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70 [seventy]

To like something

To like something

70 [жетимиш]

70 [jetimiş]

Бир нерсени жактыруу

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Would you like to smoke? Там------г-үн---а--а----бы? Т_____ ч______ к___________ Т-м-к- ч-г-ү-ү к-а-а-с-з-ы- --------------------------- Тамеки чегүүнү каалайсызбы? 0
Ta-ek- ç--üü-- kaal-ysız--? T_____ ç______ k___________ T-m-k- ç-g-ü-ü k-a-a-s-z-ı- --------------------------- Tameki çegüünü kaalaysızbı?
Would you like to dance? Бий-өөн- ка--айсы--ы? Б_______ к___________ Б-й-ө-н- к-а-а-с-з-ы- --------------------- Бийлөөнү каалайсызбы? 0
Bi---ön--k-a--ysız--? B_______ k___________ B-y-ö-n- k-a-a-s-z-ı- --------------------- Biylöönü kaalaysızbı?
Would you like to go for a walk? С----ейилдөө-ө -а--ың-з ----би? С__ с_________ б_______ к______ С-з с-й-л-ө-г- б-р-ы-ы- к-л-б-? ------------------------------- Сиз сейилдөөгө баргыңыз келеби? 0
Siz--e-i-dö-----ar--ŋ---k-----? S__ s_________ b_______ k______ S-z s-y-l-ö-g- b-r-ı-ı- k-l-b-? ------------------------------- Siz seyildöögö bargıŋız kelebi?
I would like to smoke. М-- та-ек- т---кым келе-. М__ т_____ т______ к_____ М-н т-м-к- т-р-к-м к-л-т- ------------------------- Мен тамеки тарткым келет. 0
M-- -am-k---a-tkım-kelet. M__ t_____ t______ k_____ M-n t-m-k- t-r-k-m k-l-t- ------------------------- Men tameki tartkım kelet.
Would you like a cigarette? Сен-т----и т----у-- к-а--йс--б-? С__ т_____ т_______ к___________ С-н т-м-к- т-р-у-н- к-а-а-с-ң-ы- -------------------------------- Сен тамеки тартууну каалайсыңбы? 0
Sen-t-m------r-u-nu ---l--s-ŋbı? S__ t_____ t_______ k___________ S-n t-m-k- t-r-u-n- k-a-a-s-ŋ-ı- -------------------------------- Sen tameki tartuunu kaalaysıŋbı?
He wants a light. Аг- -----р-к. А__ о_ к_____ А-а о- к-р-к- ------------- Ага от керек. 0
A-a-o- -e---. A__ o_ k_____ A-a o- k-r-k- ------------- Aga ot kerek.
I want to drink something. Мен --р не-се и-ки- кели--жат--. М__ б__ н____ и____ к____ ж_____ М-н б-р н-р-е и-к-м к-л-п ж-т-т- -------------------------------- Мен бир нерсе ичким келип жатат. 0
M-- b-r -er-e iç----k--ip --ta-. M__ b__ n____ i____ k____ j_____ M-n b-r n-r-e i-k-m k-l-p j-t-t- -------------------------------- Men bir nerse içkim kelip jatat.
I want to eat something. Мен б-р -е-се жег-м--елип --т-т. М__ б__ н____ ж____ к____ ж_____ М-н б-р н-р-е ж-г-м к-л-п ж-т-т- -------------------------------- Мен бир нерсе жегим келип жатат. 0
M-n-b-r n---e -e----ke--- ja--t. M__ b__ n____ j____ k____ j_____ M-n b-r n-r-e j-g-m k-l-p j-t-t- -------------------------------- Men bir nerse jegim kelip jatat.
I want to relax a little. М-н--и------с ал-ым-ке-ип ж-т-т. М__ б__ а_ э_ а____ к____ ж_____ М-н б-р а- э- а-г-м к-л-п ж-т-т- -------------------------------- Мен бир аз эс алгым келип жатат. 0
Men-bi- a---s a-gım -e-i- jata-. M__ b__ a_ e_ a____ k____ j_____ M-n b-r a- e- a-g-m k-l-p j-t-t- -------------------------------- Men bir az es algım kelip jatat.
I want to ask you something. М-н----д---б-- н--с--сур--ы- -е-е-. М__ с_____ б__ н____ с______ к_____ М-н с-з-е- б-р н-р-е с-р-г-м к-л-т- ----------------------------------- Мен сизден бир нерсе сурагым келет. 0
Men-s-z----bir -e-se----a--- -ele-. M__ s_____ b__ n____ s______ k_____ M-n s-z-e- b-r n-r-e s-r-g-m k-l-t- ----------------------------------- Men sizden bir nerse suragım kelet.
I want to ask you for something. М-н си-ден б-р н--с---у-------к---п ж--а-. М__ с_____ б__ н____ с_______ к____ ж_____ М-н с-з-е- б-р н-р-е с-р-н-ы- к-л-п ж-т-т- ------------------------------------------ Мен сизден бир нерсе сурангым келип жатат. 0
Men-siz--n --r --r-e---rang---ke-ip---tat. M__ s_____ b__ n____ s_______ k____ j_____ M-n s-z-e- b-r n-r-e s-r-n-ı- k-l-p j-t-t- ------------------------------------------ Men sizden bir nerse surangım kelip jatat.
I want to treat you to something. Мен-сизди-б-р -ер---ч-кыр-ым----и- -ат--. М__ с____ б__ ж____ ч_______ к____ ж_____ М-н с-з-и б-р ж-р-е ч-к-р-ы- к-л-п ж-т-т- ----------------------------------------- Мен сизди бир жерге чакыргым келип жатат. 0
M-- --zd--b---jerg- ça-ır-ım ke-------at. M__ s____ b__ j____ ç_______ k____ j_____ M-n s-z-i b-r j-r-e ç-k-r-ı- k-l-p j-t-t- ----------------------------------------- Men sizdi bir jerge çakırgım kelip jatat.
What would you like? Эмне-ка----т --е---? Э___ к______ э______ Э-н- к-а-а-т э-е-и-? -------------------- Эмне каалайт элеңиз? 0
Emn- -a-layt -l----? E___ k______ e______ E-n- k-a-a-t e-e-i-? -------------------- Emne kaalayt eleŋiz?
Would you like a coffee? Ко---и-ү--ү каал--сы--ы? К___ и_____ к___________ К-ф- и-ү-н- к-а-а-с-з-ы- ------------------------ Кофе ичүүнү каалайсызбы? 0
Ko-e i-üü---kaa-a-sızbı? K___ i_____ k___________ K-f- i-ü-n- k-a-a-s-z-ı- ------------------------ Kofe içüünü kaalaysızbı?
Or do you prefer a tea? Же-би- -ы-- ча--ичүү-ү-ка---йсызб-? Ж_ б__ ч___ ч__ и_____ к___________ Ж- б-р ч-н- ч-й и-ү-н- к-а-а-с-з-ы- ----------------------------------- Же бир чыны чай ичүүнү каалайсызбы? 0
J------çı-ı-ça---ç--nü k-al--s--b-? J_ b__ ç___ ç__ i_____ k___________ J- b-r ç-n- ç-y i-ü-n- k-a-a-s-z-ı- ----------------------------------- Je bir çını çay içüünü kaalaysızbı?
We want to drive home. Б-з----ө--аргы-ыз ------ж-т--. Б__ ү___ б_______ к____ ж_____ Б-з ү-г- б-р-ы-ы- к-л-п ж-т-т- ------------------------------ Биз үйгө баргыбыз келип жатат. 0
Bi- -yg---a--ı-ız-k-----j-t--. B__ ü___ b_______ k____ j_____ B-z ü-g- b-r-ı-ı- k-l-p j-t-t- ------------------------------ Biz üygö bargıbız kelip jatat.
Do you want a taxi? С-лер т-----к---ай-----б-? С____ т____ к_____________ С-л-р т-к-и к-а-а-с-ң-р-ы- -------------------------- Силер такси каалайсыңарбы? 0
Si--- ta--i-k-ala-s-ŋar-ı? S____ t____ k_____________ S-l-r t-k-i k-a-a-s-ŋ-r-ı- -------------------------- Siler taksi kaalaysıŋarbı?
They want to make a call. А-ар ---гы-ы-ке---. А___ ч______ к_____ А-а- ч-л-ы-ы к-л-т- ------------------- Алар чалгысы келет. 0
A-ar ça--ı-ı -e--t. A___ ç______ k_____ A-a- ç-l-ı-ı k-l-t- ------------------- Alar çalgısı kelet.

Two languages = two speech centers!

When we learn a language matters to our brain. This is because it has different storage areas for different languages. Not all the languages we learn are stored together. Languages we learn as adults have their own storage area. That means the brain processes the new rules in a different place. They aren't stored with the native language. People who grow up bilingual, on the other hand, only use one region of the brain. Multiple studies have come to this conclusion. Neuroscientists examined various test subjects. These subjects spoke two languages fluently. One part of the test group, however, had grown up with both languages. The other part, in contrast, had learned the second language later in life. Researchers could measure brain activity during language tests. This way they could see which areas of the brain functioned during the tests. And they saw that the ‘late’ learners had two speech centers! Researchers had already long suspected that this would be so. People with brain injuries show different symptoms. So, damage to the brain can also lead to speech problems. Those affected can't pronounce or understand words as well. But bilingual accident victims sometimes show unusual symptoms. Their speech problems don't always affect both languages. If only one area of the brain is injured, the other can still function. Then the patients speak one language better than the other. The two different languages are also re-learned at different speeds. This proves that both languages aren't stored in the same place. Since they weren't learned at the same time, they form two centers. It is still unknown how our brain manages multiple languages. But new findings could lead to new learning strategies.