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45 [forty-five]

At the cinema

At the cinema

45 [сорок пять]

45 [sorok pyatʹ]

В кино

[V kino]

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We want to go to the cinema. Мы -от-м-------. М_ х____ в к____ М- х-т-м в к-н-. ---------------- Мы хотим в кино. 0
My -hotim - kino. M_ k_____ v k____ M- k-o-i- v k-n-. ----------------- My khotim v kino.
A good film is playing today. Се-одня и-ёт------ий -ил-м. С______ и___ х______ ф_____ С-г-д-я и-ё- х-р-ш-й ф-л-м- --------------------------- Сегодня идёт хороший фильм. 0
S-god--- idët-kh-r-sh-y----ʹ-. S_______ i___ k________ f_____ S-g-d-y- i-ë- k-o-o-h-y f-l-m- ------------------------------ Segodnya idët khoroshiy filʹm.
The film is brand new. Э-о- фил-- сове--е-но н----. Э___ ф____ с_________ н_____ Э-о- ф-л-м с-в-р-е-н- н-в-й- ---------------------------- Этот фильм совершенно новый. 0
E-ot fi-ʹ----vers-enno----yy. E___ f____ s__________ n_____ E-o- f-l-m s-v-r-h-n-o n-v-y- ----------------------------- Etot filʹm sovershenno novyy.
Where is the cash register? Гд---асс-? Г__ к_____ Г-е к-с-а- ---------- Где касса? 0
Gd---a-sa? G__ k_____ G-e k-s-a- ---------- Gde kassa?
Are seats still available? Св-бод----м-ста-ещ- е-т-? С________ м____ е__ е____ С-о-о-н-е м-с-а е-ё е-т-? ------------------------- Свободные места ещё есть? 0
S-obod---- -e--- yes-ch- ---t-? S_________ m____ y______ y_____ S-o-o-n-y- m-s-a y-s-c-ë y-s-ʹ- ------------------------------- Svobodnyye mesta yeshchë yestʹ?
How much are the admission tickets? Ско-ь-- ----т ---д--- б--ет-? С______ с____ в______ б______ С-о-ь-о с-о-т в-о-н-е б-л-т-? ----------------------------- Сколько стоят входные билеты? 0
S------ -toy-t v--od-y-e--il---? S______ s_____ v________ b______ S-o-ʹ-o s-o-a- v-h-d-y-e b-l-t-? -------------------------------- Skolʹko stoyat vkhodnyye bilety?
When does the show begin? К-г-- н--и------ с--нс? К____ н_________ с_____ К-г-а н-ч-н-е-с- с-а-с- ----------------------- Когда начинается сеанс? 0
K---a nachi-ayetsy---ea--? K____ n____________ s_____ K-g-a n-c-i-a-e-s-a s-a-s- -------------------------- Kogda nachinayetsya seans?
How long is the film? К-к--олго----- эт-т филь-? К__ д____ и___ э___ ф_____ К-к д-л-о и-ё- э-о- ф-л-м- -------------------------- Как долго идёт этот фильм? 0
Ka----lgo--dët --o- -ilʹ-? K__ d____ i___ e___ f_____ K-k d-l-o i-ë- e-o- f-l-m- -------------------------- Kak dolgo idët etot filʹm?
Can one reserve tickets? М---о за--о-иро-ать-б-лет-? М____ з____________ б______ М-ж-о з-б-о-и-о-а-ь б-л-т-? --------------------------- Можно забронировать билеты? 0
M-z--o za-ro-i-ova-ʹ bi---y? M_____ z____________ b______ M-z-n- z-b-o-i-o-a-ʹ b-l-t-? ---------------------------- Mozhno zabronirovatʹ bilety?
I want to sit at the back. Я ---е--бы / ---ела----си---- сз-д-. Я х____ б_ / х_____ б_ с_____ с_____ Я х-т-л б- / х-т-л- б- с-д-т- с-а-и- ------------------------------------ Я хотел бы / хотела бы сидеть сзади. 0
Ya -h-te--by-/---o-ela--- s--etʹ--z---. Y_ k_____ b_ / k______ b_ s_____ s_____ Y- k-o-e- b- / k-o-e-a b- s-d-t- s-a-i- --------------------------------------- Ya khotel by / khotela by sidetʹ szadi.
I want to sit at the front. Я-хо-ел----/ хо-е----- с--е-ь --ер---. Я х____ б_ / х_____ б_ с_____ в_______ Я х-т-л б- / х-т-л- б- с-д-т- в-е-е-и- -------------------------------------- Я хотел бы / хотела бы сидеть впереди. 0
Y--kh--el-b- / -hote---b- -i-et- ----e-i. Y_ k_____ b_ / k______ b_ s_____ v_______ Y- k-o-e- b- / k-o-e-a b- s-d-t- v-e-e-i- ----------------------------------------- Ya khotel by / khotela by sidetʹ vperedi.
I want to sit in the middle. Я-х--ел-бы --хот-ла--- ------ по-ер-д-не. Я х____ б_ / х_____ б_ с_____ п__________ Я х-т-л б- / х-т-л- б- с-д-т- п-с-р-д-н-. ----------------------------------------- Я хотел бы / хотела бы сидеть посередине. 0
Ya --otel-by - ----ela-b- si-----pos--e-ine. Y_ k_____ b_ / k______ b_ s_____ p__________ Y- k-o-e- b- / k-o-e-a b- s-d-t- p-s-r-d-n-. -------------------------------------------- Ya khotel by / khotela by sidetʹ poseredine.
The film was exciting. Фил---бы---а-ват--аю---. Ф____ б__ з_____________ Ф-л-м б-л з-х-а-ы-а-щ-й- ------------------------ Фильм был захватывающий. 0
F-lʹm -yl zakhv--y-a-u-----y. F____ b__ z__________________ F-l-m b-l z-k-v-t-v-y-s-c-i-. ----------------------------- Filʹm byl zakhvatyvayushchiy.
The film was not boring. Филь----л-----у--ый. Ф____ б__ н_________ Ф-л-м б-л н-с-у-н-й- -------------------- Фильм был нескучный. 0
Filʹ--by- -e-k-c-n-y. F____ b__ n__________ F-l-m b-l n-s-u-h-y-. --------------------- Filʹm byl neskuchnyy.
But the book on which the film was based was better. Н--книга -о-ф-л-м- б-ла ---ш-. Н_ к____ п_ ф_____ б___ л_____ Н- к-и-а п- ф-л-м- б-л- л-ч-е- ------------------------------ Но книга по фильму была лучше. 0
N- --i-a p- filʹ-u-byl- luchsh-. N_ k____ p_ f_____ b___ l_______ N- k-i-a p- f-l-m- b-l- l-c-s-e- -------------------------------- No kniga po filʹmu byla luchshe.
How was the music? Муз-------а хо---ая? М_____ б___ х_______ М-з-к- б-л- х-р-ш-я- -------------------- Музыка была хорошая? 0
M---ka -yl- -h-r-sh---? M_____ b___ k__________ M-z-k- b-l- k-o-o-h-y-? ----------------------- Muzyka byla khoroshaya?
How were the actors? Как н---ё- -ктёр-в? К__ н_____ а_______ К-к н-с-ё- а-т-р-в- ------------------- Как насчёт актёров? 0
Kak n--chët-----rov? K__ n______ a_______ K-k n-s-h-t a-t-r-v- -------------------- Kak naschët aktërov?
Were there English subtitles? Там бы-и а--ли----е с-бтит-ы? Т__ б___ а_________ с________ Т-м б-л- а-г-и-с-и- с-б-и-р-? ----------------------------- Там были английские субтитры? 0
Tam-b--- a--li--kiy- subti-r-? T__ b___ a__________ s________ T-m b-l- a-g-i-s-i-e s-b-i-r-? ------------------------------ Tam byli angliyskiye subtitry?

Language and music

Music is a worldwide phenomenon. All peoples of the Earth make music. And music is understood in all cultures. A scientific study proved this. In it, western music was played to an isolated tribe of people. This African tribe had no access to the modern world. Nevertheless, they recognized when they heard cheerful or sad songs. Why this is so has not yet been researched. But music appears to be a language without boundaries. And we have all somehow learned how to interpret it correctly. However, music has no evolutionary advantage. That we can understand it anyway is associated with our language. Because music and language belong together. They are processed alike in the brain. They also function similarly. Both combine tones and sounds according to specific rules. Even babies understand music, they learned that in the womb. There they hear the melody of their mother's language. Then when they come into the world they can understand music. It could be said that music imitates the melody of languages. Emotion is also expressed through speed in both language and music. So using our linguistic knowledge, we understand emotions in music. Conversely, musical people often learn languages easier. Many musicians memorize languages like melodies. In doing so, they can remember languages better. Something interesting is that lullabies around the world sound very similar. This proves how international the language of music is. And it is also perhaps the most beautiful of all languages…
Did you know?
Telugu is the native language of approximately 75 million people. It is counted among the Dravidian languages. Telugu is primarily spoken in southeastern India. It is the third most-spoken language in India after Hindi and Bengali. Earlier, written and spoken Telugu were very different. It could almost be said that they were two different languages. Then the written language was modernized so that it can be used everywhere. Telugu is divided into many dialects, although the northern ones are considered especially pure. The pronunciation is not that easy. It should definitely be practiced with a native speaker. Telugu is written in its own script. It is a hybrid of an alphabet and syllabic writing. A hallmark of the script is the many round forms. They are typical for southern Indian scripts. Learn Telugu - there is so much to discover!