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77 [seventy-seven]

Giving reasons 3

Giving reasons 3

77 [жетимиш жети]

77 [jetimiş jeti]

Бир нерсени негиздөө 3

[Bir nerseni negizdöö 3]

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Why aren’t you eating the cake? Эм-- ---- то--ту------ ж-т-с--? Э___ ү___ т_____ ж____ ж_______ Э-н- ү-ү- т-р-т- ж-б-й ж-т-с-з- ------------------------------- Эмне үчүн тортту жебей жатасыз? 0
E-ne-ü--n t---t- je-ey--at-s-z? E___ ü___ t_____ j____ j_______ E-n- ü-ü- t-r-t- j-b-y j-t-s-z- ------------------------------- Emne üçün torttu jebey jatasız?
I must lose weight. М-- -р-кт-ш-м---р-к. М__ а________ к_____ М-н а-ы-т-ш-м к-р-к- -------------------- Мен арыкташым керек. 0
Me--a-ıkt-şım--e-e-. M__ a________ k_____ M-n a-ı-t-ş-m k-r-k- -------------------- Men arıktaşım kerek.
I’m not eating it because I must lose weight. Мен--ны же--йм, ан-ке-и -р--таш-м-керек. М__ а__ ж______ а______ а________ к_____ М-н а-ы ж-б-й-, а-т-е-и а-ы-т-ш-м к-р-к- ---------------------------------------- Мен аны жебейм, анткени арыкташым керек. 0
M---anı--eb-ym---nt-e-- a--kt--ı--ker--. M__ a__ j______ a______ a________ k_____ M-n a-ı j-b-y-, a-t-e-i a-ı-t-ş-m k-r-k- ---------------------------------------- Men anı jebeym, antkeni arıktaşım kerek.
Why aren’t you drinking the beer? Э----е --ра --п-йс--? Э_____ с___ и________ Э-н-г- с-р- и-п-й-и-? --------------------- Эмнеге сыра ичпейсиз? 0
Emnege-s-r--i--e-s--? E_____ s___ i________ E-n-g- s-r- i-p-y-i-? --------------------- Emnege sıra içpeysiz?
I have to drive. Мен---г- --аа а--а-----ере-. М__ д___ у___ а______ к_____ М-н д-г- у-а- а-д-ш-м к-р-к- ---------------------------- Мен дагы унаа айдашым керек. 0
Men-d--ı ---a--yd---m k--e-. M__ d___ u___ a______ k_____ M-n d-g- u-a- a-d-ş-m k-r-k- ---------------------------- Men dagı unaa aydaşım kerek.
I’m not drinking it because I have to drive. М---ан- и-п---------ени-ме--дагы--н-----д--ым к-р-к. М__ а__ и______ а______ м__ д___ у___ а______ к_____ М-н а-ы и-п-й-, а-т-е-и м-н д-г- у-а- а-д-ш-м к-р-к- ---------------------------------------------------- Мен аны ичпейм, анткени мен дагы унаа айдашым керек. 0
M-n---ı i--e-m,-a--ke-i-------g- ---a-a---şım--ere-. M__ a__ i______ a______ m__ d___ u___ a______ k_____ M-n a-ı i-p-y-, a-t-e-i m-n d-g- u-a- a-d-ş-m k-r-k- ---------------------------------------------------- Men anı içpeym, antkeni men dagı unaa aydaşım kerek.
Why aren’t you drinking the coffee? Э-н---ч---к--- -чпе-сиң? Э___ ү___ к___ и________ Э-н- ү-ү- к-ф- и-п-й-и-? ------------------------ Эмне үчүн кофе ичпейсиң? 0
Em-e ---n --f--------i-? E___ ü___ k___ i________ E-n- ü-ü- k-f- i-p-y-i-? ------------------------ Emne üçün kofe içpeysiŋ?
It is cold. Ал ---к э--н. А_ с___ э____ А- с-у- э-е-. ------------- Ал суук экен. 0
Al--u-- -ken. A_ s___ e____ A- s-u- e-e-. ------------- Al suuk eken.
I’m not drinking it because it is cold. К-фе----к-б-л--нду--а---ч-ей-. К___ с___ б___________ и______ К-ф- с-у- б-л-о-д-к-а- и-п-й-. ------------------------------ Кофе суук болгондуктан ичпейм. 0
K--e ---- b--go-d--t---iç-e-m. K___ s___ b___________ i______ K-f- s-u- b-l-o-d-k-a- i-p-y-. ------------------------------ Kofe suuk bolgonduktan içpeym.
Why aren’t you drinking the tea? Э-н-г----й-ичпей------ың? Э_____ ч__ и____ ж_______ Э-н-г- ч-й и-п-й ж-т-с-ң- ------------------------- Эмнеге чай ичпей жатасың? 0
E---g----- --pe---a-a-ı-? E_____ ç__ i____ j_______ E-n-g- ç-y i-p-y j-t-s-ŋ- ------------------------- Emnege çay içpey jatasıŋ?
I have no sugar. М-нде-шеке- -ок. М____ ш____ ж___ М-н-е ш-к-р ж-к- ---------------- Менде шекер жок. 0
Men-e -eke--jo-. M____ ş____ j___ M-n-e ş-k-r j-k- ---------------- Mende şeker jok.
I’m not drinking it because I don’t have any sugar. Ме- --- ич--йм, ан-к--- -е-----е--р-жо-. М__ а__ и______ а______ м____ ш____ ж___ М-н а-ы и-п-й-, а-т-е-и м-н-е ш-к-р ж-к- ---------------------------------------- Мен аны ичпейм, анткени менде шекер жок. 0
Me----ı ------------eni-men-e -e----jok. M__ a__ i______ a______ m____ ş____ j___ M-n a-ı i-p-y-, a-t-e-i m-n-e ş-k-r j-k- ---------------------------------------- Men anı içpeym, antkeni mende şeker jok.
Why aren’t you eating the soup? Э-не -ч-н--орп- ич--й-ж---сың? Э___ ү___ ш____ и____ ж_______ Э-н- ү-ү- ш-р-о и-п-й ж-т-с-ң- ------------------------------ Эмне үчүн шорпо ичпей жатасың? 0
Em-e-üçün--o-po -ç--- -a--s-ŋ? E___ ü___ ş____ i____ j_______ E-n- ü-ü- ş-r-o i-p-y j-t-s-ŋ- ------------------------------ Emne üçün şorpo içpey jatasıŋ?
I didn’t order it. М-н --р-ого-б-юрт-- берге- эм-с-ин. М__ ш______ б______ б_____ э_______ М-н ш-р-о-о б-ю-т-а б-р-е- э-е-м-н- ----------------------------------- Мен шорпого буюртма берген эмесмин. 0
M-n --rpo-o ----rtm- -er--- e--sm--. M__ ş______ b_______ b_____ e_______ M-n ş-r-o-o b-y-r-m- b-r-e- e-e-m-n- ------------------------------------ Men şorpogo buyurtma bergen emesmin.
I’m not eating it because I didn’t order it. М-- а-ы-ж-бе--- ---ке-и ме--а-а бу-р-ма б--г-- э-есмин. М__ а__ ж______ а______ м__ а__ б______ б_____ э_______ М-н а-ы ж-б-й-, а-т-е-и м-н а-а б-ю-т-а б-р-е- э-е-м-н- ------------------------------------------------------- Мен аны жебейм, анткени мен ага буюртма берген эмесмин. 0
Me- -nı--e--ym,-an-k--i me---g--b-y-rt-- ber--n-e--sm-n. M__ a__ j______ a______ m__ a__ b_______ b_____ e_______ M-n a-ı j-b-y-, a-t-e-i m-n a-a b-y-r-m- b-r-e- e-e-m-n- -------------------------------------------------------- Men anı jebeym, antkeni men aga buyurtma bergen emesmin.
Why don’t you eat the meat? Эм-- ---- ---- ж-б-й--а-а---? Э___ ү___ э___ ж____ ж_______ Э-н- ү-ү- э-т- ж-б-й ж-т-с-ң- ----------------------------- Эмне үчүн этти жебей жатасың? 0
Emn----ün--t----e-----a-----? E___ ü___ e___ j____ j_______ E-n- ü-ü- e-t- j-b-y j-t-s-ŋ- ----------------------------- Emne üçün etti jebey jatasıŋ?
I am a vegetarian. Ме----г--ар----ын. М__ в_____________ М-н в-г-т-р-а-м-н- ------------------ Мен вегетарианмын. 0
M-n -eg--ar--n-ı-. M__ v_____________ M-n v-g-t-r-a-m-n- ------------------ Men vegetarianmın.
I’m not eating it because I am a vegetarian. Ме- -ны--еб---,-ан-кен- -----е-е-ар-а------. М__ а__ ж______ а______ м__ в_______________ М-н а-ы ж-б-й-, а-т-е-и м-н в-г-т-р-а-ч-м-н- -------------------------------------------- Мен аны жебейм, анткени мен вегетарианчымын. 0
M-n -n--j---ym,--ntkeni---- --g--ari--çı---. M__ a__ j______ a______ m__ v_______________ M-n a-ı j-b-y-, a-t-e-i m-n v-g-t-r-a-ç-m-n- -------------------------------------------- Men anı jebeym, antkeni men vegetariançımın.

Gestures help with the learning of vocabulary

When we learn vocabulary, our brain has a lot of work to do. It must store every new word. But you can support your brain in learning. This is achieved through gestures. Gestures help our memory. It can remember words better if it processes gestures at the same time. A study has clearly proven this. Researchers had test subjects study vocabulary. These words didn't really exist. They belonged to an artificial language. A few words were taught to the test subjects with gestures. That is to say, the test subjects didn't just hear or read the words. Using gestures, they imitated the meaning of the words as well. While they studied, their brain activity was measured. Researchers made an interesting discovery in the process. When the words were learned with gestures, more areas of the brain were active. In addition to the speech center, sensomotoric areas showed activity as well. This additional brain activity influences our memory. In learning with gestures, complex networks form. These networks save the new words in multiple places in the brain. Vocabulary can be processed more efficiently this way. When we want to use certain words our brain finds them faster. They are also stored better. It's important, however, that the gesture is associated with the word. Our brain recognizes when a word and gesture don't go together. The new findings could lead to new teaching methods. Individuals that know little about languages often learn slowly. Perhaps they will learn easier if they imitate the words physically…