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67 [sixty-seven]

Possessive pronouns 2

Possessive pronouns 2

67 [шеесет и седум]

67 [shyeyesyet i syedoom]

Присвојни заменки 2

[Prisvoјni zamyenki 2]

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the glasses о-ила о____ о-и-а ----- очила 0
ochila o_____ o-h-l- ------ ochila
He has forgotten his glasses. Т-ј-ги за----ви-с---те---ил-. Т__ г_ з_______ с_____ о_____ Т-ј г- з-б-р-в- с-о-т- о-и-а- ----------------------------- Тој ги заборави своите очила. 0
To- gui za-o-a-- -vo-t-- -c--l-. T__ g__ z_______ s______ o______ T-ј g-i z-b-r-v- s-o-t-e o-h-l-. -------------------------------- Toј gui zaboravi svoitye ochila.
Where has he left his glasses? Ка-е-се-него---е о-ила? К___ с_ н_______ о_____ К-д- с- н-г-в-т- о-и-а- ----------------------- Каде се неговите очила? 0
K-d-- s-- ny--u------ --hi--? K____ s__ n__________ o______ K-d-e s-e n-e-u-v-t-e o-h-l-? ----------------------------- Kadye sye nyeguovitye ochila?
the clock час-в-ик ч_______ ч-с-в-и- -------- часовник 0
ch-sovn-k c________ c-a-o-n-k --------- chasovnik
His clock isn’t working. Н-----о- ч---в-и-----ас-пан. Н_______ ч_______ е р_______ Н-г-в-о- ч-с-в-и- е р-с-п-н- ---------------------------- Неговиот часовник е расипан. 0
N-e--oviot--h--------ye --s----. N_________ c________ y_ r_______ N-e-u-v-o- c-a-o-n-k y- r-s-p-n- -------------------------------- Nyeguoviot chasovnik ye rasipan.
The clock hangs on the wall. Ч--овн-к-- ---акач-- н- -ид--. Ч_________ е з______ н_ ѕ_____ Ч-с-в-и-о- е з-к-ч-н н- ѕ-д-т- ------------------------------ Часовникот е закачен на ѕидот. 0
C-aso---k-t y- zak---yen--- ----o-. C__________ y_ z________ n_ d______ C-a-o-n-k-t y- z-k-c-y-n n- d-i-o-. ----------------------------------- Chasovnikot ye zakachyen na dzidot.
the passport п---ш п____ п-с-ш ----- пасош 0
p----h p_____ p-s-s- ------ pasosh
He has lost his passport. Т----- --губ- ---јо--п-со-. Т__ г_ з_____ с_____ п_____ Т-ј г- з-г-б- с-о-о- п-с-ш- --------------------------- Тој го загуби својот пасош. 0
T-ј g-o---g-o-----voјo---a-os-. T__ g__ z_______ s_____ p______ T-ј g-o z-g-o-b- s-o-o- p-s-s-. ------------------------------- Toј guo zaguoobi svoјot pasosh.
Where is his passport then? Кад- е-не---ио- -ас--? К___ е н_______ п_____ К-д- е н-г-в-о- п-с-ш- ---------------------- Каде е неговиот пасош? 0
Kad-e ye-n-e--o-i---p--o--? K____ y_ n_________ p______ K-d-e y- n-e-u-v-o- p-s-s-? --------------------------- Kadye ye nyeguoviot pasosh?
they – their тие - н--ен т__ – н____ т-е – н-в-н ----------- тие – нивен 0
tiy--–-ni-yen t___ – n_____ t-y- – n-v-e- ------------- tiye – nivyen
The children cannot find their parents. Децат- ----о-ат да -и н--да- свои----о----ли. Д_____ н_ м____ д_ г_ н_____ с_____ р________ Д-ц-т- н- м-ж-т д- г- н-ј-а- с-о-т- р-д-т-л-. --------------------------------------------- Децата не можат да ги најдат своите родители. 0
D----ata-ny--m------a -u----ј-at svoitye -o-it-el-. D_______ n__ m____ d_ g__ n_____ s______ r_________ D-e-z-t- n-e m-ʐ-t d- g-i n-ј-a- s-o-t-e r-d-t-e-i- --------------------------------------------------- Dyetzata nye moʐat da gui naјdat svoitye rodityeli.
Here come their parents! А-а-еве--и -----а- нивните -од---л-! А__ е__ г_ д______ н______ р________ А-а е-е г- д-а-а-т н-в-и-е р-д-т-л-! ------------------------------------ Ама еве ги доаѓаат нивните родители! 0
Ama --vy- --i-do---a--n---i----r-d--ye-i! A__ y____ g__ d______ n_______ r_________ A-a y-v-e g-i d-a-a-t n-v-i-y- r-d-t-e-i- ----------------------------------------- Ama yevye gui doaѓaat nivnitye rodityeli!
you – your В-е - --ш В__ – В__ В-е – В-ш --------- Вие – Ваш 0
V--e ---ash V___ – V___ V-y- – V-s- ----------- Viye – Vash
How was your trip, Mr. Miller? К---о -е---В--е-о -а--вањ----о-по--н- -и-е-? К____ б___ В_____ п________ г________ М_____ К-к-о б-ш- В-ш-т- п-т-в-њ-, г-с-о-и-е М-л-р- -------------------------------------------- Какво беше Вашето патување, господине Милер? 0
K---o b-eshye-V--hy-t--patoovaњ-e- g---p---n-e--ilyer? K____ b______ V_______ p__________ g__________ M______ K-k-o b-e-h-e V-s-y-t- p-t-o-a-y-, g-o-p-d-n-e M-l-e-? ------------------------------------------------------ Kakvo byeshye Vashyeto patoovaњye, guospodinye Milyer?
Where is your wife, Mr. Miller? К-де-- В--а-- ---ру-а- -о-по-ине Ми-ер? К___ е В_____ с_______ г________ М_____ К-д- е В-ш-т- с-п-у-а- г-с-о-и-е М-л-р- --------------------------------------- Каде е Вашата сопруга, господине Милер? 0
Ka--e----Vash--a-so---og--, ---spodinye-M---e-? K____ y_ V______ s_________ g__________ M______ K-d-e y- V-s-a-a s-p-o-g-a- g-o-p-d-n-e M-l-e-? ----------------------------------------------- Kadye ye Vashata soproogua, guospodinye Milyer?
you – your Вие-– -аш В__ – В__ В-е – В-ш --------- Вие – Ваш 0
Vi-e - -ash V___ – V___ V-y- – V-s- ----------- Viye – Vash
How was your trip, Mrs. Smith? К---о б--е Ваше-- пат-в-ње, -о--оѓо---ит? К____ б___ В_____ п________ г______ Ш____ К-к-о б-ш- В-ш-т- п-т-в-њ-, г-с-о-о Ш-и-? ----------------------------------------- Какво беше Вашето патување, госпоѓо Шмит? 0
Ka--- b-es-y- --s-y-to-p-toovaњ--, gu-sp-ѓ--S-mit? K____ b______ V_______ p__________ g_______ S_____ K-k-o b-e-h-e V-s-y-t- p-t-o-a-y-, g-o-p-ѓ- S-m-t- -------------------------------------------------- Kakvo byeshye Vashyeto patoovaњye, guospoѓo Shmit?
Where is your husband, Mrs. Smith? Каде ----шио- ---ру-,-го-поѓо -ми-? К___ е В_____ с______ г______ Ш____ К-д- е В-ш-о- с-п-у-, г-с-о-о Ш-и-? ----------------------------------- Каде е Вашиот сопруг, госпоѓо Шмит? 0
K---e -e V-s--ot----roogu,-guo--oѓ-----i-? K____ y_ V______ s________ g_______ S_____ K-d-e y- V-s-i-t s-p-o-g-, g-o-p-ѓ- S-m-t- ------------------------------------------ Kadye ye Vashiot soproogu, guospoѓo Shmit?

Genetic mutation makes speaking possible

Man is the only living creature on Earth that can speak. This distinguishes him from animals and plants. Of course animals and plants also communicate with each other. However, they do not speak a complex syllable language. But why can man speak? Certain physical features are needed in order to be able to speak. These physical features are only found in humans. However, that does not necessarily mean that man developed them. In evolutionary history, nothing happens without a reason. Somewhere along the line, man began to speak. We do not yet know when exactly that was. But something must have happened that gave man speech. Researchers believe that a genetic mutation was responsible. Anthropologists have compared the genetic material of various living beings. It is well known that a particular gene influences speech. People in which it is damaged have problems with speech. They can't express themselves well and have a hard time understanding words. This gene was examined in people, apes, and mice. It is very similar in humans and chimpanzees. Only two small differences can be identified. But these differences make their presence known in the brain. Together with other genes, they influence certain brain activities. Thus humans can speak, whereas apes cannot. However, the riddle of the human language is not yet solved. For the gene mutation alone is not enough to enable speech. Researchers implanted the human gene variant in mice. It didn't give them the ability to speak… But their squeaks made quite a racket!