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57 [fifty-seven]

At the doctor

At the doctor

57 [элүү жети]

57 [elüü jeti]



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I have a doctor’s appointment. М---е -ары-е-ле------ол-гу----у ба-. М____ д____________ ж__________ б___ М-н-е д-р-г-р-е-д-н ж-л-г-ш-у-у б-р- ------------------------------------ Менде дарыгерлердин жолугушуусу бар. 0
Men---dar-g---er--n-j----uş-u-u -ar. M____ d____________ j__________ b___ M-n-e d-r-g-r-e-d-n j-l-g-ş-u-u b-r- ------------------------------------ Mende darıgerlerdin joluguşuusu bar.
I have the appointment at ten o’clock. Са-т---г- --лу--ш--м---р. С___ о___ ж_________ б___ С-а- о-г- ж-л-г-ш-у- б-р- ------------------------- Саат онго жолугушуум бар. 0
Saat--n---j--ugu-u----ar. S___ o___ j_________ b___ S-a- o-g- j-l-g-ş-u- b-r- ------------------------- Saat ongo joluguşuum bar.
What is your name? А-ы--з--им? А_____ к___ А-ы-ы- к-м- ----------- Атыңыз ким? 0
A----z--im? A_____ k___ A-ı-ı- k-m- ----------- Atıŋız kim?
Please take a seat in the waiting room. Сураны---к-т-ү--өлмөсү-ө---р-н---ың--. С_______ к____ б_________ о___ а______ С-р-н-ч- к-т-ү б-л-ө-ү-ө- о-у- а-ы-ы-. -------------------------------------- Сураныч, күтүү бөлмөсүнөн орун алыңыз. 0
S-ran-ç,-k--üü bö-m-s-n-- o-un--lı--z. S_______ k____ b_________ o___ a______ S-r-n-ç- k-t-ü b-l-ö-ü-ö- o-u- a-ı-ı-. -------------------------------------- Suranıç, kütüü bölmösünön orun alıŋız.
The doctor is on his way. Дар-гер ж--------е-е-. Д______ ж______ к_____ Д-р-г-р ж-к-н-а к-л-т- ---------------------- Дарыгер жакында келет. 0
Darıge- ---ı----ke-et. D______ j______ k_____ D-r-g-r j-k-n-a k-l-t- ---------------------- Darıger jakında kelet.
What insurance company do you belong to? Сиз -ай-а --мсы-дан---ылган--? С__ к____ к___________________ С-з к-й-а к-м-ы-д-н-ы-ы-г-н-з- ------------------------------ Сиз кайда камсыздандырылганыз? 0
Siz ka-d--k-m-ı---n---ılg-nı-? S__ k____ k___________________ S-z k-y-a k-m-ı-d-n-ı-ı-g-n-z- ------------------------------ Siz kayda kamsızdandırılganız?
What can I do for you? Мен--и- ү--- -мн- -ыла--ла-? М__ с__ ү___ э___ к___ а____ М-н с-з ү-ү- э-н- к-л- а-а-? ---------------------------- Мен сиз үчүн эмне кыла алам? 0
Me- s-----ü------ kı-a---a-? M__ s__ ü___ e___ k___ a____ M-n s-z ü-ü- e-n- k-l- a-a-? ---------------------------- Men siz üçün emne kıla alam?
Do you have any pain? С----о-уп---тас--бы? С__ о____ ж_________ С-з о-р-п ж-т-с-з-ы- -------------------- Сиз ооруп жатасызбы? 0
Si- ---u--j---s--b-? S__ o____ j_________ S-z o-r-p j-t-s-z-ı- -------------------- Siz oorup jatasızbı?
Where does it hurt? К-йс--же--ң-- о-руп---т--? К____ ж______ о____ ж_____ К-й-ы ж-р-ң-з о-р-п ж-т-т- -------------------------- Кайсы жериңиз ооруп жатат? 0
Kay-- j-r--iz--o-u--jat--? K____ j______ o____ j_____ K-y-ı j-r-ŋ-z o-r-p j-t-t- -------------------------- Kaysı jeriŋiz oorup jatat?
I always have back pain. М---- -р ---ы--бел-о---с-----. М____ а_ д____ б__ о_____ б___ М-н-е а- д-й-м б-л о-р-с- б-р- ------------------------------ Менде ар дайым бел оорусу бар. 0
Me--e-ar --yı- -el--o-u-u-ba-. M____ a_ d____ b__ o_____ b___ M-n-e a- d-y-m b-l o-r-s- b-r- ------------------------------ Mende ar dayım bel oorusu bar.
I often have headaches. М--и--б---м --п о--уйт. М____ б____ к__ о______ М-н-н б-ш-м к-п о-р-й-. ----------------------- Менин башым көп ооруйт. 0
M-ni- b-şım k-- o-ruy-. M____ b____ k__ o______ M-n-n b-ş-m k-p o-r-y-. ----------------------- Menin başım köp ooruyt.
I sometimes have stomach aches. М-----кэ-----ч-м --ру--. М____ к____ и___ о______ М-н-н к-э-е и-и- о-р-й-. ------------------------ Менин кээде ичим ооруйт. 0
Men---keede iç-----r---. M____ k____ i___ o______ M-n-n k-e-e i-i- o-r-y-. ------------------------ Menin keede içim ooruyt.
Remove your top! Сур--ыч--де-е-и-дин--о-о--у бө----н---б-ли-изг- -ейи- -ечи--ңи-! С_______ д_________ ж______ б________ б________ ч____ ч_________ С-р-н-ч- д-н-ң-з-и- ж-г-р-у б-л-г-н-н б-л-ң-з-е ч-й-н ч-ч-н-ң-з- ---------------------------------------------------------------- Сураныч, денеңиздин жогорку бөлүгүнөн белиңизге чейин чечиниңиз! 0
S---nı-, -e---i-din j--or-u bö---ünö- --liŋ-----ç-yi--çeçi-iŋ-z! S_______ d_________ j______ b________ b________ ç____ ç_________ S-r-n-ç- d-n-ŋ-z-i- j-g-r-u b-l-g-n-n b-l-ŋ-z-e ç-y-n ç-ç-n-ŋ-z- ---------------------------------------------------------------- Suranıç, deneŋizdin jogorku bölügünön beliŋizge çeyin çeçiniŋiz!
Lie down on the examining table. Суран--- -ез---г-о--а--ң--! С_______ ш________ ж_______ С-р-н-ч- ш-з-о-г-о ж-т-ң-з- --------------------------- Сураныч, шезлонгго жатыңыз! 0
S-r---ç,--e----ggo j-tıŋ-z! S_______ ş________ j_______ S-r-n-ç- ş-z-o-g-o j-t-ŋ-z- --------------------------- Suranıç, şezlonggo jatıŋız!
Your blood pressure is okay. К-н ----мы--ак-ы. К__ б_____ ж_____ К-н б-с-м- ж-к-ы- ----------------- Кан басымы жакшы. 0
Ka- bas--ı---k-ı. K__ b_____ j_____ K-n b-s-m- j-k-ı- ----------------- Kan basımı jakşı.
I will give you an injection. М-н--и-----к-л---рем. М__ с____ у___ б_____ М-н с-з-е у-о- б-р-м- --------------------- Мен сизге укол берем. 0
M-n-s-zge -k-----r-m. M__ s____ u___ b_____ M-n s-z-e u-o- b-r-m- --------------------- Men sizge ukol berem.
I will give you some pills. Мен --зге-табле-к- б--е-. М__ с____ т_______ б_____ М-н с-з-е т-б-е-к- б-р-м- ------------------------- Мен сизге таблетка берем. 0
Men-siz-- -ab--t-a-b--em. M__ s____ t_______ b_____ M-n s-z-e t-b-e-k- b-r-m- ------------------------- Men sizge tabletka berem.
I am giving you a prescription for the pharmacy. Мен-с-зг--д-ры--н-га р-ц-пт -----. М__ с____ д_________ р_____ б_____ М-н с-з-е д-р-к-н-г- р-ц-п- б-р-м- ---------------------------------- Мен сизге дарыканага рецепт берем. 0
M-- siz-e----ı-an-ga --t---t -e---. M__ s____ d_________ r______ b_____ M-n s-z-e d-r-k-n-g- r-t-e-t b-r-m- ----------------------------------- Men sizge darıkanaga retsept berem.

Long words, short words

The length of a word is dependent upon its informative content. This has been shown by an American study. Researchers evaluated words from ten European languages. This was achieved with the help of a computer. The computer analyzed various words with a program. In the process, it used a formula to calculate the informative content. The results were clear. The shorter a word is, the less information it conveys. Interestingly, we use short words more often than long words. The reason for this could lie in the efficiency of speech. When we speak, we concentrate on the most important thing. Therefore, words without much information mustn't be too long. This guarantees we don't spend too much time on unimportant things. The correlation between length and content has another advantage. It ensures that the informative content always remains the same. That is to say, we always say the same amount in a certain period of time. For example, we can use a few long words. But we can also use many short words. It doesn't matter what we decide: The informative content remains the same. As a result, our speech has a consistent rhythm. This makes it easier for listeners to follow us. If the amount of information were always varied, it would be difficult. Our listeners couldn't adapt well to our speech. Comprehension would thus be made difficult. He who wants the best chance of being understood should use short words. Since short words are better comprehended than long ones. Therefore, the principle goes: Keep It Short and Simple! In short: KISS!