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21 [twenty-one]

Small Talk 2

Small Talk 2

21 [жыйырма бир]

21 [jıyırma bir]

Жеңил баарлашуу 2

[Jeŋil baarlaşuu 2]

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Where do you come from? Ка-с- -е---н болосуз? К____ ж_____ б_______ К-й-ы ж-р-е- б-л-с-з- --------------------- Кайсы жерден болосуз? 0
K-y-ı --r--n -olo--z? K____ j_____ b_______ K-y-ı j-r-e- b-l-s-z- --------------------- Kaysı jerden bolosuz?
From Basel. Базе---е-. Б_________ Б-з-л-д-н- ---------- Базельден. 0
Baze--en. B________ B-z-l-e-. --------- Bazelden.
Basel is in Switzerland. Б----ь-Швейц--и--а------шка-. Б_____ Ш__________ ж_________ Б-з-л- Ш-е-ц-р-я-а ж-й-а-к-н- ----------------------------- Базель Швейцарияда жайгашкан. 0
Baze- Şve-----iyad---aygaş---. B____ Ş____________ j_________ B-z-l Ş-e-t-a-i-a-a j-y-a-k-n- ------------------------------ Bazel Şveytsariyada jaygaşkan.
May I introduce Mr. Miller? Сиз-и Мю---р--ы--а-м--е---ааны--ыр-ам бо--б-? С____ М_____ м____ м____ т___________ б______ С-з-и М-л-е- м-р-а м-н-н т-а-ы-т-р-а- б-л-б-? --------------------------------------------- Сизди Мюллер мырза менен тааныштырсам болобу? 0
Siz-- -y-ller-mırza --n----a--ıştı-s-m --lob-? S____ M______ m____ m____ t___________ b______ S-z-i M-u-l-r m-r-a m-n-n t-a-ı-t-r-a- b-l-b-? ---------------------------------------------- Sizdi Myuller mırza menen taanıştırsam bolobu?
He is a foreigner. А- -ет-эл-и-. А_ ч__ э_____ А- ч-т э-д-к- ------------- Ал чет элдик. 0
A- --t---dik. A_ ç__ e_____ A- ç-t e-d-k- ------------- Al çet eldik.
He speaks several languages. А- би-----------де ---лө-т. А_ б__ к____ т____ с_______ А- б-р к-н-а т-л-е с-й-ө-т- --------------------------- Ал бир канча тилде сүйлөйт. 0
A- b-r-kanç---i--e-sü-l-y-. A_ b__ k____ t____ s_______ A- b-r k-n-a t-l-e s-y-ö-t- --------------------------- Al bir kança tilde süylöyt.
Are you here for the first time? Си- --л-ж---е -и-и--и-ж-лу ке---ң-зби? С__ б__ ж____ б______ ж___ к__________ С-з б-л ж-р-е б-р-н-и ж-л- к-л-и-и-б-? -------------------------------------- Сиз бул жерге биринчи жолу келдиңизби? 0
S----u- ---ge--i-i-ç- jo---k--diŋ-zb-? S__ b__ j____ b______ j___ k__________ S-z b-l j-r-e b-r-n-i j-l- k-l-i-i-b-? -------------------------------------- Siz bul jerge birinçi jolu keldiŋizbi?
No, I was here once last year. Ж------- б--т----ул-жер---бо-гонм--. Ж___ м__ б_____ б__ ж____ б_________ Ж-к- м-н б-л-ы- б-л ж-р-е б-л-о-м-н- ------------------------------------ Жок, мен былтыр бул жерде болгонмун. 0
J-k---en --ltır --l--e-----olgo---n. J___ m__ b_____ b__ j____ b_________ J-k- m-n b-l-ı- b-l j-r-e b-l-o-m-n- ------------------------------------ Jok, men bıltır bul jerde bolgonmun.
Only for a week, though. Би--------ж-ма-а-га--. Б____ б__ ж_____ г____ Б-р-к б-р ж-м-г- г-н-. ---------------------- Бирок бир жумага гана. 0
B-rok-b-- ju--ga-g-n-. B____ b__ j_____ g____ B-r-k b-r j-m-g- g-n-. ---------------------- Birok bir jumaga gana.
How do you like it here? Б-л---рд---изг-----д-й--агып -а-а-? Б__ ж____ с____ к_____ ж____ ж_____ Б-л ж-р-е с-з-е к-н-а- ж-г-п ж-т-т- ----------------------------------- Бул жерде сизге кандай жагып жатат? 0
Bul-j-rd------- ka-d-y--------ata-? B__ j____ s____ k_____ j____ j_____ B-l j-r-e s-z-e k-n-a- j-g-p j-t-t- ----------------------------------- Bul jerde sizge kanday jagıp jatat?
A lot. The people are nice. А-------кш-. -л--ж----. А____ ж_____ Э__ ж_____ А-д-н ж-к-ы- Э-и ж-к-ы- ----------------------- Абдан жакшы. Эли жакшы. 0
Abd-n j-k--- Eli-----ı. A____ j_____ E__ j_____ A-d-n j-k-ı- E-i j-k-ı- ----------------------- Abdan jakşı. Eli jakşı.
And I like the scenery, too. А--н -а-а---й-аж-д-------. А___ м___ п_____ д_ ж_____ А-а- м-г- п-й-а- д- ж-г-т- -------------------------- Анан мага пейзаж да жагат. 0
A-a- -a-----yzaj-d--j-g-t. A___ m___ p_____ d_ j_____ A-a- m-g- p-y-a- d- j-g-t- -------------------------- Anan maga peyzaj da jagat.
What is your profession? С---и- -е-иби--з кан-а-? С_____ к________ к______ С-з-и- к-с-б-ң-з к-н-а-? ------------------------ Сиздин кесибиңиз кандай? 0
S------k--ib-ŋ-z-k-nd-y? S_____ k________ k______ S-z-i- k-s-b-ŋ-z k-n-a-? ------------------------ Sizdin kesibiŋiz kanday?
I am a translator. Мен -от-----ум--. М__ к____________ М-н к-т-р-о-у-у-. ----------------- Мен котормочумун. 0
M----ot-r--ç-mu-. M__ k____________ M-n k-t-r-o-u-u-. ----------------- Men kotormoçumun.
I translate books. Ме- к-те--ер------ор----. М__ к_________ к_________ М-н к-т-п-е-д- к-т-р-м-н- ------------------------- Мен китептерди которомун. 0
Men k-t-p---d--kot---m-n. M__ k_________ k_________ M-n k-t-p-e-d- k-t-r-m-n- ------------------------- Men kitepterdi kotoromun.
Are you alone here? Б----ерде --лг-з-ы--ы? Б__ ж____ ж___________ Б-л ж-р-е ж-л-ы-с-з-ы- ---------------------- Бул жерде жалгызсызбы? 0
B-l -erde -a-gı-s---ı? B__ j____ j___________ B-l j-r-e j-l-ı-s-z-ı- ---------------------- Bul jerde jalgızsızbı?
No, my wife / my husband is also here. Ж-к--ме-и- --лы-/-үйө-- -а -ул-ж-р-е. Ж___ м____ а___________ д_ б__ ж_____ Ж-к- м-н-н а-л-м-к-й-ө- д- б-л ж-р-е- ------------------------------------- Жок, менин аялым/күйөөм да бул жерде. 0
J-k, men-n-a----m-kü-öö--d- -ul jer--. J___ m____ a____________ d_ b__ j_____ J-k- m-n-n a-a-ı-/-ü-ö-m d- b-l j-r-e- -------------------------------------- Jok, menin ayalım/küyööm da bul jerde.
And those are my two children. А--- -е--- эк--балам--ар. А___ м____ э__ б____ б___ А-а- м-н-н э-и б-л-м б-р- ------------------------- Анан менин эки балам бар. 0
A--- m--i- -----a--m--a-. A___ m____ e__ b____ b___ A-a- m-n-n e-i b-l-m b-r- ------------------------- Anan menin eki balam bar.

Romance Languages

700 million people speak a Romance language as their native tongue. Thus the Romance language group ranks among the most significant worldwide. Romance languages belong to the Indo-European language family. All Romance languages date back to Latin. This means they are descendants of the language of Rome. The basis of all Romance languages was Vulgar Latin. By which is meant the Latin spoken in late ancient times. Vulgar Latin was spread throughout Europe through Roman conquests. Out of it there then developed the Romance languages and dialects. Latin itself is an Italian language. There are in total about 15 Romance languages. The exact number is difficult to determine. It is often unclear whether independent languages or only dialects exist. A few Romance languages have died out over the years. But new languages based on Romance languages have also developed. They are Creole languages. Today, Spanish is the largest Romance language worldwide. It belongs to the world languages with more than 380 million speakers. Romance languages are very interesting for scientists. Because the history of this linguistic group is well-documented. Latin or Roman texts have existed for 2,500 years. Linguists use them to examine the evolution of the individual languages. Thus, the rules from which language develops can be researched. Many of these results can be transferred to other languages. The grammar of Romance languages is similarly constructed. Above all, however, the vocabulary of the languages is similar. If a person speaks one Romance language, he can easily learn another one. Thank you, Latin!
Did you know?
The Japanese language is surely one of the most fascinating. Many people find the writing system especially interesting. It is comprised of Chinese symbols and two syllabaries. Another characteristic of Japanese is that it has many dialects. These differ from one another significantly in some cases. Thus it is possible that two speakers from different regions do not understand each other. Japanese has a melodic accent. If a word needs to be emphasized it is not spoken louder. The pitches of the sounds are varied. Approximately 130 million people speak Japanese. Naturally, the majority of those live in Japan. There are also large groups of Japanese speakers in Brazil and North America. They are the descendants of Japanese emigrants. There are relatively few true second language speakers. That is exactly what should motivate us to learn this exciting language!