en Past tense of modal verbs 1   »   mk Минато на модалните глаголи 1

87 [eighty-seven]

Past tense of modal verbs 1

Past tense of modal verbs 1

87 [осумдесет и седум]

87 [osoomdyesyet i syedoom]

Минато на модалните глаголи 1

[Minato na modalnitye gulaguoli 1]

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We had to water the flowers. Ни- м---в-е -- -и ---ев--е-----и-ата. Н__ м______ д_ г_ п_______ ц_________ Н-е м-р-в-е д- г- п-л-в-м- ц-е-и-а-а- ------------------------------------- Ние моравме да ги полеваме цвеќињата. 0
N--e-mor-v--e -a---i--o-y--amy--t-v-e-jiњ-t-. N___ m_______ d_ g__ p_________ t____________ N-y- m-r-v-y- d- g-i p-l-e-a-y- t-v-e-j-њ-t-. --------------------------------------------- Niye moravmye da gui polyevamye tzvyekjiњata.
We had to clean the apartment. Н-е----а-ме--а--- ра-----и-е -та-о-. Н__ м______ д_ г_ р_________ с______ Н-е м-р-в-е д- г- р-с-и-т-м- с-а-о-. ------------------------------------ Ние моравме да го расчистиме станот. 0
N--e--ora---e--a guo--as------my- s---o-. N___ m_______ d_ g__ r___________ s______ N-y- m-r-v-y- d- g-o r-s-h-s-i-y- s-a-o-. ----------------------------------------- Niye moravmye da guo raschistimye stanot.
We had to wash the dishes. Ни--мора--- -а г- из-и-м- с----и-е. Н__ м______ д_ г_ и______ с________ Н-е м-р-в-е д- г- и-м-е-е с-д-в-т-. ----------------------------------- Ние моравме да ги измиеме садовите. 0
N-y--mo---m----a-gui-izmi-em-- -ad--i--e. N___ m_______ d_ g__ i________ s_________ N-y- m-r-v-y- d- g-i i-m-y-m-e s-d-v-t-e- ----------------------------------------- Niye moravmye da gui izmiyemye sadovitye.
Did you have to pay the bill? Моравт- ли да ј- ----ите--м-т-ата? М______ л_ д_ ј_ п______ с________ М-р-в-е л- д- ј- п-а-и-е с-е-к-т-? ---------------------------------- Моравте ли да ја платите сметката? 0
Mo-a---e-----a--- p--t---e --y-tk--a? M_______ l_ d_ ј_ p_______ s_________ M-r-v-y- l- d- ј- p-a-i-y- s-y-t-a-a- ------------------------------------- Moravtye li da јa platitye smyetkata?
Did you have to pay an entrance fee? Мор--те -- -а--л----- -лез? М______ л_ д_ п______ в____ М-р-в-е л- д- п-а-и-е в-е-? --------------------------- Моравте ли да платите влез? 0
M----t-e l--da-p-----y---ly--? M_______ l_ d_ p_______ v_____ M-r-v-y- l- d- p-a-i-y- v-y-z- ------------------------------ Moravtye li da platitye vlyez?
Did you have to pay a fine? М-равте----да---а-и-е к-з--? М______ л_ д_ п______ к_____ М-р-в-е л- д- п-а-и-е к-з-а- ---------------------------- Моравте ли да платите казна? 0
Mo---tye -i -a--la-ity---az-a? M_______ l_ d_ p_______ k_____ M-r-v-y- l- d- p-a-i-y- k-z-a- ------------------------------ Moravtye li da platitye kazna?
Who had to say goodbye? Кој мор--- да се -о------? К__ м_____ д_ с_ п________ К-ј м-р-ш- д- с- п-з-р-в-? -------------------------- Кој мораше да се поздрави? 0
Ko--mora-hye--a ---------avi? K__ m_______ d_ s__ p________ K-ј m-r-s-y- d- s-e p-z-r-v-? ----------------------------- Koј morashye da sye pozdravi?
Who had to go home early? Кој --р--- -- си-оди ---о----а? К__ м_____ д_ с_ о__ р___ д____ К-ј м-р-ш- д- с- о-и р-н- д-м-? ------------------------------- Кој мораше да си оди рано дома? 0
Ko----r-shye--a-s- -d- r-no --ma? K__ m_______ d_ s_ o__ r___ d____ K-ј m-r-s-y- d- s- o-i r-n- d-m-? --------------------------------- Koј morashye da si odi rano doma?
Who had to take the train? Ко- -------да-г--зе-е -о--т? К__ м_____ д_ г_ з___ в_____ К-ј м-р-ш- д- г- з-м- в-з-т- ---------------------------- Кој мораше да го земе возот? 0
Ko---o-ash-e-da-----zye-ye ---ot? K__ m_______ d_ g__ z_____ v_____ K-ј m-r-s-y- d- g-o z-e-y- v-z-t- --------------------------------- Koј morashye da guo zyemye vozot?
We did not want to stay long. Н-е-------а-м--да --тане-е-долг-. Н__ н_ с______ д_ о_______ д_____ Н-е н- с-к-в-е д- о-т-н-м- д-л-о- --------------------------------- Ние не сакавме да останеме долго. 0
N-ye-n-e s-ka-m-- -- o-tan---y--dol-u-. N___ n__ s_______ d_ o_________ d______ N-y- n-e s-k-v-y- d- o-t-n-e-y- d-l-u-. --------------------------------------- Niye nye sakavmye da ostanyemye dolguo.
We did not want to drink anything. Ние-н--с-ка-----а пи--е--и---. Н__ н_ с______ д_ п____ н_____ Н-е н- с-к-в-е д- п-е-е н-ш-о- ------------------------------ Ние не сакавме да пиеме ништо. 0
Ni-e nye s-k-v----da-p-yem-e--is-to. N___ n__ s_______ d_ p______ n______ N-y- n-e s-k-v-y- d- p-y-m-e n-s-t-. ------------------------------------ Niye nye sakavmye da piyemye nishto.
We did not want to disturb you. Н---н- ---ав-- -- п-е--м-. Н__ н_ с______ д_ п_______ Н-е н- с-к-в-е д- п-е-и-е- -------------------------- Ние не сакавме да пречиме. 0
N----n-e --k----e-da-p----himy-. N___ n__ s_______ d_ p__________ N-y- n-e s-k-v-y- d- p-y-c-i-y-. -------------------------------- Niye nye sakavmye da pryechimye.
I just wanted to make a call. Ј-- -т-т--- са--в д----ле-онир-м. Ј__ ш______ с____ д_ т___________ Ј-с ш-о-у-у с-к-в д- т-л-ф-н-р-м- --------------------------------- Јас штотуку сакав да телефонирам. 0
Јa- -ht---okoo sa-av-da -yely-fo---am. Ј__ s_________ s____ d_ t_____________ Ј-s s-t-t-o-o- s-k-v d- t-e-y-f-n-r-m- -------------------------------------- Јas shtotookoo sakav da tyelyefoniram.
I just wanted to call a taxi. Ј-с-с-кав -----р---м--дн--т-кс-. Ј__ с____ д_ н______ е___ т_____ Ј-с с-к-в д- н-р-ч-м е-н- т-к-и- -------------------------------- Јас сакав да нарачам едно такси. 0
Ј-- --k-v -a ---a-ham --dn- ----i. Ј__ s____ d_ n_______ y____ t_____ Ј-s s-k-v d- n-r-c-a- y-d-o t-k-i- ---------------------------------- Јas sakav da naracham yedno taksi.
Actually I wanted to drive home. Ј-с имено----ав-да-----в-м --м-. Ј__ и____ с____ д_ п______ д____ Ј-с и-е-о с-к-в д- п-т-в-м д-м-. -------------------------------- Јас имено сакав да патувам дома. 0
Ј-- --yeno-s--a--d----too--- dom-. Ј__ i_____ s____ d_ p_______ d____ Ј-s i-y-n- s-k-v d- p-t-o-a- d-m-. ---------------------------------- Јas imyeno sakav da patoovam doma.
I thought you wanted to call your wife. Ја--м---е-, де-- -ак-ше-д--ја п--и-а--т--јат-----а. Ј__ м______ д___ с_____ д_ ј_ п______ т______ ж____ Ј-с м-с-е-, д-к- с-к-ш- д- ј- п-в-к-ш т-о-а-а ж-н-. --------------------------------------------------- Јас мислев, дека сакаше да ја повикаш твојата жена. 0
Ј-- ---ly-v,-dy-ka-s-k--h-- ---ј- -o---a-h -v--a-a-ʐ---a. Ј__ m_______ d____ s_______ d_ ј_ p_______ t______ ʐ_____ Ј-s m-s-y-v- d-e-a s-k-s-y- d- ј- p-v-k-s- t-o-a-a ʐ-e-a- --------------------------------------------------------- Јas mislyev, dyeka sakashye da јa povikash tvoјata ʐyena.
I thought you wanted to call information. Ја- м-сле-,-д-к- --ка-е-----ови-аш-и----ма--и. Ј__ м______ д___ с_____ д_ п______ и__________ Ј-с м-с-е-, д-к- с-к-ш- д- п-в-к-ш и-ф-р-а-и-. ---------------------------------------------- Јас мислев, дека сакаше да повикаш информации. 0
Ј-- mi---e-,---------ka---e da--o--ka-- i--or-atz--. Ј__ m_______ d____ s_______ d_ p_______ i___________ Ј-s m-s-y-v- d-e-a s-k-s-y- d- p-v-k-s- i-f-r-a-z-i- ---------------------------------------------------- Јas mislyev, dyeka sakashye da povikash informatzii.
I thought you wanted to order a pizza. Ја--м-----, дека сака-е-да--ара-а--пиц-. Ј__ м______ д___ с_____ д_ н______ п____ Ј-с м-с-е-, д-к- с-к-ш- д- н-р-ч-ш п-ц-. ---------------------------------------- Јас мислев, дека сакаше да нарачаш пица. 0
Ј------l------ye-a-sa-----e d- na-a---sh -it-a. Ј__ m_______ d____ s_______ d_ n________ p_____ Ј-s m-s-y-v- d-e-a s-k-s-y- d- n-r-c-a-h p-t-a- ----------------------------------------------- Јas mislyev, dyeka sakashye da narachash pitza.

Big letters, big feelings

Advertising uses a lot of pictures. Pictures awaken our particular interests. We look at them longer and more intently than letters. As a result, we remember advertisements with pictures better. Pictures also produce strong emotional reactions. The brain recognizes pictures very quickly. It knows immediately what can be seen in the picture. Letters function differently than pictures. They are abstract characters. Therefore, our brain reacts slower to letters. First, it must understand the meaning of the word. One might say the characters must be translated by the language part of the brain. But emotions can be produced using letters too. The text just needs to be very large. Studies show that big letters have a big effect as well. Large letters aren't just more noticeable than small letters. They also produce a stronger emotional reaction. This is true for positive as well as negative feelings. The size of things has always been important to mankind. Man must react quickly to danger. And when something is large, it's usually already quite close! So it's understandable that large pictures cause strong reactions. Less clear is how we react to large letters. Letters aren't actually a signal for the brain. Despite this, it shows greater activity when it sees large letters. This result is very interesting to scientists. It shows how important letters have become for us. Our brain has somehow learned how to react to writing…