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94 [ninety-four]

Conjunctions 1

Conjunctions 1

‫94 [תשעים וארבע]‬

94 [tish\'im w\'arba]

‫מילות חיבור 1‬

[milot xibur 1]

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Wait until the rain stops. ‫חכ----י------פס-- לר---גשם.‬ ‫___ / י ע_ ש_____ ל___ ג____ ‫-כ- / י ע- ש-פ-י- ל-ד- ג-ם-‬ ----------------------------- ‫חכה / י עד שיפסיק לרדת גשם.‬ 0
xa-e--xaki--- --i-f--q---r---t---s--m. x_________ a_ s_______ l______ g______ x-k-h-x-k- a- s-i-f-i- l-r-d-t g-s-e-. -------------------------------------- xakeh/xaki ad shiefsiq laredet geshem.
Wait until I’m finished. ‫חכה---י-ע-----יי--‬ ‫___ / י ע_ ש_______ ‫-כ- / י ע- ש-ס-י-.- -------------------- ‫חכה / י עד שאסיים.‬ 0
x----/---- ----he'--a-em. x_________ a_ s__________ x-k-h-x-k- a- s-e-a-a-e-. ------------------------- xakeh/xaki ad she'asayem.
Wait until he comes back. ‫-כ--/-י-ע----וא---זור-‬ ‫___ / י ע_ ש___ י______ ‫-כ- / י ע- ש-ו- י-ז-ר-‬ ------------------------ ‫חכה / י עד שהוא יחזור.‬ 0
xa--h-x----a------- -a--zor. x_________ a_ s____ y_______ x-k-h-x-k- a- s-e-u y-x-z-r- ---------------------------- xakeh/xaki ad shehu yaxazor.
I’ll wait until my hair is dry. ‫--י-ממת---- ה-שה---ר -לי -ת-----‬ ‫___ מ____ / ה ש_____ ש__ י_______ ‫-נ- מ-ת-ן / ה ש-ש-ע- ש-י י-י-ב-.- ---------------------------------- ‫אני ממתין / ה שהשיער שלי יתייבש.‬ 0
ani---mti---amti--h s--h----y-a- ---l- -------h. a__ m______________ s___________ s____ i________ a-i m-m-i-/-a-t-n-h s-e-a-s-y-a- s-e-i i-y-b-s-. ------------------------------------------------ ani mamtin/mamtinah shehassey'ar sheli ityabesh.
I’ll wait until the film is over. ‫-נ---מ-י-------ה--ט --ת--ם-‬ ‫___ מ____ / ה ש____ י_______ ‫-נ- מ-ת-ן / ה ש-ס-ט י-ת-י-.- ----------------------------- ‫אני ממתין / ה שהסרט יסתיים.‬ 0
an----mtin-ma--in-h -heha--r-t--s---e-. a__ m______________ s_________ i_______ a-i m-m-i-/-a-t-n-h s-e-a-e-e- i-t-y-m- --------------------------------------- ani mamtin/mamtinah shehaseret istayem.
I’ll wait until the traffic light is green. ‫אנ---מ-י--- ה -הר--ור--ת--ף לי-וק-‬ ‫___ מ____ / ה ש______ י____ ל______ ‫-נ- מ-ת-ן / ה ש-ר-ז-ר י-ח-ף ל-ר-ק-‬ ------------------------------------ ‫אני ממתין / ה שהרמזור יתחלף לירוק.‬ 0
a----am----m---i-a--sheh-ramzo--itxal-f--e---oq. a__ m______________ s__________ i______ l_______ a-i m-m-i-/-a-t-n-h s-e-a-a-z-r i-x-l-f l-y-r-q- ------------------------------------------------ ani mamtin/mamtinah sheharamzor itxalef leyeroq.
When do you go on holiday? ‫-ת--א--/---נוסע -----ח-פש--‬ ‫___ א_ / ה נ___ / ת ל_______ ‫-ת- א- / ה נ-ס- / ת ל-ו-ש-?- ----------------------------- ‫מתי את / ה נוסע / ת לחופשה?‬ 0
m-tay-a-ah--- -o-e'a/n-sa'-- l-x---hah? m____ a______ n_____________ l_________ m-t-y a-a-/-t n-s-'-/-o-a-a- l-x-f-h-h- --------------------------------------- matay atah/at nose'a/nosa'at l'xufshah?
Before the summer holidays? ‫-ו- לפ-י-תח----ח-----הקי-?‬ ‫___ ל___ ת____ ח____ ה_____ ‫-ו- ל-נ- ת-י-ת ח-פ-ת ה-י-?- ---------------------------- ‫עוד לפני תחילת חופשת הקיץ?‬ 0
od-l-f--- tx--a---u-s-a- h-qai--? o_ l_____ t_____ x______ h_______ o- l-f-e- t-i-a- x-f-h-t h-q-i-s- --------------------------------- od lifney txilat xufshat haqaits?
Yes, before the summer holidays begin. ‫כ-- א-י-ו -פנ---חי-- -ו-שת-הקי-.‬ ‫___ א____ ל___ ת____ ח____ ה_____ ‫-ן- א-י-ו ל-נ- ת-י-ת ח-פ-ת ה-י-.- ---------------------------------- ‫כן, אפילו לפני תחילת חופשת הקיץ.‬ 0
k-n- --ilu-lifn-y--x-l-- ----hat -aqa--s. k___ a____ l_____ t_____ x______ h_______ k-n- a-i-u l-f-e- t-i-a- x-f-h-t h-q-i-s- ----------------------------------------- ken, afilu lifney txilat xufshat haqaits.
Repair the roof before the winter begins. ‫--ן-/ ---ת --ג-ל-נ--תחיל----ורף.‬ ‫___ / י א_ ה__ ל___ ת____ ה______ ‫-ק- / י א- ה-ג ל-נ- ת-י-ת ה-ו-ף-‬ ---------------------------------- ‫תקן / י את הגג לפני תחילת החורף.‬ 0
ta-en/--q-i-----ag-- l-f-ey --ila- ----ref. t__________ e_ h____ l_____ t_____ h_______ t-q-n-t-q-i e- h-g-g l-f-e- t-i-a- h-x-r-f- ------------------------------------------- taqen/taqni et hagag lifney txilat haxoref.
Wash your hands before you sit at the table. ‫-טוף - ש-פי---יי- -פני ש-ש--/-- -ש--ח-.‬ ‫____ / ש___ י____ ל___ ש___ / י ל_______ ‫-ט-ף / ש-פ- י-י-ם ל-נ- ש-ש- / י ל-ו-ח-.- ----------------------------------------- ‫שטוף / שטפי ידיים לפני שתשב / י לשולחן.‬ 0
shtof/-hi--- y----m----ney sh-t-shev/she-e---- -as---x-n. s___________ y_____ l_____ s__________________ l_________ s-t-f-s-i-f- y-d-y- l-f-e- s-e-a-h-v-s-e-e-h-i l-s-u-x-n- --------------------------------------------------------- shtof/shitfi yedaym lifney shetashev/sheteshvi lashulxan.
Close the window before you go out. ‫סגור / סג---את -ח-ון-לפ---ש-צ- - י-‬ ‫____ / ס___ א_ ה____ ל___ ש___ / י__ ‫-ג-ר / ס-ר- א- ה-ל-ן ל-נ- ש-צ- / י-‬ ------------------------------------- ‫סגור / סגרי את החלון לפני שתצא / י.‬ 0
s---------i -t-----l----if--y sh-tatse---e--t-i. s__________ e_ h______ l_____ s_________________ s-g-r-s-g-i e- h-x-l-n l-f-e- s-e-a-s-/-h-t-t-i- ------------------------------------------------ s'gor/sigri et haxalon lifney shetatse/shetetsi.
When will you come home? ‫מ-- ---ור-/ ת-ז-י-הב-ת--‬ ‫___ ת____ / ת____ ה______ ‫-ת- ת-ז-ר / ת-ז-י ה-י-ה-‬ -------------------------- ‫מתי תחזור / תחזרי הביתה?‬ 0
mat-- --xaz-------z-ri h--a-t-h? m____ t_______________ h________ m-t-y t-x-z-r-t-x-z-r- h-b-y-a-? -------------------------------- matay taxazor/taxazeri habaytah?
After class? ‫-ח-י--ש--ו-?‬ ‫____ ה_______ ‫-ח-י ה-י-ו-?- -------------- ‫אחרי השיעור?‬ 0
axa-ey -ashi'--? a_____ h________ a-a-e- h-s-i-u-? ---------------- axarey hashi'ur?
Yes, after the class is over. ‫כ-- ------------ע-ר.‬ ‫___ ל___ ת__ ה_______ ‫-ן- ל-ח- ת-ם ה-י-ו-.- ---------------------- ‫כן, לאחר תום השיעור.‬ 0
ke---le--xar--o---as--'--. k___ l______ t__ h________ k-n- l-'-x-r t-m h-s-i-u-. -------------------------- ken, le'axar tom hashi'ur.
After he had an accident, he could not work anymore. ‫א-רי--תאונה--וא ---י--- ----י--ר-לע-וד-‬ ‫____ ה_____ ה__ ל_ י___ ה__ י___ ל______ ‫-ח-י ה-א-נ- ה-א ל- י-ו- ה-ה י-ת- ל-ב-ד-‬ ----------------------------------------- ‫אחרי התאונה הוא לא יכול היה יותר לעבוד.‬ 0
ax--ey h-te'una------o yakhol h-yah----e-------o-. a_____ h________ h_ l_ y_____ h____ y____ l_______ a-a-e- h-t-'-n-h h- l- y-k-o- h-y-h y-t-r l-'-v-d- -------------------------------------------------- axarey hate'unah hu lo yakhol hayah yoter la'avod.
After he had lost his job, he went to America. ‫--רי --------ר --עבו---הוא--ז----מרי-ה.‬ ‫____ ש___ פ___ מ______ ה__ ע__ ל________ ‫-ח-י ש-ו- פ-ט- מ-ע-ו-ה ה-א ע-ב ל-מ-י-ה-‬ ----------------------------------------- ‫אחרי שהוא פוטר מהעבודה הוא עזב לאמריקה.‬ 0
axare----'hu-p-tar me-a-av-d-h h- a-av --'-m---qah. a_____ s____ p____ m__________ h_ a___ l___________ a-a-e- s-'-u p-t-r m-h-'-v-d-h h- a-a- l-'-m-r-q-h- --------------------------------------------------- axarey sh'hu putar meha'avodah hu azav le'ameriqah.
After he went to America, he became rich. ‫-------וא עב--ל-מ-----------ע--.‬ ‫____ ש___ ע__ ל______ ה__ ה______ ‫-ח-י ש-ו- ע-ר ל-מ-י-ה ה-א ה-ע-ר-‬ ---------------------------------- ‫אחרי שהוא עבר לאמריקה הוא התעשר.‬ 0
ax-rey s-'h- ---r-le--meriq-- hu-hit--s-er. a_____ s____ a___ l__________ h_ h_________ a-a-e- s-'-u a-a- l-'-m-r-q-h h- h-t-a-h-r- ------------------------------------------- axarey sh'hu avar le'ameriqah hu hit'asher.

How to learn two languages at once

Foreign languages are becoming increasingly important today. Many people are learning a foreign language. There are, however, many interesting languages in the world. Therefore, many people learn multiple languages at the same time. It's typically not a problem if children grow up bilingual. Their brain learns both languages automatically. When they are older they know what belongs to which language. Bilingual individuals know the typical features of both languages. It's different with adults. They cannot learn two languages simultaneously as easily. Those who learn two languages at once should follow some rules. First, it's important to compare both languages to each other. Languages that belong to the same language family are often very similar. That can lead to mixing them up. Therefore, it makes sense to closely analyze both languages. For example, you can make a list. There you can record the similarities and differences. This way the brain is forced to work with both languages intensively. It can better remember what the particularities of the two languages are. One should also choose separate colors and folders for each language. That helps clearly separate the languages from each other. If a person is learning dissimilar languages, it's different. There is no danger of mixing up two very different languages. In this case, there is danger in comparing the languages with one another! It would be better to compare the languages with one's native language. When the brain recognizes the contrast, it will learn more effectively. It is also important that both languages are learned with equal intensity. However, theoretically it doesn't matter to the brain how many languages it learns…