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39 [thirty-nine]

Car breakdown

Car breakdown

39 [тридцять дев’ять]

39 [trydtsyatʹ devʺyatʹ]



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Where is the next gas station? Де --йбл--ч- бе---кол-нк-? Д_ н________ б____________ Д- н-й-л-ж-а б-н-о-о-о-к-? -------------------------- Де найближча бензоколонка? 0
De n-y̆---zhc-a -en-o--lonk-? D_ n__________ b____________ D- n-y-b-y-h-h- b-n-o-o-o-k-? ----------------------------- De nay̆blyzhcha benzokolonka?
I have a flat tyre / tire (am.). В --н- п-об--е -ол-со. В м___ п______ к______ В м-н- п-о-и-е к-л-с-. ---------------------- В мене пробите колесо. 0
V----- p---yte--o----. V m___ p______ k______ V m-n- p-o-y-e k-l-s-. ---------------------- V mene probyte koleso.
Can you change the tyre / tire (am.)? Чи----е-- В- -омі--т-----е--? Ч_ м_____ В_ п_______ к______ Ч- м-ж-т- В- п-м-н-т- к-л-с-? ----------------------------- Чи можете Ви поміняти колесо? 0
C-y mo-h-t- -----m----ty--o-e-o? C__ m______ V_ p________ k______ C-y m-z-e-e V- p-m-n-a-y k-l-s-? -------------------------------- Chy mozhete Vy pominyaty koleso?
I need a few litres / liters (am.) of diesel. М--- --т-і--і--і--к- -іт-і- -и-е--но-- п--ь----. М___ п_______ к_____ л_____ д_________ п________ М-н- п-т-і-н- к-л-к- л-т-і- д-з-л-н-г- п-л-н-г-. ------------------------------------------------ Мені потрібні кілька літрів дизельного пального. 0
M--i -o----n- kil-ka li-ri--d--elʹn--o--al-n-ho. M___ p_______ k_____ l_____ d_________ p________ M-n- p-t-i-n- k-l-k- l-t-i- d-z-l-n-h- p-l-n-h-. ------------------------------------------------ Meni potribni kilʹka litriv dyzelʹnoho palʹnoho.
I have no more petrol / gas (am.). В-м--- зак---и--с---а---е. В м___ з__________ п______ В м-н- з-к-н-и-о-ь п-л-н-. -------------------------- В мене закінчилось пальне. 0
V--e-- za-i-----o-----lʹ-e. V m___ z___________ p______ V m-n- z-k-n-h-l-s- p-l-n-. --------------------------- V mene zakinchylosʹ palʹne.
Do you have a petrol can / jerry can / gas can (am.)? Чи--а-т- в----па--- к-ні--ру? Ч_ М____ в_ з______ к________ Ч- М-є-е в- з-п-с-у к-н-с-р-? ----------------------------- Чи Маєте ви запасну каністру? 0
Ch- Ma-e-e v----p--n---an-s---? C__ M_____ v_ z______ k________ C-y M-y-t- v- z-p-s-u k-n-s-r-? ------------------------------- Chy Mayete vy zapasnu kanistru?
Where can I make a call? З-і-ки-- мо-у з-т-л-ф--у-ати? З_____ я м___ з______________ З-і-к- я м-ж- з-т-л-ф-н-в-т-? ----------------------------- Звідки я можу зателефонувати? 0
Z--d---y-----hu -at-le-o---a--? Z_____ y_ m____ z______________ Z-i-k- y- m-z-u z-t-l-f-n-v-t-? ------------------------------- Zvidky ya mozhu zatelefonuvaty?
I need a towing service. М-н- ---р-бна---к-и-на сл-жб-. М___ п_______ б_______ с______ М-н- п-т-і-н- б-к-и-н- с-у-б-. ------------------------------ Мені потрібна буксирна служба. 0
M-n--p-t-i----bu---r-a -luzh--. M___ p_______ b_______ s_______ M-n- p-t-i-n- b-k-y-n- s-u-h-a- ------------------------------- Meni potribna buksyrna sluzhba.
I’m looking for a garage. Я---каю а-т-с--ві-. Я ш____ а__________ Я ш-к-ю а-т-с-р-і-. ------------------- Я шукаю автосервіс. 0
Y- s--k--u avto--r-i-. Y_ s______ a__________ Y- s-u-a-u a-t-s-r-i-. ---------------------- YA shukayu avtoservis.
An accident has occurred. Тут --а--л-с- авар-я. Т__ т________ а______ Т-т т-а-и-а-я а-а-і-. --------------------- Тут трапилася аварія. 0
Tut ----y-a-ya---a-i-a. T__ t_________ a_______ T-t t-a-y-a-y- a-a-i-a- ----------------------- Tut trapylasya avariya.
Where is the nearest telephone? Де-- -ай--ижчи----лефон? Д_ є н_________ т_______ Д- є н-й-л-ж-и- т-л-ф-н- ------------------------ Де є найближчий телефон? 0
D--y--nay-bl---chy-̆ ---e-on? D_ y_ n___________ t_______ D- y- n-y-b-y-h-h-y- t-l-f-n- ----------------------------- De ye nay̆blyzhchyy̆ telefon?
Do you have a mobile / cell phone (am.) with you? М-є-е---и -обі -о---ь-ий т-лефон? М____ п__ с___ м________ т_______ М-є-е п-и с-б- м-б-л-н-й т-л-ф-н- --------------------------------- Маєте при собі мобільний телефон? 0
Ma-ete--ry-sob- mobil--y-̆-te--f-n? M_____ p__ s___ m________ t_______ M-y-t- p-y s-b- m-b-l-n-y- t-l-f-n- ----------------------------------- Mayete pry sobi mobilʹnyy̆ telefon?
We need help. Н--------бн--доп-мога. Н__ п_______ д________ Н-м п-т-і-н- д-п-м-г-. ---------------------- Нам потрібна допомога. 0
N----o--ibna -opomo--. N__ p_______ d________ N-m p-t-i-n- d-p-m-h-. ---------------------- Nam potribna dopomoha.
Call a doctor! Викл--т- -ік-ря! В_______ л______ В-к-и-т- л-к-р-! ---------------- Викличте лікаря! 0
V-k-y-ht- ---a-y-! V________ l_______ V-k-y-h-e l-k-r-a- ------------------ Vyklychte likarya!
Call the police! В---и-те-мілі---! В_______ м_______ В-к-и-т- м-л-ц-ю- ----------------- Викличте міліцію! 0
V--l-c--- m-l-t----! V________ m_________ V-k-y-h-e m-l-t-i-u- -------------------- Vyklychte militsiyu!
Your papers, please. В-ш- до-умен----б----л-с-а. В___ д_________ б__________ В-ш- д-к-м-н-и- б-д---а-к-. --------------------------- Ваші документи, будь-ласка. 0
Va--i dok--e-t-- b-d------a. V____ d_________ b__________ V-s-i d-k-m-n-y- b-d---a-k-. ---------------------------- Vashi dokumenty, budʹ-laska.
Your licence / license (am.), please. В--і---а--- бу---ласк-. В___ п_____ б__________ В-ш- п-а-а- б-д---а-к-. ----------------------- Ваші права, будь-ласка. 0
V---i ----a,-b-d--l-s-a. V____ p_____ b__________ V-s-i p-a-a- b-d---a-k-. ------------------------ Vashi prava, budʹ-laska.
Your registration, please. Ва- -ех----орт- бу-ь-лас--. В__ т__________ б__________ В-ш т-х-а-п-р-, б-д---а-к-. --------------------------- Ваш техпаспорт, будь-ласка. 0
V-sh -ek-pa-----, budʹ-la--a. V___ t___________ b__________ V-s- t-k-p-s-o-t- b-d---a-k-. ----------------------------- Vash tekhpasport, budʹ-laska.

Talented linguist baby

Before they can even speak, babies know a lot about languages. Various experiments have shown this. Child development is researched in special baby labs. How children learn languages is also researched. Babies are obviously more intelligent than we thought up to now. Even with 6 months they have many linguistic abilities. They can recognize their native language, for example. French and German babies react differently to certain tones. Different stress patterns result in different behavior. So babies have a feeling for the tone of their language. Very small children can also memorize several words. Parents are very important for the language development of babies. Because babies need interaction directly after birth. They want to communicate with Mum and Dad. The interaction must be accompanied by positive emotions, however. Parents mustn't be stressed when they speak with their babies. It is also wrong to only seldom speak with them. Stress or silence can have negative effects for babies. Their language development can be adversely influenced. Learning for babies already begins in the womb! They react to speech before birth. They can perceive acoustic signals accurately. After birth they can then recognize these signals. Unborn children can also even learn the rhythms of languages. Babies can already hear their mother's voice in the womb. So you can even speak with unborn children. But you mustn't overdo it… The child will still have plenty of time to practice after birth!
Did you know?
Swedish is counted among the North Germanic languages. It is the native language of more than 8 million people. It is spoken in Sweden and parts of Finland. Swedes can communicate with Norwegians relatively easily. There is even a hybrid language that combines elements from both languages. A conversation with Danes is also possible if all parties speak clearly. The Swedish alphabet contains 29 letters. A hallmark of Swedish is the distinct vowel system. Vowel length determines the meaning of a word. Pitch also plays a role in Swedish. Swedish words and sentences are generally on the shorter side. The syntax follows strict rules. The grammar is also not too complicated. Overall the structures are similar to those of the English language. Learn Swedish - it is not at all difficult!