en To have to do something / must   »   kk бірдеңе істеу керек / міндет

72 [seventy-two]

To have to do something / must

To have to do something / must

72 [жетпіс екі]

72 [jetpis eki]

бірдеңе істеу керек / міндет

[birdeñe istew kerek / mindet]

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must і-т-у---ре--/ мінде-т- болу і____ к____ / м_______ б___ і-т-у к-р-к / м-н-е-т- б-л- --------------------------- істеу керек / міндетті болу 0
i-t-w k-r-- / ---det-i--olw i____ k____ / m_______ b___ i-t-w k-r-k / m-n-e-t- b-l- --------------------------- istew kerek / mindetti bolw
I must post the letter. Маа-а- х--т--ж-беру--е-е-. М_____ х____ ж_____ к_____ М-а-а- х-т-ы ж-б-р- к-р-к- -------------------------- Мааған хатты жіберу керек. 0
M-a--n-x--tı j-berw -e---. M_____ x____ j_____ k_____ M-a-a- x-t-ı j-b-r- k-r-k- -------------------------- Maağan xattı jiberw kerek.
I must pay the hotel. Маға--қ-нақ--йдің -қысын-т--еу--ер-к. М____ қ____ ү____ а_____ т____ к_____ М-ғ-н қ-н-қ ү-д-ң а-ы-ы- т-л-у к-р-к- ------------------------------------- Маған қонақ үйдің ақысын төлеу керек. 0
Ma--n q---- -ydiñ-a-------ö--- ----k. M____ q____ ü____ a_____ t____ k_____ M-ğ-n q-n-q ü-d-ñ a-ı-ı- t-l-w k-r-k- ------------------------------------- Mağan qonaq üydiñ aqısın tölew kerek.
You must get up early. Сағ-- ------ұру --р--. С____ е___ т___ к_____ С-ғ-н е-т- т-р- к-р-к- ---------------------- Саған ерте тұру керек. 0
Sa-a--e-t- tu-w----ek. S____ e___ t___ k_____ S-ğ-n e-t- t-r- k-r-k- ---------------------- Sağan erte turw kerek.
You must work a lot. С-ғ-- к-п-ж-мыс-----у к-рек. С____ к__ ж____ і____ к_____ С-ғ-н к-п ж-м-с і-т-у к-р-к- ---------------------------- Саған көп жұмыс істеу керек. 0
Sağ-- köp jum-- i--e--k--ek. S____ k__ j____ i____ k_____ S-ğ-n k-p j-m-s i-t-w k-r-k- ---------------------------- Sağan köp jumıs istew kerek.
You must be punctual. С--ан уа----мен жүру кер--. С____ у________ ж___ к_____ С-ғ-н у-қ-т-м-н ж-р- к-р-к- --------------------------- Саған уақытымен жүру керек. 0
Sağan-waq-tım-n j--w-k-re-. S____ w________ j___ k_____ S-ğ-n w-q-t-m-n j-r- k-r-k- --------------------------- Sağan waqıtımen jürw kerek.
He must fuel / get petrol / get gas (am.). Оған -а-а--ай-қ--ып -л- -ерек. О___ ж_______ қ____ а__ к_____ О-а- ж-н-р-а- қ-й-п а-у к-р-к- ------------------------------ Оған жанармай құйып алу керек. 0
O--n --n-r--- qu-ı--al- ---ek. O___ j_______ q____ a__ k_____ O-a- j-n-r-a- q-y-p a-w k-r-k- ------------------------------ Oğan janarmay quyıp alw kerek.
He must repair the car. Оғ-- к--і-т----н-еп-а---к-ре-. О___ к______ ж_____ а__ к_____ О-а- к-л-к-і ж-н-е- а-у к-р-к- ------------------------------ Оған көлікті жөндеп алу керек. 0
O-a---ölikt- jö---- -l- k---k. O___ k______ j_____ a__ k_____ O-a- k-l-k-i j-n-e- a-w k-r-k- ------------------------------ Oğan kölikti jöndep alw kerek.
He must wash the car. Оғ-- -ө-і--і жуу-ке--к. О___ к______ ж__ к_____ О-а- к-л-к-і ж-у к-р-к- ----------------------- Оған көлікті жуу керек. 0
Oğa----li-t- ----k----. O___ k______ j__ k_____ O-a- k-l-k-i j-w k-r-k- ----------------------- Oğan kölikti jww kerek.
She must shop. О-ан-сау-а--а-ау к-рек. О___ с____ ж____ к_____ О-а- с-у-а ж-с-у к-р-к- ----------------------- Оған сауда жасау керек. 0
O----s--d--ja-aw ke-ek. O___ s____ j____ k_____ O-a- s-w-a j-s-w k-r-k- ----------------------- Oğan sawda jasaw kerek.
She must clean the apartment. Оғ-- --те-ді----ау -ере-. О___ п______ ж____ к_____ О-а- п-т-р-і ж-н-у к-р-к- ------------------------- Оған пәтерді жинау керек. 0
Oğan -äte------naw k--e-. O___ p______ j____ k_____ O-a- p-t-r-i j-n-w k-r-k- ------------------------- Oğan päterdi jïnaw kerek.
She must wash the clothes. О-а- --р -уу----е-. О___ к__ ж__ к_____ О-а- к-р ж-у к-р-к- ------------------- Оған кір жуу керек. 0
O--n---- --w--e-e-. O___ k__ j__ k_____ O-a- k-r j-w k-r-k- ------------------- Oğan kir jww kerek.
We must go to school at once. Бізге -а-ір м-к----е-б-р- к-р-к. Б____ қ____ м_______ б___ к_____ Б-з-е қ-з-р м-к-е-к- б-р- к-р-к- -------------------------------- Бізге қазір мектепке бару керек. 0
B---- q-z-r--e-t-p-- ---- kere-. B____ q____ m_______ b___ k_____ B-z-e q-z-r m-k-e-k- b-r- k-r-k- -------------------------------- Bizge qazir mektepke barw kerek.
We must go to work at once. Б---е--азір-жұм-сқа бар- ке-е-. Б____ қ____ ж______ б___ к_____ Б-з-е қ-з-р ж-м-с-а б-р- к-р-к- ------------------------------- Бізге қазір жұмысқа бару керек. 0
B-z---qaz-r------q--b--- -er-k. B____ q____ j______ b___ k_____ B-z-e q-z-r j-m-s-a b-r- k-r-k- ------------------------------- Bizge qazir jumısqa barw kerek.
We must go to the doctor at once. Б-зге қ-зі- д-ріге--е ---у -е---. Б____ қ____ д________ б___ к_____ Б-з-е қ-з-р д-р-г-р-е б-р- к-р-к- --------------------------------- Бізге қазір дәрігерге бару керек. 0
B---e---zi----rig---e--a-w -erek. B____ q____ d________ b___ k_____ B-z-e q-z-r d-r-g-r-e b-r- k-r-k- --------------------------------- Bizge qazir därigerge barw kerek.
You must wait for the bus. Сен---г--а--об-с-- к-т- --р-к. С_______ а________ к___ к_____ С-н-е-г- а-т-б-с-ы к-т- к-р-к- ------------------------------ Сендерге автобусты күту керек. 0
Sen-erge a-----stı -ütw--e--k. S_______ a________ k___ k_____ S-n-e-g- a-t-b-s-ı k-t- k-r-k- ------------------------------ Senderge avtobwstı kütw kerek.
You must wait for the train. Сен--р-е пойы--ы-к-т--кер--. С_______ п______ к___ к_____ С-н-е-г- п-й-з-ы к-т- к-р-к- ---------------------------- Сендерге пойызды күту керек. 0
Sen--rge ---ı--ı---tw k---k. S_______ p______ k___ k_____ S-n-e-g- p-y-z-ı k-t- k-r-k- ---------------------------- Senderge poyızdı kütw kerek.
You must wait for the taxi. С-н----- т-к-ид- к--- керек. С_______ т______ к___ к_____ С-н-е-г- т-к-и-і к-т- к-р-к- ---------------------------- Сендерге таксиді күту керек. 0
Sen--rg- t-k-ïd----tw-k--ek. S_______ t______ k___ k_____ S-n-e-g- t-k-ï-i k-t- k-r-k- ---------------------------- Senderge taksïdi kütw kerek.

Why are there so many different languages?

Today there are more than 6,000 different languages worldwide. This is why we need interpreters and translators. A very long time ago, everyone still spoke the same language. That changed, however, when people began to migrate. They left their African homeland and moved around the world. This spatial separation lead to a linguistic separation as well. Because each people developed its own form of communication. Many different languages evolved from the common proto-language. But man never remained in one place for very long. So the languages became increasingly separated from each other. Somewhere along the line, a common root could no longer be recognized. Furthermore, no people lived in isolation for thousands of years. There was always contact with other peoples. This changed the languages. They took on elements from foreign languages or they merged. Because of this, the progression of the languages never stopped. Therefore, migrations and contact with new peoples explain the multitude of languages. Why languages are so different is another question, however. Every evolution follows certain rules. So there must be a reason for languages being the way they are. Scientists have been interested in these reasons for years. They would like to know why languages develop differently. In order to research that, one must trace the history of languages. Then one can identify what changed when. It is still unknown what influences the development of languages. Cultural factors appear to be more important than biological factors. That is to say, the history of different peoples shaped their languages. Obviously, languages tell us more than we know…