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89 [eighty-nine]

Imperative 1

Imperative 1

89 [сексен тоғыз]

89 [seksen toğız]

Бұйрық рай 1

[Buyrıq ray 1]

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You are so lazy – don’t be so lazy! С-- --н-а- ж-лқау-ың-–-----й жалқа--б----! С__ с_____ ж________ – о____ ж_____ б_____ С-н с-н-а- ж-л-а-с-ң – о-д-й ж-л-а- б-л-а- ------------------------------------------ Сен сондай жалқаусың – ондай жалқау болма! 0
Se- --n-a------aws-ñ –-on-ay-ja-q-w-b-l--! S__ s_____ j________ – o____ j_____ b_____ S-n s-n-a- j-l-a-s-ñ – o-d-y j-l-a- b-l-a- ------------------------------------------ Sen sonday jalqawsıñ – onday jalqaw bolma!
You sleep for so long – don’t sleep so late! Сен-со--а---п-ұ--қт-йс---– ---й-к-- -йықт-м-! С__ с____ к__ ұ_________ – о___ к__ ұ________ С-н с-н-а к-п ұ-ы-т-й-ы- – о-а- к-п ұ-ы-т-м-! --------------------------------------------- Сен сонша көп ұйықтайсың – олай көп ұйықтама! 0
Sen --n-a k-p uy---a--ıñ - o-a- k-- u--q-am-! S__ s____ k__ u_________ – o___ k__ u________ S-n s-n-a k-p u-ı-t-y-ı- – o-a- k-p u-ı-t-m-! --------------------------------------------- Sen sonşa köp uyıqtaysıñ – olay köp uyıqtama!
You come home so late – don’t come home so late! Сен-со-ш----ш--е--с-ң ----ай --ш ке---! С__ с____ к__ к______ – о___ к__ к_____ С-н с-н-а к-ш к-л-с-ң – о-а- к-ш к-л-е- --------------------------------------- Сен сонша кеш келесің – олай кеш келме! 0
S-- -o-şa -eş--e-e--ñ-- ol-y-ke- --l-e! S__ s____ k__ k______ – o___ k__ k_____ S-n s-n-a k-ş k-l-s-ñ – o-a- k-ş k-l-e- --------------------------------------- Sen sonşa keş kelesiñ – olay keş kelme!
You laugh so loudly – don’t laugh so loudly! С---сонш---ат-ы к------ --ол-й---------л--! С__ с____ қ____ к______ – о___ қ____ к_____ С-н с-н-а қ-т-ы к-л-с-ң – о-а- қ-т-ы к-л-е- ------------------------------------------- Сен сонша қатты күлесің – олай қатты күлме! 0
S-n ------qa-t--külesi- --o-ay q--t--kül--! S__ s____ q____ k______ – o___ q____ k_____ S-n s-n-a q-t-ı k-l-s-ñ – o-a- q-t-ı k-l-e- ------------------------------------------- Sen sonşa qattı külesiñ – olay qattı külme!
You speak so softly – don’t speak so softly! С-н сон-а а------сөй-е---ң---ол-й-ақ-ры--с-йл--е! С__ с____ а_____ с________ – о___ а_____ с_______ С-н с-н-а а-ы-ы- с-й-е-с-ң – о-а- а-ы-ы- с-й-е-е- ------------------------------------------------- Сен сонша ақырын сөйлейсің – олай ақырын сөйлеме! 0
S-n -o--- a-ı--n s---e-siñ –-o--- a-ı-----öyl-me! S__ s____ a_____ s________ – o___ a_____ s_______ S-n s-n-a a-ı-ı- s-y-e-s-ñ – o-a- a-ı-ı- s-y-e-e- ------------------------------------------------- Sen sonşa aqırın söyleysiñ – olay aqırın söyleme!
You drink too much – don’t drink so much! С-- ты- көп -шес------ла---өп -шпе! С__ т__ к__ і_____ – о___ к__ і____ С-н т-м к-п і-е-і- – о-а- к-п і-п-! ----------------------------------- Сен тым көп ішесің – олай көп ішпе! 0
Sen---m-k-p i-e--ñ-- o-----ö- -ş-e! S__ t__ k__ i_____ – o___ k__ i____ S-n t-m k-p i-e-i- – o-a- k-p i-p-! ----------------------------------- Sen tım köp işesiñ – olay köp işpe!
You smoke too much – don’t smoke so much! Се---е-е--н- т----өп -----ің ----ай-----ш--п-! С__ т_______ т__ к__ ш______ – о___ к__ ш_____ С-н т-м-к-н- т-м к-п ш-г-с-ң – о-а- к-п ш-к-е- ---------------------------------------------- Сен темекіні тым көп шегесің – олай көп шекпе! 0
Se---e---ini t-m--ö---eg-s-- –-o-ay--öp-ş-kp-! S__ t_______ t__ k__ ş______ – o___ k__ ş_____ S-n t-m-k-n- t-m k-p ş-g-s-ñ – o-a- k-p ş-k-e- ---------------------------------------------- Sen temekini tım köp şegesiñ – olay köp şekpe!
You work too much – don’t work so much! С---ты--к-п ж--ыс-іс-ейс-ң-–-ола----п--ұ--- і-----! С__ т__ к__ ж____ і_______ – о___ к__ ж____ і______ С-н т-м к-п ж-м-с і-т-й-і- – о-а- к-п ж-м-с і-т-м-! --------------------------------------------------- Сен тым көп жұмыс істейсің – олай көп жұмыс істеме! 0
S-- tım köp j--ı- is-e-si- - -l-y-k-p ju--s-is-e--! S__ t__ k__ j____ i_______ – o___ k__ j____ i______ S-n t-m k-p j-m-s i-t-y-i- – o-a- k-p j-m-s i-t-m-! --------------------------------------------------- Sen tım köp jumıs isteysiñ – olay köp jumıs isteme!
You drive too fast – don’t drive so fast! С----он---қат-ы--ү----ң – о-а- -ат-- -үр--! С__ с____ қ____ ж______ – о___ қ____ ж_____ С-н с-н-а қ-т-ы ж-р-с-ң – о-а- қ-т-ы ж-р-е- ------------------------------------------- Сен сонша қатты жүресің – олай қатты жүрме! 0
S----o-şa --ttı -ü-es-ñ –-ol-- q--t- ---m-! S__ s____ q____ j______ – o___ q____ j_____ S-n s-n-a q-t-ı j-r-s-ñ – o-a- q-t-ı j-r-e- ------------------------------------------- Sen sonşa qattı jüresiñ – olay qattı jürme!
Get up, Mr. Miller! Т-ры---- М-лл-р -ыр--! Т_______ М_____ м_____ Т-р-ң-з- М-л-е- м-р-а- ---------------------- Тұрыңыз, Мюллер мырза! 0
T-rı--z- -yull-r mır-a! T_______ M______ m_____ T-r-ñ-z- M-u-l-r m-r-a- ----------------------- Turıñız, Myuller mırza!
Sit down, Mr. Miller! О-ы-ы-ы-- Мю---- мырза! О________ М_____ м_____ О-ы-ы-ы-, М-л-е- м-р-а- ----------------------- Отырыңыз, Мюллер мырза! 0
Otı--ñ--, --u-l-r -----! O________ M______ m_____ O-ı-ı-ı-, M-u-l-r m-r-a- ------------------------ Otırıñız, Myuller mırza!
Remain seated, Mr. Miller! От--- бері-із- --лл-----рза! О____ б_______ М_____ м_____ О-ы-а б-р-ң-з- М-л-е- м-р-а- ---------------------------- Отыра беріңіз, Мюллер мырза! 0
O-ı-a-ber-ñi-,---u---- -ı--a! O____ b_______ M______ m_____ O-ı-a b-r-ñ-z- M-u-l-r m-r-a- ----------------------------- Otıra beriñiz, Myuller mırza!
Be patient! С-б-- --қ-----! С____ с________ С-б-р с-қ-а-ы-! --------------- Сабыр сақтаңыз! 0
S--ı- -aq-añ--! S____ s________ S-b-r s-q-a-ı-! --------------- Sabır saqtañız!
Take your time! А---паң-з! А_________ А-ы-п-ң-з- ---------- Асықпаңыз! 0
A-ıqpa---! A_________ A-ı-p-ñ-z- ---------- Asıqpañız!
Wait a moment! Сәл -ү-і--з! С__ к_______ С-л к-т-ң-з- ------------ Сәл күтіңіз! 0
S-l---tiñiz! S__ k_______ S-l k-t-ñ-z- ------------ Säl kütiñiz!
Be careful! Абайл-ңыз! А_________ А-а-л-ң-з- ---------- Абайлаңыз! 0
A-ay--ñ--! A_________ A-a-l-ñ-z- ---------- Abaylañız!
Be punctual! Мұқи-т-----ң-з! М_____ б_______ М-қ-я- б-л-ң-з- --------------- Мұқият болыңыз! 0
Mu-ïy---b-----z! M______ b_______ M-q-y-t b-l-ñ-z- ---------------- Muqïyat bolıñız!
Don’t be stupid! А-ы--қ--о----ыз! А_____ б________ А-ы-а- б-л-а-ы-! ---------------- Ақымақ болмаңыз! 0
Aq-ma- --l-añ--! A_____ b________ A-ı-a- b-l-a-ı-! ---------------- Aqımaq bolmañız!

The Chinese language

The Chinese language has the most speakers worldwide. However, there is not one individual Chinese language. Several Chinese languages exist. They all belong to the family of Sino-Tibetan languages. A total of approximately 1.3 billion people speak Chinese. The majority of those people live in the People's Republic of China and in Taiwan. There are many countries with Chinese-speaking minorities. The largest Chinese language is High Chinese. This standardized high-level language is also called Mandarin. Mandarin is the official language of the People's Republic of China. Other Chinese languages are often only referred to as dialects. Mandarin is also spoken in Taiwan and Singapore. Mandarin is the native language of 850 million people. It is understood by almost all Chinese-speaking people, however. For this reason, speakers of different dialects use it for communication. All Chinese people use a common written form. The Chinese written form is 4,000 to 5,000 years old. With that, Chinese has the longest literary tradition. Other Asian cultures have borrowed the Chinese written form as well. Chinese characters are more difficult than alphabetic systems. Spoken Chinese, however, is not as complicated. The grammar can be learned relatively easily. Therefore, learners can make good progress pretty quickly. And more and more people want to learn Chinese! As a foreign language, it is becoming increasingly meaningful. By now, Chinese languages are offered everywhere. Have the courage to learn it yourself! Chinese will be the language of the future…