ t______ b__ m__ J-n-ñ-z-a u-a-ı t-l-f-n b-r m-? ------------------------------- Janıñızda uyalı telefon bar ma?
We need help. Б---е к--е----р-к. Б____ к____ к_____ Б-з-е к-м-к к-р-к- ------------------ Бізге көмек керек. 0
B-zge-k---- ---ek. B____ k____ k_____ B-z-e k-m-k k-r-k- ------------------ Bizge kömek kerek.
Call a doctor! Дә-іге- -ақ--ы---! Д______ ш_________ Д-р-г-р ш-қ-р-ң-з- ------------------ Дәрігер шақырыңыз! 0
D-ri--- şaq------! D______ ş_________ D-r-g-r ş-q-r-ñ-z- ------------------ Däriger şaqırıñız!
Call the police! П--и--я-ша--р--ыз! П______ ш_________ П-л-ц-я ш-қ-р-ң-з- ------------------ Полиция шақырыңыз! 0
P-lï---------r-ñ--! P_______ ş_________ P-l-c-y- ş-q-r-ñ-z- ------------------- Polïcïya şaqırıñız!
Your papers, please. Құж--------зд---е-і---. Қ_____________ б_______ Қ-ж-т-а-ы-ы-д- б-р-ң-з- ----------------------- Құжаттарыңызды беріңіз. 0
Qu--t-arı-ı--ı--eriñ-z. Q_____________ b_______ Q-j-t-a-ı-ı-d- b-r-ñ-z- ----------------------- Qujattarıñızdı beriñiz.
Your licence / license (am.), please. Жү-г-з--- -уәлі--н-бе-і---. Ж________ к_______ б_______ Ж-р-і-у-і к-ә-і-і- б-р-ң-з- --------------------------- Жүргізуші куәлігін беріңіз. 0
J---i-wş----ä--g-----riñiz. J________ k_______ b_______ J-r-i-w-i k-ä-i-i- b-r-ñ-z- --------------------------- Jürgizwşi kwäligin beriñiz.
Your registration, please. Т-хн-калы- т-лқ-ж-тыңы-д----рің-з. Т_________ т_____________ б_______ Т-х-и-а-ы- т-л-ұ-а-ы-ы-д- б-р-ң-з- ---------------------------------- Техникалық төлқұжатыңызды беріңіз. 0
T-xn----ı--tö---ja--ñ---ı ----ñiz. T_________ t_____________ b_______ T-x-ï-a-ı- t-l-u-a-ı-ı-d- b-r-ñ-z- ---------------------------------- Texnïkalıq tölqujatıñızdı beriñiz.

Talented linguist baby

Before they can even speak, babies know a lot about languages. Various experiments have shown this. Child development is researched in special baby labs. How children learn languages is also researched. Babies are obviously more intelligent than we thought up to now. Even with 6 months they have many linguistic abilities. They can recognize their native language, for example. French and German babies react differently to certain tones. Different stress patterns result in different behavior. So babies have a feeling for the tone of their language. Very small children can also memorize several words. Parents are very important for the language development of babies. Because babies need interaction directly after birth. They want to communicate with Mum and Dad. The interaction must be accompanied by positive emotions, however. Parents mustn't be stressed when they speak with their babies. It is also wrong to only seldom speak with them. Stress or silence can have negative effects for babies. Their language development can be adversely influenced. Learning for babies already begins in the womb! They react to speech before birth. They can perceive acoustic signals accurately. After birth they can then recognize these signals. Unborn children can also even learn the rhythms of languages. Babies can already hear their mother's voice in the womb. So you can even speak with unborn children. But you mustn't overdo it… The child will still have plenty of time to practice after birth!
Did you know?
Swedish is counted among the North Germanic languages. It is the native language of more than 8 million people. It is spoken in Sweden and parts of Finland. Swedes can communicate with Norwegians relatively easily. There is even a hybrid language that combines elements from both languages. A conversation with Danes is also possible if all parties speak clearly. The Swedish alphabet contains 29 letters. A hallmark of Swedish is the distinct vowel system. Vowel length determines the meaning of a word. Pitch also plays a role in Swedish. Swedish words and sentences are generally on the shorter side. The syntax follows strict rules. The grammar is also not too complicated. Overall the structures are similar to those of the English language. Learn Swedish - it is not at all difficult!