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75 [seventy-five]

Giving reasons

Giving reasons

75 [жетпіс бес]

75 [jetpis bes]

Бірнәрсені негіздеу 1

[Birnärseni negizdew 1]

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Why aren’t you coming? Сі--н-ге-ке----сіз? С__ н___ к_________ С-з н-г- к-л-е-с-з- ------------------- Сіз неге келмейсіз? 0
Si--n--- kelmeysiz? S__ n___ k_________ S-z n-g- k-l-e-s-z- ------------------- Siz nege kelmeysiz?
The weather is so bad. А-а--а-ы өт- -аш--. А_______ ө__ н_____ А-а-р-й- ө-е н-ш-р- ------------------- Ауа-райы өте нашар. 0
A---r-y----e -a---. A_______ ö__ n_____ A-a-r-y- ö-e n-ş-r- ------------------- Awa-rayı öte naşar.
I am not coming because the weather is so bad. Ме--келме-м-н,-себеб- ----р--ы со--а--н----. М__ к_________ с_____ а_______ с_____ н_____ М-н к-л-е-м-н- с-б-б- а-а-р-й- с-н-а- н-ш-р- -------------------------------------------- Мен келмеймін, себебі ауа-райы сондай нашар. 0
Men ---mey-in, -ebe----wa-r-y--s-nd---naşar. M__ k_________ s_____ a_______ s_____ n_____ M-n k-l-e-m-n- s-b-b- a-a-r-y- s-n-a- n-ş-r- -------------------------------------------- Men kelmeymin, sebebi awa-rayı sonday naşar.
Why isn’t he coming? Ол---г----лм-йд-? О_ н___ к________ О- н-г- к-л-е-д-? ----------------- Ол неге келмейді? 0
O- n--e ke-m-y-i? O_ n___ k________ O- n-g- k-l-e-d-? ----------------- Ol nege kelmeydi?
He isn’t invited. Оны --қ--ғ-н-ж--. О__ ш_______ ж___ О-ы ш-қ-р-а- ж-қ- ----------------- Оны шақырған жоқ. 0
O-ı ş-qı-ğ-- j-q. O__ ş_______ j___ O-ı ş-q-r-a- j-q- ----------------- Onı şaqırğan joq.
He isn’t coming because he isn’t invited. Ол--е-мей--,-с-б-б----ы ш---рған ---. О_ к________ с_____ о__ ш_______ ж___ О- к-л-е-д-, с-б-б- о-ы ш-қ-р-а- ж-қ- ------------------------------------- Ол келмейді, себебі оны шақырған жоқ. 0
O- -el--y---------i --ı ş-q--ğa--j-q. O_ k________ s_____ o__ ş_______ j___ O- k-l-e-d-, s-b-b- o-ı ş-q-r-a- j-q- ------------------------------------- Ol kelmeydi, sebebi onı şaqırğan joq.
Why aren’t you coming? С-- --ге-ке-м-й-і-? С__ н___ к_________ С-н н-г- к-л-е-с-ң- ------------------- Сен неге келмейсің? 0
Se---e---k--m-ysiñ? S__ n___ k_________ S-n n-g- k-l-e-s-ñ- ------------------- Sen nege kelmeysiñ?
I have no time. М---- -ақ-ты--ж-қ. М____ у______ ж___ М-н-ң у-қ-т-м ж-қ- ------------------ Менің уақытым жоқ. 0
Me--- w----ı- --q. M____ w______ j___ M-n-ñ w-q-t-m j-q- ------------------ Meniñ waqıtım joq.
I am not coming because I have no time. М-н --л-е---н- -е-еб-----і---а-ыт-м ж--. М__ к_________ с_____ м____ у______ ж___ М-н к-л-е-м-н- с-б-б- м-н-ң у-қ-т-м ж-қ- ---------------------------------------- Мен келмеймін, себебі менің уақытым жоқ. 0
Me----l-e-min,--eb--- --ni--waqıtı----q. M__ k_________ s_____ m____ w______ j___ M-n k-l-e-m-n- s-b-b- m-n-ñ w-q-t-m j-q- ---------------------------------------- Men kelmeymin, sebebi meniñ waqıtım joq.
Why don’t you stay? Се--неге---лмайсың? С__ н___ қ_________ С-н н-г- қ-л-а-с-ң- ------------------- Сен неге қалмайсың? 0
Sen--e---q-l-a---ñ? S__ n___ q_________ S-n n-g- q-l-a-s-ñ- ------------------- Sen nege qalmaysıñ?
I still have to work. М-ғ-- ----жұ--с-і-те- керек. М____ ә__ ж____ і____ к_____ М-ғ-н ә-і ж-м-с і-т-у к-р-к- ---------------------------- Маған әлі жұмыс істеу керек. 0
Ma-an äli---m-s ----- --r-k. M____ ä__ j____ i____ k_____ M-ğ-n ä-i j-m-s i-t-w k-r-k- ---------------------------- Mağan äli jumıs istew kerek.
I am not staying because I still have to work. Мен-қ---а----, ----б---ағ----л- ж-мыс --т-- ке-ек. М__ қ_________ с_____ м____ ә__ ж____ і____ к_____ М-н қ-л-а-м-н- с-б-б- м-ғ-н ә-і ж-м-с і-т-у к-р-к- -------------------------------------------------- Мен қалмаймын, себебі маған әлі жұмыс істеу керек. 0
M-n --lm-ymı-,---be-- mağan -l- --mıs-is-ew -ere-. M__ q_________ s_____ m____ ä__ j____ i____ k_____ M-n q-l-a-m-n- s-b-b- m-ğ-n ä-i j-m-s i-t-w k-r-k- -------------------------------------------------- Men qalmaymın, sebebi mağan äli jumıs istew kerek.
Why are you going already? Сі- ---е -р---кет-- ба-а-ы-? С__ н___ е___ к____ б_______ С-з н-г- е-т- к-т-п б-р-с-з- ---------------------------- Сіз неге ерте кетіп барасыз? 0
Siz n--e --te-ketip ba-a-ız? S__ n___ e___ k____ b_______ S-z n-g- e-t- k-t-p b-r-s-z- ---------------------------- Siz nege erte ketip barasız?
I am tired. М-- -ар-адым. М__ ш________ М-н ш-р-а-ы-. ------------- Мен шаршадым. 0
Me- ş--ş-dım. M__ ş________ M-n ş-r-a-ı-. ------------- Men şarşadım.
I’m going because I’m tired. М-- к----і-, с--е---ш--ша---. М__ к_______ с_____ ш________ М-н к-т-м-н- с-б-б- ш-р-а-ы-. ----------------------------- Мен кетемін, себебі шаршадым. 0
Men---te-i-,----ebi-ş-rş-d--. M__ k_______ s_____ ş________ M-n k-t-m-n- s-b-b- ş-r-a-ı-. ----------------------------- Men ketemin, sebebi şarşadım.
Why are you going already? Сіз -ег-----е-к-ті- б----ыз? С__ н___ е___ к____ б_______ С-з н-г- е-т- к-т-п б-р-с-з- ---------------------------- Сіз неге ерте кетіп барасыз? 0
S-z --ge erte-ket-p ba-as-z? S__ n___ e___ k____ b_______ S-z n-g- e-t- k-t-p b-r-s-z- ---------------------------- Siz nege erte ketip barasız?
It is already late. Кеш-б---п-ке-ті. К__ б____ к_____ К-ш б-л-п к-т-і- ---------------- Кеш болып кетті. 0
K-- bolıp ketti. K__ b____ k_____ K-ş b-l-p k-t-i- ---------------- Keş bolıp ketti.
I’m going because it is already late. Мен--е-е-і-,--ебебі --ш б-л-п ----і. М__ к_______ с_____ к__ б____ к_____ М-н к-т-м-н- с-б-б- к-ш б-л-п к-т-і- ------------------------------------ Мен кетемін, себебі кеш болып кетті. 0
M-n -e-------se-eb----ş bo-ı-----ti. M__ k_______ s_____ k__ b____ k_____ M-n k-t-m-n- s-b-b- k-ş b-l-p k-t-i- ------------------------------------ Men ketemin, sebebi keş bolıp ketti.

Native language = emotional, foreign language = rational?

When we learn foreign languages, we are stimulating our brain. Our thinking changes through learning. We become more creative and flexible. Complex thinking comes easier to people who are multilingual as well. The memory is exercised by learning. The more we learn, the better it functions. He who has learned many languages also learns other things faster. He can think more intently about a subject for a longer time. As a result, he solves problems faster. Multilingual individuals are also more decisive. But how they make decisions is dependent on languages too. The language in which we think influences our decisions. Psychologists examined multiple test subjects for a study. All test subjects were bilingual. They spoke another language in addition to their native language. The test subjects had to answer a question. The question had to do with the solution to a problem. In the process, the test subjects had to choose between two options. One option was considerably more risky than the other. The test subjects had to answer the question in both languages. And the answers changed when the language changed! When they were speaking their native language, the test subjects chose the risk. But in the foreign language they decided on the safer option. After this experiment, the test subjects had to place bets. Here too there was a clear difference. When they used a foreign language, they were more sensible. The researchers presume that we are more focused in foreign languages. Therefore, we make decisions not emotionally, but rationally…