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76 [seventy-six]

Giving reasons 2

Giving reasons 2

76 [жетпіс алты]

76 [jetpis altı]

Бір нәрсені негіздеу 2

[Bir närseni negizdew 2]

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Why didn’t you come? Се-----е-ке--е-ің? С__ н___ к________ С-н н-г- к-л-е-і-? ------------------ Сен неге келмедің? 0
Sen-ne-e-k--medi-? S__ n___ k________ S-n n-g- k-l-e-i-? ------------------ Sen nege kelmediñ?
I was ill. Ме---у---ым. М__ а_______ М-н а-ы-д-м- ------------ Мен ауырдым. 0
M-- awı-dım. M__ a_______ M-n a-ı-d-m- ------------ Men awırdım.
I didn’t come because I was ill. М-- -елме-ім---е--бі -уырдым. М__ к________ с_____ а_______ М-н к-л-е-і-, с-б-б- а-ы-д-м- ----------------------------- Мен келмедім, себебі ауырдым. 0
M-- -el---im- -------awı--ım. M__ k________ s_____ a_______ M-n k-l-e-i-, s-b-b- a-ı-d-m- ----------------------------- Men kelmedim, sebebi awırdım.
Why didn’t she come? Ол-нег--к-л--ді? О_ н___ к_______ О- н-г- к-л-е-і- ---------------- Ол неге келмеді? 0
Ol ---e -el----? O_ n___ k_______ O- n-g- k-l-e-i- ---------------- Ol nege kelmedi?
She was tired. Ол ш--ш--ы. О_ ш_______ О- ш-р-а-ы- ----------- Ол шаршады. 0
Ol--a-şadı. O_ ş_______ O- ş-r-a-ı- ----------- Ol şarşadı.
She didn’t come because she was tired. Ол -е-ме-і, се-ебі о--ш-р-ады. О_ к_______ с_____ о_ ш_______ О- к-л-е-і- с-б-б- о- ш-р-а-ы- ------------------------------ Ол келмеді, себебі ол шаршады. 0
Ol k--me--- se-e-i -l--arş---. O_ k_______ s_____ o_ ş_______ O- k-l-e-i- s-b-b- o- ş-r-a-ı- ------------------------------ Ol kelmedi, sebebi ol şarşadı.
Why didn’t he come? Ол-н--е-ке---ді? О_ н___ к_______ О- н-г- к-л-е-і- ---------------- Ол неге келмеді? 0
Ol -ege k-l---i? O_ n___ k_______ O- n-g- k-l-e-i- ---------------- Ol nege kelmedi?
He wasn’t interested. Он-ң----қ- б-л-а-ы. О___ з____ б_______ О-ы- з-у-ы б-л-а-ы- ------------------- Оның зауқы болмады. 0
O-ı---aw-- bol--dı. O___ z____ b_______ O-ı- z-w-ı b-l-a-ı- ------------------- Onıñ zawqı bolmadı.
He didn’t come because he wasn’t interested. О- -елме-і- --б-бі -ны---ауқы б-л-а--. О_ к_______ с_____ о___ з____ б_______ О- к-л-е-і- с-б-б- о-ы- з-у-ы б-л-а-ы- -------------------------------------- Ол келмеді, себебі оның зауқы болмады. 0
Ol-k-lmed-,-s-b-bi--n-ñ-----ı-bol----. O_ k_______ s_____ o___ z____ b_______ O- k-l-e-i- s-b-b- o-ı- z-w-ı b-l-a-ı- -------------------------------------- Ol kelmedi, sebebi onıñ zawqı bolmadı.
Why didn’t you come? С-нд-р -еге --л--д--д--? С_____ н___ к___________ С-н-е- н-г- к-л-е-і-д-р- ------------------------ Сендер неге келмедіңдер? 0
Sender--ege kel-edi---r? S_____ n___ k___________ S-n-e- n-g- k-l-e-i-d-r- ------------------------ Sender nege kelmediñder?
Our car is damaged. Бізд-ң ------міз---н-- --лды. Б_____ к________ с____ қ_____ Б-з-і- к-л-г-м-з с-н-п қ-л-ы- ----------------------------- Біздің көлігіміз сынып қалды. 0
B---i----l-----z --nı- -al-ı. B_____ k________ s____ q_____ B-z-i- k-l-g-m-z s-n-p q-l-ı- ----------------------------- Bizdiñ köligimiz sınıp qaldı.
We didn’t come because our car is damaged. Б-з-ке---д-----е---- -ө---і--з с--ып -ал-ы. Б__ к________ с_____ к________ с____ қ_____ Б-з к-л-е-і-, с-б-б- к-л-г-м-з с-н-п қ-л-ы- ------------------------------------------- Біз келмедік, себебі көлігіміз сынып қалды. 0
B-z ke-me-ik- --bebi----ig-m---sın---q---ı. B__ k________ s_____ k________ s____ q_____ B-z k-l-e-i-, s-b-b- k-l-g-m-z s-n-p q-l-ı- ------------------------------------------- Biz kelmedik, sebebi köligimiz sınıp qaldı.
Why didn’t the people come? А----ар нег---елм-д-? А______ н___ к_______ А-а-д-р н-г- к-л-е-і- --------------------- Адамдар неге келмеді? 0
A-am-ar ---e -e---d-? A______ n___ k_______ A-a-d-r n-g- k-l-e-i- --------------------- Adamdar nege kelmedi?
They missed the train. Олар -о--зғ- --ш---п-қ----. О___ п______ к______ қ_____ О-а- п-й-з-а к-ш-г-п қ-л-ы- --------------------------- Олар пойызға кешігіп қалды. 0
O--r-p-yızğ--k-ş---- -ald-. O___ p______ k______ q_____ O-a- p-y-z-a k-ş-g-p q-l-ı- --------------------------- Olar poyızğa keşigip qaldı.
They didn’t come because they missed the train. О--р к-лм---- с--еб--о-а--пой-зға --ш-г-п --лды. О___ к_______ с_____ о___ п______ к______ қ_____ О-а- к-л-е-і- с-б-б- о-а- п-й-з-а к-ш-г-п қ-л-ы- ------------------------------------------------ Олар келмеді, себебі олар пойызға кешігіп қалды. 0
Ol-r kel----, s----- o--r--o----- -e--gip -----. O___ k_______ s_____ o___ p______ k______ q_____ O-a- k-l-e-i- s-b-b- o-a- p-y-z-a k-ş-g-p q-l-ı- ------------------------------------------------ Olar kelmedi, sebebi olar poyızğa keşigip qaldı.
Why didn’t you come? С-н -ег- --лмедің? С__ н___ к________ С-н н-г- к-л-е-і-? ------------------ Сен неге келмедің? 0
S-- n-ge --l--diñ? S__ n___ k________ S-n n-g- k-l-e-i-? ------------------ Sen nege kelmediñ?
I was not allowed to. М-ған --ру-а -ұ---т --л---ы. М____ б_____ р_____ б_______ М-ғ-н б-р-ғ- р-қ-а- б-л-а-ы- ---------------------------- Маған баруға рұқсат болмады. 0
M-ğa- --r----r-qsa- b---ad-. M____ b_____ r_____ b_______ M-ğ-n b-r-ğ- r-q-a- b-l-a-ı- ---------------------------- Mağan barwğa ruqsat bolmadı.
I didn’t come because I was not allowed to. М-- ---ме------еб--і-мағ---б-р-ғ-------- б-л---ы. М__ к________ с_____ м____ б_____ р_____ б_______ М-н к-л-е-і-, с-б-б- м-ғ-н б-р-ғ- р-қ-а- б-л-а-ы- ------------------------------------------------- Мен келмедім, себебі маған баруға рұқсат болмады. 0
Men-ke--e--m, --beb--m--a- bar-ğa--u-sa-----m-dı. M__ k________ s_____ m____ b_____ r_____ b_______ M-n k-l-e-i-, s-b-b- m-ğ-n b-r-ğ- r-q-a- b-l-a-ı- ------------------------------------------------- Men kelmedim, sebebi mağan barwğa ruqsat bolmadı.

The indigenous languages of America

Many different languages are spoken in America. English is the main language in North America. Spanish and Portuguese dominate in South America. All of these languages came to America from Europe. Before colonization, other languages were spoken there. These languages are known as the indigenous languages of America. Until today, they haven't been explored substantially. The variety of these languages is enormous. It is estimated that there are about 60 language families in North America. In South America there could even be as many as 150. Additionally, there are many isolated languages. All of these languages are very different. They exhibit only a few common structures. Therefore, it is difficult to classify the languages. The reason for their differences lies in the history of America. America was colonized in several stages. The first people came to America more than 10,000 years ago. Each population brought its language to the continent. The indigenous languages are most similar to Asian languages. The situation regarding America's ancient languages isn't the same everywhere. Many Native American languages are still in use in South America. Languages like Guarani or Quechua have millions of active speakers. By contrast, many languages in North America are almost extinct. The culture of the Native Americans of North America was long oppressed. In the process, their languages were lost. But interest in them has increased in the last few decades. There are many programs that aim to nurture and protect the languages. So they could have a future after all…