en to want something   »   he ‫לרצות משהו‬

71 [seventy-one]

to want something

to want something

‫71 [שבעים ואחת]‬

71 [shiv\'im w\'axat]

‫לרצות משהו‬

[lirtsot mashehu]

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What do you want to do? ‫מ- -רצו?‬ ‫מה תרצו?‬ ‫-ה ת-צ-?- ---------- ‫מה תרצו?‬ 0
mah ---t--? mah tirtsu? m-h t-r-s-? ----------- mah tirtsu?
Do you want to play football / soccer (am.)? ‫ת-צ- לשחק כדור---‬ ‫תרצו לשחק כדורגל?‬ ‫-ר-ו ל-ח- כ-ו-ג-?- ------------------- ‫תרצו לשחק כדורגל?‬ 0
t-r--u---s-axeq k-durege-? tirtsu lessaxeq kaduregel? t-r-s- l-s-a-e- k-d-r-g-l- -------------------------- tirtsu lessaxeq kaduregel?
Do you want to visit friends? ‫-רצ- לבק- ----ם?‬ ‫תרצו לבקר חברים?‬ ‫-ר-ו ל-ק- ח-ר-ם-‬ ------------------ ‫תרצו לבקר חברים?‬ 0
t-rts- ---aqer----e---? tirtsu levaqer xaverim? t-r-s- l-v-q-r x-v-r-m- ----------------------- tirtsu levaqer xaverim?
to want ‫-ר-ו-‬ ‫לרצות‬ ‫-ר-ו-‬ ------- ‫לרצות‬ 0
l-r---t lirtsot l-r-s-t ------- lirtsot
I don’t want to arrive late. ‫אנ- -א-ר--- ל-ג----אוחר-‬ ‫אני לא רוצה להגיע מאוחר.‬ ‫-נ- ל- ר-צ- ל-ג-ע מ-ו-ר-‬ -------------------------- ‫אני לא רוצה להגיע מאוחר.‬ 0
an--lo --t-eh/ro-sa- le---i- -e'uxa-. ani lo rotseh/rotsah lehagia me'uxar. a-i l- r-t-e-/-o-s-h l-h-g-a m-'-x-r- ------------------------------------- ani lo rotseh/rotsah lehagia me'uxar.
I don’t want to go there. ‫אני -- רו-- --כ- -ש--‬ ‫אני לא רוצה ללכת לשם.‬ ‫-נ- ל- ר-צ- ל-כ- ל-ם-‬ ----------------------- ‫אני לא רוצה ללכת לשם.‬ 0
ani -o r--s---r---ah lalek-e---'-h--. ani lo rotseh/rotsah lalekhet l'sham. a-i l- r-t-e-/-o-s-h l-l-k-e- l-s-a-. ------------------------------------- ani lo rotseh/rotsah lalekhet l'sham.
I want to go home. ‫-----וצה----ת -בית--‬ ‫אני רוצה ללכת הביתה.‬ ‫-נ- ר-צ- ל-כ- ה-י-ה-‬ ---------------------- ‫אני רוצה ללכת הביתה.‬ 0
a-- -o-se-/-o-sa-----e--et h-b-it--. ani rotseh/rotsah lalekhet habaitah. a-i r-t-e-/-o-s-h l-l-k-e- h-b-i-a-. ------------------------------------ ani rotseh/rotsah lalekhet habaitah.
I want to stay at home. ‫אנ--רוצ--לה--אר ---ת-‬ ‫אני רוצה להישאר בבית.‬ ‫-נ- ר-צ- ל-י-א- ב-י-.- ----------------------- ‫אני רוצה להישאר בבית.‬ 0
a-i----seh--ot-a------s---er-bab--t. ani rotseh/rotsah lehisha'er babayt. a-i r-t-e-/-o-s-h l-h-s-a-e- b-b-y-. ------------------------------------ ani rotseh/rotsah lehisha'er babayt.
I want to be alone. ‫----רוצה-----ת ----‬ ‫אני רוצה להיות לבד.‬ ‫-נ- ר-צ- ל-י-ת ל-ד-‬ --------------------- ‫אני רוצה להיות לבד.‬ 0
ani-r---e--r-t-ah--ih-ot -eva-. ani rotseh/rotsah lihiot levad. a-i r-t-e-/-o-s-h l-h-o- l-v-d- ------------------------------- ani rotseh/rotsah lihiot levad.
Do you want to stay here? ‫א- - - -ו-- להי-א- ---?‬ ‫את / ה רוצה להישאר כאן?‬ ‫-ת / ה ר-צ- ל-י-א- כ-ן-‬ ------------------------- ‫את / ה רוצה להישאר כאן?‬ 0
a-a-/at-rotse-/r-t----lehis-a'er--a'n? atah/at rotseh/rotsah lehisha'er ka'n? a-a-/-t r-t-e-/-o-s-h l-h-s-a-e- k-'-? -------------------------------------- atah/at rotseh/rotsah lehisha'er ka'n?
Do you want to eat here? ‫א- /-ה ר-----אכ-ל כאן?‬ ‫את / ה רוצה לאכול כאן?‬ ‫-ת / ה ר-צ- ל-כ-ל כ-ן-‬ ------------------------ ‫את / ה רוצה לאכול כאן?‬ 0
a--h/at--o--eh/-ot--h --'e-h-------? atah/at rotseh/rotsah le'ekhol ka'n? a-a-/-t r-t-e-/-o-s-h l-'-k-o- k-'-? ------------------------------------ atah/at rotseh/rotsah le'ekhol ka'n?
Do you want to sleep here? ‫א--/ - רוצ- ליש-- -אן?‬ ‫את / ה רוצה לישון כאן?‬ ‫-ת / ה ר-צ- ל-ש-ן כ-ן-‬ ------------------------ ‫את / ה רוצה לישון כאן?‬ 0
at--/-t r--s--/-otsah---s-on k---? atah/at rotseh/rotsah lishon ka'n? a-a-/-t r-t-e-/-o-s-h l-s-o- k-'-? ---------------------------------- atah/at rotseh/rotsah lishon ka'n?
Do you want to leave tomorrow? ‫---/-ה----ה-----ב -ח-?‬ ‫את / ה רוצה לעזוב מחר?‬ ‫-ת / ה ר-צ- ל-ז-ב מ-ר-‬ ------------------------ ‫את / ה רוצה לעזוב מחר?‬ 0
a---/-- r--seh/-o--ah l---zo---a-ar? atah/at rotseh/rotsah la'azov maxar? a-a-/-t r-t-e-/-o-s-h l-'-z-v m-x-r- ------------------------------------ atah/at rotseh/rotsah la'azov maxar?
Do you want to stay till tomorrow? ‫-ת-- ה-ר-צ--ל---אר-ע--מ--?‬ ‫את / ה רוצה להישאר עד מחר?‬ ‫-ת / ה ר-צ- ל-י-א- ע- מ-ר-‬ ---------------------------- ‫את / ה רוצה להישאר עד מחר?‬ 0
a-a--at ---s-h/r-t-a---ehish-'e- -d ma-a-? atah/at rotseh/rotsah lehisha'er ad maxar? a-a-/-t r-t-e-/-o-s-h l-h-s-a-e- a- m-x-r- ------------------------------------------ atah/at rotseh/rotsah lehisha'er ad maxar?
Do you want to pay the bill only tomorrow? ‫את - --רו-ה ---ם-א--החש--ן--חר?‬ ‫את / ה רוצה לשלם את החשבון מחר?‬ ‫-ת / ה ר-צ- ל-ל- א- ה-ש-ו- מ-ר-‬ --------------------------------- ‫את / ה רוצה לשלם את החשבון מחר?‬ 0
a--h/a---ot-e---o------e-ha-e---t-h-x----on ma-ar? atah/at rotseh/rotsah leshalem et haxashbon maxar? a-a-/-t r-t-e-/-o-s-h l-s-a-e- e- h-x-s-b-n m-x-r- -------------------------------------------------- atah/at rotseh/rotsah leshalem et haxashbon maxar?
Do you want to go to the disco? ‫א-ם-ר-צים לל-- לד---וטק-‬ ‫אתם רוצים ללכת לדיסקוטק?‬ ‫-ת- ר-צ-ם ל-כ- ל-י-ק-ט-?- -------------------------- ‫אתם רוצים ללכת לדיסקוטק?‬ 0
at-- -o-s-m l---k----l'dis--teq? atem rotsim lalekhet l'disqoteq? a-e- r-t-i- l-l-k-e- l-d-s-o-e-? -------------------------------- atem rotsim lalekhet l'disqoteq?
Do you want to go to the cinema? ‫א-ם-ר-צ-- -ל-ת-לקול-ו--‬ ‫אתם רוצים ללכת לקולנוע?‬ ‫-ת- ר-צ-ם ל-כ- ל-ו-נ-ע-‬ ------------------------- ‫אתם רוצים ללכת לקולנוע?‬ 0
at-m-r----m-l-l--h-----q-lno'-? atem rotsim lalekhet laqolno'a? a-e- r-t-i- l-l-k-e- l-q-l-o-a- ------------------------------- atem rotsim lalekhet laqolno'a?
Do you want to go to a café? ‫א---רוצ-ם ללכ--לבי- -קפ-?‬ ‫אתם רוצים ללכת לבית הקפה?‬ ‫-ת- ר-צ-ם ל-כ- ל-י- ה-פ-?- --------------------------- ‫אתם רוצים ללכת לבית הקפה?‬ 0
a-e--r-ts-m --lekh-t---be------a--h? atem rotsim lalekhet l'beyt-haqafeh? a-e- r-t-i- l-l-k-e- l-b-y---a-a-e-? ------------------------------------ atem rotsim lalekhet l'beyt-haqafeh?

Indonesia, the land of many languages

The Republic of Indonesia is one of the largest countries on Earth. About 240 million people live in the insular state. These people belong to many different ethnic groups. It is estimated that there are almost 500 ethnic groups in Indonesia. These groups have many different cultural traditions. And they also speak many different languages! About 250 languages are spoken in Indonesia. There are many dialects on top of that. Indonesia's languages are typically classified under the ethnic groups. For example, there is the Javanese or Balinese language. This multitude of languages naturally leads to problems. They hinder an efficient economy and administration. Therefore, a national language was implemented in Indonesia. Since their independence in 1945, Bahasa Indonesia is the official language. It is taught alongside the native language in all schools. Despite this, not all inhabitants of Indonesia speak this language. Only about 70% of Indonesians are proficient in Bahasa Indonesia. Bahasa Indonesia is the native language of ‘only’ 20 million people. Thus, the many regional languages are still of great importance. Indonesian is especially interesting for language lovers. Because there are many advantages to learning Indonesian. The language is considered to be relatively easy. The grammar rules can be learned quickly. You can rely on the spelling for pronunciation. The orthography isn't difficult either. Many Indonesian words come from other languages. And: Indonesian will soon be one of the most important languages… These are enough reasons to start learning, right?