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75 [seventy-five]

Giving reasons

Giving reasons

75 [седумдесет и пет]

75 [syedoomdyesyet i pyet]

нешто појаснува / образложува 1

[nyeshto poјasnoova / obrazloʐoova 1]

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Why aren’t you coming? Зо--- -- до--а-е? З____ н_ д_______ З-ш-о н- д-а-а-е- ----------------- Зошто не доаѓате? 0
Zo---o--y- ----a--e? Z_____ n__ d________ Z-s-t- n-e d-a-a-y-? -------------------- Zoshto nye doaѓatye?
The weather is so bad. Вре---о е ----. В______ е л____ В-е-е-о е л-ш-. --------------- Времето е лошо. 0
V-y----to ---l---o. V________ y_ l_____ V-y-m-e-o y- l-s-o- ------------------- Vryemyeto ye losho.
I am not coming because the weather is so bad. Не--оа--м,-бид---и-вр--е-о-- ло-о. Н_ д______ б______ в______ е л____ Н- д-а-а-, б-д-ј-и в-е-е-о е л-ш-. ---------------------------------- Не доаѓам, бидејки времето е лошо. 0
N-- d---am- b--ye--- -r--mye-- y- --s--. N__ d______ b_______ v________ y_ l_____ N-e d-a-a-, b-d-e-k- v-y-m-e-o y- l-s-o- ---------------------------------------- Nye doaѓam, bidyeјki vryemyeto ye losho.
Why isn’t he coming? Зо--- т-ј-н- -----? З____ т__ н_ д_____ З-ш-о т-ј н- д-а-а- ------------------- Зошто тој не доаѓа? 0
Z--h----oј--y- --a-a? Z_____ t__ n__ d_____ Z-s-t- t-ј n-e d-a-a- --------------------- Zoshto toј nye doaѓa?
He isn’t invited. То- -- е-п--а---. Т__ н_ е п_______ Т-ј н- е п-к-н-т- ----------------- Тој не е поканет. 0
Toј-nye y--p----ye-. T__ n__ y_ p________ T-ј n-e y- p-k-n-e-. -------------------- Toј nye ye pokanyet.
He isn’t coming because he isn’t invited. То- -е -оаѓа, б-деј-и ---е -----е-. Т__ н_ д_____ б______ н_ е п_______ Т-ј н- д-а-а- б-д-ј-и н- е п-к-н-т- ----------------------------------- Тој не доаѓа, бидејки не е поканет. 0
To--n-- -----,-bid-e-----ye -e po------. T__ n__ d_____ b_______ n__ y_ p________ T-ј n-e d-a-a- b-d-e-k- n-e y- p-k-n-e-. ---------------------------------------- Toј nye doaѓa, bidyeјki nye ye pokanyet.
Why aren’t you coming? Зошт- -и не-д--ѓ-ш? З____ т_ н_ д______ З-ш-о т- н- д-а-а-? ------------------- Зошто ти не доаѓаш? 0
Zos--o t- n-e -oaѓ---? Z_____ t_ n__ d_______ Z-s-t- t- n-e d-a-a-h- ---------------------- Zoshto ti nye doaѓash?
I have no time. Ј-с--е--- ---м-. Ј__ н____ в_____ Ј-с н-м-м в-е-е- ---------------- Јас немам време. 0
Јas n--mam -r-e--e. Ј__ n_____ v_______ Ј-s n-e-a- v-y-m-e- ------------------- Јas nyemam vryemye.
I am not coming because I have no time. Ја- -е -оа-а---би-е-к--н--а- -р-ме. Ј__ н_ д______ б______ н____ в_____ Ј-с н- д-а-а-, б-д-ј-и н-м-м в-е-е- ----------------------------------- Јас не доаѓам, бидејки немам време. 0
Јas ------a---,--idyeј---ny--a--vry-m--. Ј__ n__ d______ b_______ n_____ v_______ Ј-s n-e d-a-a-, b-d-e-k- n-e-a- v-y-m-e- ---------------------------------------- Јas nye doaѓam, bidyeјki nyemam vryemye.
Why don’t you stay? Зошт--н---станеш? З____ н_ о_______ З-ш-о н- о-т-н-ш- ----------------- Зошто не останеш? 0
Zo-ht- n---o---ny--h? Z_____ n__ o_________ Z-s-t- n-e o-t-n-e-h- --------------------- Zoshto nye ostanyesh?
I still have to work. Морам-у--е-да -а----м. М____ у___ д_ р_______ М-р-м у-т- д- р-б-т-м- ---------------------- Морам уште да работам. 0
Mo--m----ht-e -a-ra-otam. M____ o______ d_ r_______ M-r-m o-s-t-e d- r-b-t-m- ------------------------- Moram ooshtye da rabotam.
I am not staying because I still have to work. Ја- не-о--ану-ам--би-еј-и м------ш-- -- -а-о-ам. Ј__ н_ о_________ б______ м____ у___ д_ р_______ Ј-с н- о-т-н-в-м- б-д-ј-и м-р-м у-т- д- р-б-т-м- ------------------------------------------------ Јас не останувам, бидејки морам уште да работам. 0
Јa- -ye----a-oov--- bi-ye-----oram --sht-e-d--ra-ota-. Ј__ n__ o__________ b_______ m____ o______ d_ r_______ Ј-s n-e o-t-n-o-a-, b-d-e-k- m-r-m o-s-t-e d- r-b-t-m- ------------------------------------------------------ Јas nye ostanoovam, bidyeјki moram ooshtye da rabotam.
Why are you going already? З-што -еќ- -и-оди--? З____ в___ с_ о_____ З-ш-о в-ќ- с- о-и-е- -------------------- Зошто веќе си одите? 0
Z-sh---v---jye ---od-tye? Z_____ v______ s_ o______ Z-s-t- v-e-j-e s- o-i-y-? ------------------------- Zoshto vyekjye si oditye?
I am tired. Ја---у----орен-/ -м--на. Ј__ с__ у_____ / у______ Ј-с с-м у-о-е- / у-о-н-. ------------------------ Јас сум уморен / уморна. 0
Ј---soo- ----rye--- -------. Ј__ s___ o_______ / o_______ Ј-s s-o- o-m-r-e- / o-m-r-a- ---------------------------- Јas soom oomoryen / oomorna.
I’m going because I’m tired. Си -д-м--биде-ки---м ---р-- --у-о--а. С_ о____ б______ с__ у_____ / у______ С- о-а-, б-д-ј-и с-м у-о-е- / у-о-н-. ------------------------------------- Си одам, бидејки сум уморен / уморна. 0
S- od-m- -idy-јk- ---- o-m--y-n-- --morn-. S_ o____ b_______ s___ o_______ / o_______ S- o-a-, b-d-e-k- s-o- o-m-r-e- / o-m-r-a- ------------------------------------------ Si odam, bidyeјki soom oomoryen / oomorna.
Why are you going already? З--т- --ќе-з---н----е? З____ в___ з__________ З-ш-о в-ќ- з-м-н-в-т-? ---------------------- Зошто веќе заминувате? 0
Z-shto--yekj-e-z-mi--o-at--? Z_____ v______ z____________ Z-s-t- v-e-j-e z-m-n-o-a-y-? ---------------------------- Zoshto vyekjye zaminoovatye?
It is already late. Д-цна----еќе. Д____ е в____ Д-ц-а е в-ќ-. ------------- Доцна е веќе. 0
Dotz-a-ye -ye-j--. D_____ y_ v_______ D-t-n- y- v-e-j-e- ------------------ Dotzna ye vyekjye.
I’m going because it is already late. Јас--ам-нува-, б-----и-- -е-----ц-а. Ј__ з_________ б______ е в___ д_____ Ј-с з-м-н-в-м- б-д-ј-и е в-ќ- д-ц-а- ------------------------------------ Јас заминувам, бидејки е веќе доцна. 0
Ј---z---n-o-a-,--id-e-ki--- vy---ye do--n-. Ј__ z__________ b_______ y_ v______ d______ Ј-s z-m-n-o-a-, b-d-e-k- y- v-e-j-e d-t-n-. ------------------------------------------- Јas zaminoovam, bidyeјki ye vyekjye dotzna.

Native language = emotional, foreign language = rational?

When we learn foreign languages, we are stimulating our brain. Our thinking changes through learning. We become more creative and flexible. Complex thinking comes easier to people who are multilingual as well. The memory is exercised by learning. The more we learn, the better it functions. He who has learned many languages also learns other things faster. He can think more intently about a subject for a longer time. As a result, he solves problems faster. Multilingual individuals are also more decisive. But how they make decisions is dependent on languages too. The language in which we think influences our decisions. Psychologists examined multiple test subjects for a study. All test subjects were bilingual. They spoke another language in addition to their native language. The test subjects had to answer a question. The question had to do with the solution to a problem. In the process, the test subjects had to choose between two options. One option was considerably more risky than the other. The test subjects had to answer the question in both languages. And the answers changed when the language changed! When they were speaking their native language, the test subjects chose the risk. But in the foreign language they decided on the safer option. After this experiment, the test subjects had to place bets. Here too there was a clear difference. When they used a foreign language, they were more sensible. The researchers presume that we are more focused in foreign languages. Therefore, we make decisions not emotionally, but rationally…