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73 [seventy-three]

To be allowed to

To be allowed to

73 [жетпіс үш]

73 [jetpis üş]

бірнәрсе істеуге болады / рұқсат

[birnärse istewge boladı / ruqsat]

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Are you already allowed to drive? С---н----------к-жүргі-у-е-б-л--ма? С____ е___ к____ ж________ б___ м__ С-ғ-н е-д- к-л-к ж-р-і-у-е б-л- м-? ----------------------------------- Саған енді көлік жүргізуге бола ма? 0
S---n-e--i köli- j-r-iz-ge b-la m-? S____ e___ k____ j________ b___ m__ S-ğ-n e-d- k-l-k j-r-i-w-e b-l- m-? ----------------------------------- Sağan endi kölik jürgizwge bola ma?
Are you already allowed to drink alcohol? Са-а- е-ді -л-огол- і-уге -ола-м-? С____ е___ а_______ і____ б___ м__ С-ғ-н е-д- а-к-г-л- і-у-е б-л- м-? ---------------------------------- Саған енді алкоголь ішуге бола ма? 0
Sağa- -ndi---k-go---ş-----ol- m-? S____ e___ a______ i____ b___ m__ S-ğ-n e-d- a-k-g-l i-w-e b-l- m-? --------------------------------- Sağan endi alkogol işwge bola ma?
Are you already allowed to travel abroad alone? С-ғ-- -н-і-шет-----жал-ы----ғ-ға---л- ма? С____ е___ ш______ ж_____ ш_____ б___ м__ С-ғ-н е-д- ш-т-л-е ж-л-ы- ш-ғ-ғ- б-л- м-? ----------------------------------------- Саған енді шетелге жалғыз шығуға бола ма? 0
S---n -n-i şe-e--e j-l--z şı--ğ--bo-a-ma? S____ e___ ş______ j_____ ş_____ b___ m__ S-ğ-n e-d- ş-t-l-e j-l-ı- ş-ğ-ğ- b-l- m-? ----------------------------------------- Sağan endi şetelge jalğız şığwğa bola ma?
may / to be allowed і-т-у-е-б---ды -------т і______ б_____ / р_____ і-т-у-е б-л-д- / р-қ-а- ----------------------- істеуге болады / рұқсат 0
is-e-ge--o-a-- / -u-s-t i______ b_____ / r_____ i-t-w-e b-l-d- / r-q-a- ----------------------- istewge boladı / ruqsat
May we smoke here? Бізге------ т----і-ше---е-б----ма? Б____ м____ т_____ ш_____ б___ м__ Б-з-е м-н-а т-м-к- ш-г-г- б-л- м-? ---------------------------------- Бізге мұнда темекі шегуге бола ма? 0
Biz-e--unda-te-eki-şeg------la--a? B____ m____ t_____ ş_____ b___ m__ B-z-e m-n-a t-m-k- ş-g-g- b-l- m-? ---------------------------------- Bizge munda temeki şegwge bola ma?
Is smoking allowed here? М-н-а--емек- ш-г--е-бола м-? М____ т_____ ш_____ б___ м__ М-н-а т-м-к- ш-г-г- б-л- м-? ---------------------------- Мұнда темекі шегуге бола ма? 0
Mu-da--em--- --------o-a -a? M____ t_____ ş_____ b___ m__ M-n-a t-m-k- ş-g-g- b-l- m-? ---------------------------- Munda temeki şegwge bola ma?
May one pay by credit card? Н--ие--ар--сы--н төл-уг- бола-ма? Н____ к_________ т______ б___ м__ Н-с-е к-р-а-ы-е- т-л-у-е б-л- м-? --------------------------------- Несие картасымен төлеуге бола ма? 0
N-sïe-k-r--sım-- --le-g- b--- --? N____ k_________ t______ b___ m__ N-s-e k-r-a-ı-e- t-l-w-e b-l- m-? --------------------------------- Nesïe kartasımen tölewge bola ma?
May one pay by cheque / check (am.)? Ч--пе--т--е-ге б--а ма? Ч_____ т______ б___ м__ Ч-к-е- т-л-у-е б-л- м-? ----------------------- Чекпен төлеуге бола ма? 0
Çe--e---ö----e-------a? Ç_____ t______ b___ m__ Ç-k-e- t-l-w-e b-l- m-? ----------------------- Çekpen tölewge bola ma?
May one only pay in cash? Те----л---қо- -қ-а--н төл-у-- бол---а? Т__ қ________ а______ т______ б___ м__ Т-к қ-л-а-қ-л а-ш-м-н т-л-у-е б-л- м-? -------------------------------------- Тек қолма-қол ақшамен төлеуге бола ма? 0
T-k--ol-a-q-- aq--men t--ewg---o---ma? T__ q________ a______ t______ b___ m__ T-k q-l-a-q-l a-ş-m-n t-l-w-e b-l- m-? -------------------------------------- Tek qolma-qol aqşamen tölewge bola ma?
May I just make a call? Қо--р-у-шалуғ--бол--ма? Қ______ ш_____ б___ м__ Қ-ң-р-у ш-л-ғ- б-л- м-? ----------------------- Қоңырау шалуға бола ма? 0
Qo-ıraw şa-w---b--a---? Q______ ş_____ b___ m__ Q-ñ-r-w ş-l-ğ- b-l- m-? ----------------------- Qoñıraw şalwğa bola ma?
May I just ask something? Б-- --р-- с-----а-сам -----м-? Б__ н____ с____ а____ б___ м__ Б-р н-р-е с-р-п а-с-м б-л- м-? ------------------------------ Бір нәрсе сұрап алсам бола ма? 0
Bi--närs-----a------m-bo-- -a? B__ n____ s____ a____ b___ m__ B-r n-r-e s-r-p a-s-m b-l- m-? ------------------------------ Bir närse surap alsam bola ma?
May I just say something? Бі--н--с- а-тс-м б-ла -а? Б__ н____ а_____ б___ м__ Б-р н-р-е а-т-а- б-л- м-? ------------------------- Бір нәрсе айтсам бола ма? 0
B-r --r-e-----a- --la --? B__ n____ a_____ b___ m__ B-r n-r-e a-t-a- b-l- m-? ------------------------- Bir närse aytsam bola ma?
He is not allowed to sleep in the park. О--н-сая--қ-- ұйықтауға---лмай--. О___ с_______ ұ________ б________ О-а- с-я-а-т- ұ-ы-т-у-а б-л-а-д-. --------------------------------- Оған саябақта ұйықтауға болмайды. 0
Oğa- -a----qt- uyıq--wğa b-lm--d-. O___ s________ u________ b________ O-a- s-y-b-q-a u-ı-t-w-a b-l-a-d-. ---------------------------------- Oğan sayabaqta uyıqtawğa bolmaydı.
He is not allowed to sleep in the car. Оғ---к--і-те---ықтауға ---майд-. О___ к______ ұ________ б________ О-а- к-л-к-е ұ-ы-т-у-а б-л-а-д-. -------------------------------- Оған көлікте ұйықтауға болмайды. 0
O--n köl-kte-uy-q-a--- bol---d-. O___ k______ u________ b________ O-a- k-l-k-e u-ı-t-w-a b-l-a-d-. -------------------------------- Oğan kölikte uyıqtawğa bolmaydı.
He is not allowed to sleep at the train station. Оғ-н-во-залд- -----а--- бо-м----. О___ в_______ ұ________ б________ О-а- в-к-а-д- ұ-ы-т-у-а б-л-а-д-. --------------------------------- Оған вокзалда ұйықтауға болмайды. 0
Oğan-v---a---------aw-a-b-lm----. O___ v_______ u________ b________ O-a- v-k-a-d- u-ı-t-w-a b-l-a-d-. --------------------------------- Oğan vokzalda uyıqtawğa bolmaydı.
May we take a seat? Б---е-отыруға-бо-- м-? Б____ о______ б___ м__ Б-з-е о-ы-у-а б-л- м-? ---------------------- Бізге отыруға бола ма? 0
Bi-ge-o-ırw-a --la m-? B____ o______ b___ m__ B-z-e o-ı-w-a b-l- m-? ---------------------- Bizge otırwğa bola ma?
May we have the menu? Мәзі-д- -ө-уг---ола-м-? М______ к_____ б___ м__ М-з-р-і к-р-г- б-л- м-? ----------------------- Мәзірді көруге бола ма? 0
Mäz-rdi kör--e--o-a-m-? M______ k_____ b___ m__ M-z-r-i k-r-g- b-l- m-? ----------------------- Mäzirdi körwge bola ma?
May we pay separately? Б--ге б-ліп т--еуге ------а? Б____ б____ т______ б___ м__ Б-з-е б-л-п т-л-у-е б-л- м-? ---------------------------- Бізге бөліп төлеуге бола ма? 0
Bi-g- bö-ip-tö-ewg--bo-a-ma? B____ b____ t______ b___ m__ B-z-e b-l-p t-l-w-e b-l- m-? ---------------------------- Bizge bölip tölewge bola ma?

How the brain learns new words

When we learn new vocabulary, our brain stores new content. Learning only works with constant repetition. How well our brain stores words is dependent on multiple factors. But the most important thing is that we review vocabulary on a regular basis. Only words that we use or write often get stored. It could be said that these words are archived like images. This principle of learning is also true in apes. Apes can learn to ‘read’ words, if they see them often enough. Although they don't understand the words, they recognize them by their form. In order to speak a language fluently, we need many words. For that, the vocabulary must be well organized. Because our memory functions like an archive. In order to find a word quickly, it must know where to search. Therefore it's better to learn words in a particular context. Then our brain will always be able to open the correct ‘file’. But even that which we have learned well can be forgotten. In this case, the knowledge moves from the active into the passive memory. By forgetting, we free ourselves of knowledge we don't need. This is how our brain makes room for new and more important things. Therefore, it is important that we activate our knowledge on a regular basis. But that which is in the passive memory isn't lost forever. When we see a forgotten word, we remember it again. We learn that which we've learned before more quickly the second time. He who wants to expand his vocabulary must also expand his hobbies. Because each of us has certain interests. Therefore, we typically busy ourselves with the same things. But a language consists of many different semantic fields. A person interested in politics should also read sports papers sometime!