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59 [fifty-nine]

At the post office

At the post office

59 [элүү тогуз]

59 [elüü toguz]

Почта бөлүмүндө

[Poçta bölümündö]

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Where is the nearest post office? Ж--ы--ы п-ч----а--а? Ж______ п____ к_____ Ж-к-н-ы п-ч-а к-й-а- -------------------- Жакынкы почта кайда? 0
J-k-n-ı ----a k-y-a? J______ p____ k_____ J-k-n-ı p-ç-a k-y-a- -------------------- Jakınkı poçta kayda?
Is the post office far from here? Жа-ынк- п-ч-а-- ч--------спы? Ж______ п______ ч____ а______ Ж-к-н-ы п-ч-а-а ч-й-н а-ы-п-? ----------------------------- Жакынкы почтага чейин алыспы? 0
Jak--kı-poç---a--e----a---pı? J______ p______ ç____ a______ J-k-n-ı p-ç-a-a ç-y-n a-ı-p-? ----------------------------- Jakınkı poçtaga çeyin alıspı?
Where is the nearest mail box? Ж-к-нкы п--та ящи-и--а-да? Ж______ п____ я____ к_____ Ж-к-н-ы п-ч-а я-и-и к-й-а- -------------------------- Жакынкы почта ящиги кайда? 0
J----kı-poç-----sç--i-kayd-? J______ p____ y______ k_____ J-k-n-ı p-ç-a y-s-i-i k-y-a- ---------------------------- Jakınkı poçta yasçigi kayda?
I need a couple of stamps. М-г--б-р-н-че почта-ма-ка---ы к-рек. М___ б__ н___ п____ м________ к_____ М-г- б-р н-ч- п-ч-а м-р-а-а-ы к-р-к- ------------------------------------ Мага бир нече почта маркалары керек. 0
Mag----r-n-çe ----a m-r-al-----e--k. M___ b__ n___ p____ m________ k_____ M-g- b-r n-ç- p-ç-a m-r-a-a-ı k-r-k- ------------------------------------ Maga bir neçe poçta markaları kerek.
For a card and a letter. п--т- -ар-оч--с----ык-к-т)-жа-а---- -чүн. п____ к______________ к___ ж___ к__ ү____ п-ч-а к-р-о-к-с-(-ч-к к-т- ж-н- к-т ү-ү-. ----------------------------------------- почта карточкасы(ачык кат) жана кат үчүн. 0
poçta-kar-o--a----çık -a-)---n- kat---ün. p____ k______________ k___ j___ k__ ü____ p-ç-a k-r-o-k-s-(-ç-k k-t- j-n- k-t ü-ü-. ----------------------------------------- poçta kartoçkası(açık kat) jana kat üçün.
How much is the postage to America? Ам--ика-а п-ч-----н----ур--? А________ п____ к____ т_____ А-е-и-а-а п-ч-а к-н-а т-р-т- ---------------------------- Америкага почта канча турат? 0
Am-r---ga -oç-- ---ç--t--a-? A________ p____ k____ t_____ A-e-i-a-a p-ç-a k-n-a t-r-t- ---------------------------- Amerikaga poçta kança turat?
How heavy is the package? Пакет к---а-----о-? П____ к_______ о___ П-к-т к-н-а-ы- о-р- ------------------- Пакет канчалык оор? 0
Pa--t -ança--- --r? P____ k_______ o___ P-k-t k-n-a-ı- o-r- ------------------- Paket kançalık oor?
Can I send it by air mail? Ме--аны аб- -о--асы м-н-н-----тө -л-мбы? М__ а__ а__ п______ м____ ж_____ а______ М-н а-ы а-а п-ч-а-ы м-н-н ж-н-т- а-а-б-? ---------------------------------------- Мен аны аба почтасы менен жөнөтө аламбы? 0
M-n -nı -ba po--a-- --ne--jö-öt- -lambı? M__ a__ a__ p______ m____ j_____ a______ M-n a-ı a-a p-ç-a-ı m-n-n j-n-t- a-a-b-? ---------------------------------------- Men anı aba poçtası menen jönötö alambı?
How long will it take to get there? Жетк--ге-ч--и- --нч- у-а--- -ере-? Ж_______ ч____ к____ у_____ к_____ Ж-т-е-г- ч-й-н к-н-а у-а-ы- к-р-к- ---------------------------------- Жеткенге чейин канча убакыт керек? 0
Je-k--ge çeyin -a--a u-a-ıt-k-r--? J_______ ç____ k____ u_____ k_____ J-t-e-g- ç-y-n k-n-a u-a-ı- k-r-k- ---------------------------------- Jetkenge çeyin kança ubakıt kerek?
Where can I make a call? К---- же-д-н-ч-лс-м б-л--? К____ ж_____ ч_____ б_____ К-й-ы ж-р-е- ч-л-а- б-л-т- -------------------------- Кайcы жерден чалсам болот? 0
Kaycı je---n -als-- b----? K____ j_____ ç_____ b_____ K-y-ı j-r-e- ç-l-a- b-l-t- -------------------------- Kaycı jerden çalsam bolot?
Where is the nearest telephone booth? К-йин-- ---ефон-каби--с---а---? К______ т______ к_______ к_____ К-й-н-и т-л-ф-н к-б-н-с- к-й-а- ------------------------------- Кийинки телефон кабинасы кайда? 0
Kiyin---t-lefo---abinası-kay--? K______ t______ k_______ k_____ K-y-n-i t-l-f-n k-b-n-s- k-y-a- ------------------------------- Kiyinki telefon kabinası kayda?
Do you have calling cards? Т--е--н -арт---рың-- ба-бы? Т______ к___________ б_____ Т-л-ф-н к-р-а-а-ы-ы- б-р-ы- --------------------------- Телефон карталарыңыз барбы? 0
T-l--o- k-rt-l---ŋı- --rbı? T______ k___________ b_____ T-l-f-n k-r-a-a-ı-ı- b-r-ı- --------------------------- Telefon kartalarıŋız barbı?
Do you have a telephone directory? Телеф-- --те--е-и- -----? Т______ к_________ б_____ Т-л-ф-н к-т-п-е-и- б-р-ы- ------------------------- Телефон китепчеңиз барбы? 0
Telef-n kit-p-------ar-ı? T______ k_________ b_____ T-l-f-n k-t-p-e-i- b-r-ı- ------------------------- Telefon kitepçeŋiz barbı?
Do you know the area code for Austria? Авс--ия ---ө-ү--н ---ун -и-ес--б-? А______ ө________ к____ б_________ А-с-р-я ө-к-с-н-н к-д-н б-л-с-з-и- ---------------------------------- Австрия өлкөсүнүн кодун билесизби? 0
A-str-ya--l-----ü- k------i---i-b-? A_______ ö________ k____ b_________ A-s-r-y- ö-k-s-n-n k-d-n b-l-s-z-i- ----------------------------------- Avstriya ölkösünün kodun bilesizbi?
One moment, I’ll look it up. А--р---ен ка-а--бе---. А____ м__ к____ б_____ А-ы-, м-н к-р-п б-р-м- ---------------------- Азыр, мен карап берем. 0
Azı---------r-p-be-e-. A____ m__ k____ b_____ A-ı-, m-n k-r-p b-r-m- ---------------------- Azır, men karap berem.
The line is always busy. Ли-и- ----ма---ш ----. Л____ д_____ б__ э____ Л-н-я д-й-м- б-ш э-е-. ---------------------- Линия дайыма бош эмес. 0
Liniya---y-ma b---em-s. L_____ d_____ b__ e____ L-n-y- d-y-m- b-ş e-e-. ----------------------- Liniya dayıma boş emes.
Which number did you dial? Ка-----омерди ---ди--з? К____ н______ т________ К-й-ы н-м-р-и т-р-и-и-? ----------------------- Кайсы номерди тердиңиз? 0
K---ı n---rdi -er-----? K____ n______ t________ K-y-ı n-m-r-i t-r-i-i-? ----------------------- Kaysı nomerdi terdiŋiz?
You have to dial a zero first! С-з аде--нде-н-л-ү -ер-шиң-з к-рек! С__ а_______ н____ т________ к_____ С-з а-е-е-д- н-л-ү т-р-ш-ң-з к-р-к- ----------------------------------- Сиз адегенде нөлдү теришиңиз керек! 0
Si- -------e-nö-d- -e-i-i--- -----! S__ a_______ n____ t________ k_____ S-z a-e-e-d- n-l-ü t-r-ş-ŋ-z k-r-k- ----------------------------------- Siz adegende nöldü terişiŋiz kerek!

Feelings speak different languages too!

Many different languages are spoken around the world. There is no universal human language. But how is it for our facial expressions? Is the language of emotions universal? No, there are also differences here! It was long believed that all people expressed feelings the same way. The language of facial expressions was considered universally understood. Charles Darwin believed that feelings were of vital importance for humans. Therefore, they had to be understood equally in all cultures. But new studies are coming to a different result. They show that there are differences in the language of feelings too. That is, our facial expressions are influenced by our culture. Therefore, people around the world show and interpret feelings differently. Scientists distinguish six primary emotions. They are happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear and surprise. But Europeans have different facial expressions to Asians. And they read different things from the same expressions. Various experiments have confirmed this. In them, test subjects were shown faces on a computer. The subjects were supposed to describe what they read in the faces. There are many reasons why the results differed. Feelings are shown more in some cultures than in others. The intensity of facial expressions is therefore not understood the same everywhere. Also, people from different cultures pay attention to different things. Asians concentrate on the eyes when reading facial expressions. Europeans and Americans, on the other hand, look at the mouth. One facial expression is understood in all cultures, however… That is a nice smile!