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85 [eighty-five]

Questions – Past tense 1

Questions – Past tense 1

85 [тIокIиплIырэ тфырэ]

85 [tIokIiplIyrje tfyrje]

КIэупчIэн – блэкIыгъэ шъуашэр 1

[KIjeupchIjen – bljekIygje shuashjer 1]

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How much did you drink? С-д -эдиз -п----ъ-р? С__ ф____ и_________ С-д ф-д-з и-ш-у-ъ-р- -------------------- Сыд фэдиз ипшъугъэр? 0
Sy- -j-d-z-i-s-ugj--? S__ f_____ i_________ S-d f-e-i- i-s-u-j-r- --------------------- Syd fjediz ipshugjer?
How much did you work? Сы----диз-- --- п-I-г--? С__ ф______ I__ п_______ С-д ф-д-з-э I-ф п-I-г-э- ------------------------ Сыд фэдизрэ Iоф пшIагъэ? 0
Syd fjedi-r-e --f--s-Iagj-? S__ f________ I__ p________ S-d f-e-i-r-e I-f p-h-a-j-? --------------------------- Syd fjedizrje Iof pshIagje?
How much did you write? С-----диз-п-х-гъ--? С__ ф____ п________ С-д ф-д-з п-х-г-э-? ------------------- Сыд фэдиз птхыгъэр? 0
S-d fj---z--thyg-e-? S__ f_____ p________ S-d f-e-i- p-h-g-e-? -------------------- Syd fjediz pthygjer?
How did you sleep? Сыд--щ------ъ--г-? С________ у_______ С-д-у-т-у у-ъ-я-ъ- ------------------ Сыдэущтэу учъыягъ? 0
Syd--us-htje---c-yj-g? S____________ u_______ S-d-e-s-h-j-u u-h-j-g- ---------------------- Sydjeushhtjeu uchyjag?
How did you pass the exam? Сыд---т-у э-з-м-н-- --ы-ъэ? С________ э________ п______ С-д-у-т-у э-з-м-н-р п-ы-ъ-? --------------------------- Сыдэущтэу экзаменыр птыгъэ? 0
Syd-e--hh--eu -e---men-r-ptyg--? S____________ j_________ p______ S-d-e-s-h-j-u j-k-a-e-y- p-y-j-? -------------------------------- Sydjeushhtjeu jekzamenyr ptygje?
How did you find the way? Сыдэу--э--г-огу- -ъ---ъ-----? С________ г_____ к___________ С-д-у-т-у г-о-у- к-э-г-о-ы-ъ- ----------------------------- Сыдэущтэу гъогур къэбгъотыгъ? 0
Syd--us---je---ogu--kje-go--g? S____________ g____ k_________ S-d-e-s-h-j-u g-g-r k-e-g-t-g- ------------------------------ Sydjeushhtjeu gogur kjebgotyg?
Who did you speak to? Хэта---ыдэ-ущ-I-гъэ-? Х___ у_______________ Х-т- у-ы-э-у-ы-а-ъ-р- --------------------- Хэта узыдэгущыIагъэр? 0
Hj--a --y-j---s--yI-g--r? H____ u__________________ H-e-a u-y-j-g-s-h-I-g-e-? ------------------------- Hjeta uzydjegushhyIagjer?
With whom did you make an appointment? Х--а-----у--энэу -зэзэ--ыг-эр? Х___ у__________ у____________ Х-т- у-ы-у-I-н-у у-э-э-ъ-г-э-? ------------------------------ Хэта узыIукIэнэу узэзэгъыгъэр? 0
Hj-----z--uk-jenj-u-u--e---gyg--r? H____ u____________ u_____________ H-e-a u-y-u-I-e-j-u u-j-z-e-y-j-r- ---------------------------------- Hjeta uzyIukIjenjeu uzjezjegygjer?
With whom did you celebrate your birthday? У-ъыз-хъ-гъэ м--эр-х--а з--э-г--мэфэкI----р? У___________ м____ х___ з___________________ У-ъ-з-х-у-ъ- м-ф-р х-т- з-д-б-ъ-м-ф-к-ы-ъ-р- -------------------------------------------- Укъызыхъугъэ мафэр хэта зыдэбгъэмэфэкIыгъэр? 0
Uk-z-hugje ma-j---h-et--z--j--g-----fj--Iyg--r? U_________ m_____ h____ z______________________ U-y-y-u-j- m-f-e- h-e-a z-d-e-g-e-j-f-e-I-g-e-? ----------------------------------------------- Ukyzyhugje mafjer hjeta zydjebgjemjefjekIygjer?
Where were you? Тыд- -щы---ъа? Т___ у________ Т-д- у-ы-а-ъ-? -------------- Тыдэ ущыIагъа? 0
T--je-u--hyIaga? T____ u_________ T-d-e u-h-y-a-a- ---------------- Tydje ushhyIaga?
Where did you live? Т----у-ыпс-у-ты-ъа? Т___ у_____________ Т-д- у-ы-с-у-т-г-а- ------------------- Тыдэ ущыпсэущтыгъа? 0
Ty--e---hh-psjeu-h--y-a? T____ u_________________ T-d-e u-h-y-s-e-s-h-y-a- ------------------------ Tydje ushhypsjeushhtyga?
Where did you work? Тыд- I---щы-ш-а--а? Т___ I__ щ_________ Т-д- I-ф щ-п-I-г-а- ------------------- Тыдэ Iоф щыпшIагъа? 0
Tyd-e-Io------psh--g-? T____ I__ s___________ T-d-e I-f s-h-p-h-a-a- ---------------------- Tydje Iof shhypshIaga?
What did you suggest? С-д- -гъо- -эпл---ъу----? С___ и____ ф_____________ С-д- и-ъ-у ф-п-ъ-г-у-ъ-р- ------------------------- Сыда игъоу фэплъэгъугъэр? 0
S--a igo- fjepl-e-u---r? S___ i___ f_____________ S-d- i-o- f-e-l-e-u-j-r- ------------------------ Syda igou fjepljegugjer?
What did you eat? С-д- ---ы-ъ-р? С___ п________ С-д- п-х-г-э-? -------------- Сыда пшхыгъэр? 0
Sy-----hhy-je-? S___ p_________ S-d- p-h-y-j-r- --------------- Syda pshhygjer?
What did you come to know? Сыд---ъ--эж-угъэ--а---р? С___ к__________________ С-д- к-ы-э-ъ-г-э-I-г-э-? ------------------------ Сыда къызэжъугъэшIагъэр? 0
S-d----z-ezhu-jesh--g--r? S___ k___________________ S-d- k-z-e-h-g-e-h-a-j-r- ------------------------- Syda kyzjezhugjeshIagjer?
How fast did you drive? С-д ипс---Iагъэу шъу---щты-ъ-? С__ и___________ ш____________ С-д и-с-н-I-г-э- ш-у-I-щ-ы-ъ-? ------------------------------ Сыд ипсынкIагъэу шъукIощтыгъэ? 0
Sy---p-y--I-gj-u--h-kIo-h-t----? S__ i___________ s______________ S-d i-s-n-I-g-e- s-u-I-s-h-y-j-? -------------------------------- Syd ipsynkIagjeu shukIoshhtygje?
How long did you fly? С----э-и----шъуб--ыгъ? С__ ф______ ш_________ С-д ф-д-з-э ш-у-ы-ы-ъ- ---------------------- Сыд фэдизрэ шъубыбыгъ? 0
Syd -je---rje-----y---? S__ f________ s________ S-d f-e-i-r-e s-u-y-y-? ----------------------- Syd fjedizrje shubybyg?
How high did you jump? Сы- -л-э-агъэ- шъуд--кIэяг-? С__ и_________ ш____________ С-д и-ъ-г-г-э- ш-у-э-к-э-г-? ---------------------------- Сыд илъэгагъэу шъудэпкIэягъ? 0
Syd-i--ega--eu---udj-pkI--j--? S__ i_________ s______________ S-d i-j-g-g-e- s-u-j-p-I-e-a-? ------------------------------ Syd iljegagjeu shudjepkIjejag?

African Languages

In Africa, a great deal of different languages are spoken. No other continent has so many different languages. The variety of African languages is impressive. It is estimated that there are about 2,000 African languages. However, all of these languages are not alike! Quite the opposite – they are often completely different! The languages of Africa belong to four different language families. Some African languages have one-of-a-kind characteristics. For example, there are sounds that foreigners cannot imitate. Land boundaries are not always linguistic boundaries in Africa. In some regions, there are a great deal of different languages. In Tanzania, for example, languages from all four families are spoken. Afrikaans is an exception among the African languages. This language came into being in the colonial period. At that time people from different continents met each other. They came from Africa, Europe and Asia. A new language developed out of these contact situations. Afrikaans exhibits influences from many languages. It is most closely related to Dutch, however. Today Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa and Namibia more than anywhere else. The most unusual African language is the drum language. Every message can be theoretically sent with drums. The languages that are communicated with drums are tonal languages. The meaning of words or syllables depends on the pitch of the tones. That means that the tones have to be imitated by the drums. The drum language is even understood by children in Africa. And it is very efficient… The drum language can be heard for up to 12 kilometers!