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65 [sixty-five]

Negation 2

Negation 2

65 [алпыс бес]

65 [alpıs bes]

Теріске шығару 2

[Teriske şığarw 2]

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Is the ring expensive? С-қи-а -ымб-- па? С_____ қ_____ п__ С-қ-н- қ-м-а- п-? ----------------- Сақина қымбат па? 0
Saqï-a-qı-b-t-p-? S_____ q_____ p__ S-q-n- q-m-a- p-? ----------------- Saqïna qımbat pa?
No, it costs only one hundred Euros. Ж-қ------ебә---жү- -у---тұр-д-. Ж___ о_ н_____ ж__ е___ т______ Ж-қ- о- н-б-р- ж-з е-р- т-р-д-. ------------------------------- Жоқ, ол небәрі жүз еуро тұрады. 0
Joq, ----eb-r--j-z-ew----uradı. J___ o_ n_____ j__ e___ t______ J-q- o- n-b-r- j-z e-r- t-r-d-. ------------------------------- Joq, ol nebäri jüz ewro turadı.
But I have only fifty. Бі--қ ---д- тек---- --на --р. Б____ м____ т__ е__ ғ___ б___ Б-р-қ м-н-е т-к е-у ғ-н- б-р- ----------------------------- Бірақ менде тек елу ғана бар. 0
Bi-a- me-----e- -lw ğ--a-bar. B____ m____ t__ e__ ğ___ b___ B-r-q m-n-e t-k e-w ğ-n- b-r- ----------------------------- Biraq mende tek elw ğana bar.
Are you finished? С-н --й-н-ың б-? С__ д_______ б__ С-н д-й-н-ы- б-? ---------------- Сен дайынсың ба? 0
Sen -a--ns-- ba? S__ d_______ b__ S-n d-y-n-ı- b-? ---------------- Sen dayınsıñ ba?
No, not yet. Жоқ, -лі -а-ын ----п-н. Ж___ ә__ д____ е_______ Ж-қ- ә-і д-й-н е-е-п-н- ----------------------- Жоқ, әлі дайын емеспін. 0
J--,---- d-yı-----sp-n. J___ ä__ d____ e_______ J-q- ä-i d-y-n e-e-p-n- ----------------------- Joq, äli dayın emespin.
But I’ll be finished soon. Бір-қ қаз---дайын--о---. Б____ қ____ д____ б_____ Б-р-қ қ-з-р д-й-н б-л-м- ------------------------ Бірақ қазір дайын болам. 0
B-raq--a----d-yı----l--. B____ q____ d____ b_____ B-r-q q-z-r d-y-n b-l-m- ------------------------ Biraq qazir dayın bolam.
Do you want some more soup? Тағ--кө-е і-есі----? Т___ к___ і_____ б__ Т-ғ- к-ж- і-е-і- б-? -------------------- Тағы көже ішесің бе? 0
T-ğı-k-j- --esiñ-be? T___ k___ i_____ b__ T-ğ- k-j- i-e-i- b-? -------------------- Tağı köje işesiñ be?
No, I don’t want anymore. Жоқ---ш--м к--м---і. Ж___ і____ к________ Ж-қ- і-к-м к-л-е-д-. -------------------- Жоқ, ішкім келмейді. 0
Jo-- ---im-k-lmey-i. J___ i____ k________ J-q- i-k-m k-l-e-d-. -------------------- Joq, işkim kelmeydi.
But another ice cream. Б-рақ-та-ы--ір ба---з--- ж--мін. Б____ т___ б__ б________ ж______ Б-р-қ т-ғ- б-р б-л-ұ-д-қ ж-й-і-. -------------------------------- Бірақ тағы бір балмұздақ жеймін. 0
B-----tağ- --r -a----daq---y-i-. B____ t___ b__ b________ j______ B-r-q t-ğ- b-r b-l-u-d-q j-y-i-. -------------------------------- Biraq tağı bir balmuzdaq jeymin.
Have you lived here long? Се--м-нда--өпт-н--е-і---ра-ың ба? С__ м____ к_____ б___ т______ б__ С-н м-н-а к-п-е- б-р- т-р-с-ң б-? --------------------------------- Сен мұнда көптен бері тұрасың ба? 0
S-n-m-n-a-kö--en-b--- -----ıñ -a? S__ m____ k_____ b___ t______ b__ S-n m-n-a k-p-e- b-r- t-r-s-ñ b-? --------------------------------- Sen munda köpten beri turasıñ ba?
No, only for a month. Ж-қ---------ғ--а----д-. Ж___ б__ а_ ғ___ б_____ Ж-қ- б-р а- ғ-н- б-л-ы- ----------------------- Жоқ, бір ай ғана болды. 0
Joq,-b---a---a-- b-ld-. J___ b__ a_ ğ___ b_____ J-q- b-r a- ğ-n- b-l-ı- ----------------------- Joq, bir ay ğana boldı.
But I already know a lot of people. Бірақ-к-п а--м-- та--мы-. Б____ к__ а_____ т_______ Б-р-қ к-п а-а-д- т-н-м-н- ------------------------- Бірақ көп адамды танимын. 0
B-ra--k-p-ad---ı tanï-ın. B____ k__ a_____ t_______ B-r-q k-p a-a-d- t-n-m-n- ------------------------- Biraq köp adamdı tanïmın.
Are you driving home tomorrow? Е-т-ң үйг-----ас-ң-ба? Е____ ү___ б______ б__ Е-т-ң ү-г- б-р-с-ң б-? ---------------------- Ертең үйге барасың ба? 0
E-t-ñ---ge-b---s-- ba? E____ ü___ b______ b__ E-t-ñ ü-g- b-r-s-ñ b-? ---------------------- Erteñ üyge barasıñ ba?
No, only on the weekend. Жоқ,-----лыс-күндері-ға-а. Ж___ д______ к______ ғ____ Ж-қ- д-м-л-с к-н-е-і ғ-н-. -------------------------- Жоқ, демалыс күндері ғана. 0
J----dem-l-s kü-der- -ana. J___ d______ k______ ğ____ J-q- d-m-l-s k-n-e-i ğ-n-. -------------------------- Joq, demalıs künderi ğana.
But I will be back on Sunday. Бір-------енбі---қай-ып---ле-і-. Б____ ж_________ қ_____ к_______ Б-р-қ ж-к-е-б-д- қ-й-ы- к-л-м-н- -------------------------------- Бірақ жексенбіде қайтып келемін. 0
Bi----jekse-b--e qay--p-k---min. B____ j_________ q_____ k_______ B-r-q j-k-e-b-d- q-y-ı- k-l-m-n- -------------------------------- Biraq jeksenbide qaytıp kelemin.
Is your daughter an adult? Се-ің қ-з-ң-б-й-е-іп-қ-л-ы-м-? С____ қ____ б_______ қ____ м__ С-н-ң қ-з-ң б-й-е-і- қ-л-ы м-? ------------------------------ Сенің қызың бойжетіп қалды ма? 0
Se-i----z-----yj---- q-ldı-m-? S____ q____ b_______ q____ m__ S-n-ñ q-z-ñ b-y-e-i- q-l-ı m-? ------------------------------ Seniñ qızıñ boyjetip qaldı ma?
No, she is only seventeen. Жо-- ол---бәр--он же--де. Ж___ о_ н_____ о_ ж______ Ж-қ- о- н-б-р- о- ж-т-д-. ------------------------- Жоқ, ол небәрі он жетіде. 0
Joq---- n-bär---n ----de. J___ o_ n_____ o_ j______ J-q- o- n-b-r- o- j-t-d-. ------------------------- Joq, ol nebäri on jetide.
But she already has a boyfriend. Бі-ақ о-ы--дос- ба-. Б____ о___ д___ б___ Б-р-қ о-ы- д-с- б-р- -------------------- Бірақ оның досы бар. 0
B---q -n-ñ -o-ı-ba-. B____ o___ d___ b___ B-r-q o-ı- d-s- b-r- -------------------- Biraq onıñ dosı bar.

What words tell us

Worldwide there are many millions of books. How many have been written up to now is unknown. A great deal of knowledge is stored in these books. If one were to read all of them, he would know a lot about life. Because books show us how our world changes. Each era has its own books. By reading them one can identify what is important to people. Unfortunately, no one can read every book. But modern technology can help analyze books. Using digitalization, books can be stored like data. After that, the contents can be analyzed. In this way, linguists see how our language has changed. It is even more interesting, however, to count the frequency of words. By doing so, the significance of certain things can be identified. Scientists studied more than 5 million books. These were books from the last five centuries. A total of 500 billion words were analyzed. The frequency of the words shows how people lived then and now. Ideas and trends are reflected in the language. The word men has lost some meaning, for example. It is used less frequently today than it was earlier. The frequency of the word women , on the other hand, has increased significantly. One can also see what we like to eat by looking at words. The word ice cream was very important in the fifties. After that, the words pizza and pasta became popular. The term sushi has been dominant for a few years now. There is good news for all language lovers… Our language gains more words every year!