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35 [thirty-five]

At the airport

At the airport

35 [отыз бес]

35 [otız bes]



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I’d like to book a flight to Athens. М-- -фи-ағ--д--і- б-- --йсті бр---------я--н -еп-е-ім. М__ А______ д____ б__ р_____ б_______ қ_____ д__ е____ М-н А-и-а-а д-й-н б-р р-й-т- б-о-ь-а- қ-я-ы- д-п е-і-. ------------------------------------------------------ Мен Афинаға дейін бір рейсті броньдап қояйын деп едім. 0
M-n A-ï-a-a dey---bir-r----- --on-ap -oy-y-- d-- e-i-. M__ A______ d____ b__ r_____ b______ q______ d__ e____ M-n A-ï-a-a d-y-n b-r r-y-t- b-o-d-p q-y-y-n d-p e-i-. ------------------------------------------------------ Men Afïnağa deyin bir reysti brondap qoyayın dep edim.
Is it a direct flight? Бұ--тіке-е--рей----? Б__ т______ р___ п__ Б-л т-к-л-й р-й- п-? -------------------- Бұл тікелей рейс пе? 0
B-l----el-- -ey----? B__ t______ r___ p__ B-l t-k-l-y r-y- p-? -------------------- Bul tikeley reys pe?
A window seat, non-smoking, please. Өт--е-і-,--е-е--нің ---ы, ш-лы--ш-кпе-тін-ор-н --л--. Ө________ т________ ж____ ш____ ш________ о___ б_____ Ө-і-е-і-, т-р-з-н-ң ж-н-, ш-л-м ш-к-е-т-н о-ы- б-л-а- ----------------------------------------------------- Өтінемін, терезенің жаны, шылым шекпейтін орын болса. 0
Ö-in----, -erez-niñ--a-ı, ---ı- ş-k--y--n-or---b---a. Ö________ t________ j____ ş____ ş________ o___ b_____ Ö-i-e-i-, t-r-z-n-ñ j-n-, ş-l-m ş-k-e-t-n o-ı- b-l-a- ----------------------------------------------------- Ötinemin, terezeniñ janı, şılım şekpeytin orın bolsa.
I would like to confirm my reservation. Б-о-і-ді р---ай-н д-п е-і-. Б_______ р_______ д__ е____ Б-о-і-д- р-с-а-ы- д-п е-і-. --------------------------- Бронімді растайын деп едім. 0
Bro-i--i-ra------ dep ed-m. B_______ r_______ d__ e____ B-o-i-d- r-s-a-ı- d-p e-i-. --------------------------- Bronimdi rastayın dep edim.
I would like to cancel my reservation. Брон----н---с -а-тайы----п---і-. Б________ б__ т_______ д__ е____ Б-о-і-н-н б-с т-р-а-ы- д-п е-і-. -------------------------------- Бронімнен бас тартайын деп едім. 0
B--nimne----s---r-a--n --p-edim. B________ b__ t_______ d__ e____ B-o-i-n-n b-s t-r-a-ı- d-p e-i-. -------------------------------- Bronimnen bas tartayın dep edim.
I would like to change my reservation. Бр-н---- өзг-р--й-- --п ед-м. Б_______ ө_________ д__ е____ Б-о-і-д- ө-г-р-е-і- д-п е-і-. ----------------------------- Бронімді өзгертейін деп едім. 0
Broni--i -z--r--yi----- -d-m. B_______ ö_________ d__ e____ B-o-i-d- ö-g-r-e-i- d-p e-i-. ----------------------------- Bronimdi özgerteyin dep edim.
When is the next flight to Rome? Р-м-- -елесі---ақ-қаша--ұшады? Р____ к_____ ұ___ қ____ ұ_____ Р-м-е к-л-с- ұ-а- қ-ш-н ұ-а-ы- ------------------------------ Римге келесі ұшақ қашан ұшады? 0
R--ge k----- -şaq qaşa--uş-d-? R____ k_____ u___ q____ u_____ R-m-e k-l-s- u-a- q-ş-n u-a-ı- ------------------------------ Rïmge kelesi uşaq qaşan uşadı?
Are there two seats available? О- --рде-та-- -кі----- бар-ма? О_ ж____ т___ е__ о___ б__ м__ О- ж-р-е т-ғ- е-і о-ы- б-р м-? ------------------------------ Ол жерде тағы екі орын бар ма? 0
O- jerd- -a-ı -ki--r----ar -a? O_ j____ t___ e__ o___ b__ m__ O- j-r-e t-ğ- e-i o-ı- b-r m-? ------------------------------ Ol jerde tağı eki orın bar ma?
No, we have only one seat available. Ж--, б---е т-к б----рын б--. Ж___ б____ т__ б__ о___ б___ Ж-қ- б-з-е т-к б-р о-ы- б-с- ---------------------------- Жоқ, бізде тек бір орын бос. 0
J----b-zde tek -ir ---n-bos. J___ b____ t__ b__ o___ b___ J-q- b-z-e t-k b-r o-ı- b-s- ---------------------------- Joq, bizde tek bir orın bos.
When do we land? Біз --------на-ыз? Б__ қ____ қ_______ Б-з қ-ш-н қ-н-м-з- ------------------ Біз қашан қонамыз? 0
B-- q--an---n---z? B__ q____ q_______ B-z q-ş-n q-n-m-z- ------------------ Biz qaşan qonamız?
When will we be there? Бі- -нд- -аш-----т---з? Б__ о___ қ____ ж_______ Б-з о-д- қ-ш-н ж-т-м-з- ----------------------- Біз онда қашан жетеміз? 0
B-- -nda--a--n-jet-mi-? B__ o___ q____ j_______ B-z o-d- q-ş-n j-t-m-z- ----------------------- Biz onda qaşan jetemiz?
When does a bus go to the city centre / center (am.)? Қ--а-о--а-----а---т-----------жү-ед-? Қ___ о_________ а______ қ____ ж______ Қ-л- о-т-л-ғ-н- а-т-б-с қ-ш-н ж-р-д-? ------------------------------------- Қала орталығына автобус қашан жүреді? 0
Q-la ort-lı--n--av-obws-----n-j--e--? Q___ o_________ a______ q____ j______ Q-l- o-t-l-ğ-n- a-t-b-s q-ş-n j-r-d-? ------------------------------------- Qala ortalığına avtobws qaşan jüredi?
Is that your suitcase? М---- ------ ----даның-з б-? М____ с_____ ш__________ б__ М-н-у с-з-і- ш-б-д-н-ң-з б-? ---------------------------- Мынау сіздің шабаданыңыз ба? 0
M---w sizdiñ--ab-d-n--ı----? M____ s_____ ş__________ b__ M-n-w s-z-i- ş-b-d-n-ñ-z b-? ---------------------------- Mınaw sizdiñ şabadanıñız ba?
Is that your bag? М-на----зді- с--кең-- б-? М____ с_____ с_______ б__ М-н-у с-з-і- с-м-е-і- б-? ------------------------- Мынау сіздің сөмкеңіз бе? 0
M--a- s-zdi- s-----i--be? M____ s_____ s_______ b__ M-n-w s-z-i- s-m-e-i- b-? ------------------------- Mınaw sizdiñ sömkeñiz be?
Is that your luggage? Мы--- ---д-- -----і- бе? М____ с_____ ж______ б__ М-н-у с-з-і- ж-г-ң-з б-? ------------------------ Мынау сіздің жүгіңіз бе? 0
Mı-a- s--di- jü-------e? M____ s_____ j______ b__ M-n-w s-z-i- j-g-ñ-z b-? ------------------------ Mınaw sizdiñ jügiñiz be?
How much luggage can I take? Өзімм-- -і-г- қанш- -ү- алсам бола-ы? Ө______ б____ қ____ ж__ а____ б______ Ө-і-м-н б-р-е қ-н-а ж-к а-с-м б-л-д-? ------------------------------------- Өзіммен бірге қанша жүк алсам болады? 0
Öz---en ---ge---n------ a-sam -o-a-ı? Ö______ b____ q____ j__ a____ b______ Ö-i-m-n b-r-e q-n-a j-k a-s-m b-l-d-? ------------------------------------- Özimmen birge qanşa jük alsam boladı?
Twenty kilos. Жиырм- -елі. Ж_____ к____ Ж-ы-м- к-л-. ------------ Жиырма келі. 0
Jïı--- -eli. J_____ k____ J-ı-m- k-l-. ------------ Jïırma keli.
What? Only twenty kilos? Н-- Ж---м- к-лі ғана-ма? Н__ Ж_____ к___ ғ___ м__ Н-? Ж-ы-м- к-л- ғ-н- м-? ------------------------ Не? Жиырма келі ғана ма? 0
Ne- J---m--ke-i -----m-? N__ J_____ k___ ğ___ m__ N-? J-ı-m- k-l- ğ-n- m-? ------------------------ Ne? Jïırma keli ğana ma?

Learning changes the brain

Those who work out often sculpt their bodies. But it is apparently possible to exercise one's brain too. That means more than talent is needed to learn a language. It is just as important to practice regularly. Because practice can positively influence structures in the brain. Of course, a special talent for languages is usually hereditary. Nevertheless, intensive exercise can change certain brain structures. The volume of the speech center increases. The nerve cells of people who practice a lot are also altered. It was long believed that the brain was unalterable. The belief was: What we don't learn as children, we'll never learn. Brain researchers, however, have come to a completely different conclusion. They were able to show that our brain remains agile for a lifetime. You could say that it functions like a muscle. Therefore it can continue growing into old age. Every input is processed in the brain. But when the brain is exercised it processes inputs much better. That is to say, it works faster and more efficiently. This principle holds true for both young and old people equally. But it is not imperative that a person study in order to exercise his brain. Reading is also very good practice. Challenging literature especially promotes our speech center. This means that our vocabulary gets larger. Moreover, our feeling for language is improved. What is interesting is that not only the speech center processes language. The area that controls motor skills also processes new content. Therefore it is important to stimulate the whole brain as often as possible. So: Exercise your body AND your brain!
Did you know?
Portuguese is counted among the Romance languages. It is closely related to Spanish and Catalan. It evolved from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman soldiers. European Portuguese is the native language of approximately 10 million people. It is also an important world language. This is due to Portugal's colonial power in the past. The maritime nation took its language to other continents in the 15th and 16th century. Portuguese is still spoken today in parts of Africa and Asia. Countries in these continents tend to use European Portuguese. It is different in Brazil. The language spoken there exhibits a few peculiarities and is considered its own form. However, usually Portuguese and Brazilians understand each other well. Altogether 240 million people worldwide speak Portuguese. Aside from that, there are around 20 Creole languages that are based on Portuguese. Portuguese is counted among the world languages today.