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59 [fifty-nine]

At the post office

At the post office

59 [шъэныкъорэ бгъурэ]

59 [shjenykorje bgurje]



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Where is the nearest post office? Ан--- п---- б------ т--- щ--? Анахь почтэ благъэр тыдэ щыI? 0
A---' p------ b------ t---- s----? An--- p------ b------ t---- s----? Anah' pochtje blagjer tydje shhyI? A-a-' p-c-t-e b-a-j-r t-d-e s-h-I? ----'----------------------------?
Is the post office far from here? Ан--- п--------- б------ ч----? Анахь почтэгупчэ благъэр чыжьа? 0
A---' p------------- b------ c----'a? An--- p------------- b------ c------? Anah' pochtjegupchje blagjer chyzh'a? A-a-' p-c-t-e-u-c-j- b-a-j-r c-y-h'a? ----'-----------------------------'-?
Where is the nearest mail box? Ан--- п---- п------ б------ т--- щ--? Анахь почтэ пхъонтэ благъэр тыдэ щыI? 0
A---' p------ p------ b------ t---- s----? An--- p------ p------ b------ t---- s----? Anah' pochtje phontje blagjer tydje shhyI? A-a-' p-c-t-e p-o-t-e b-a-j-r t-d-e s-h-I? ----'------------------------------------?
I need a couple of stamps. По--- м---- з---- с--------. Почтэ маркэ заулэ сищыкIагъ. 0
P------ m----- z----- s---------. Po----- m----- z----- s---------. Pochtje markje zaulje sishhykIag. P-c-t-e m-r-j- z-u-j- s-s-h-k-a-. --------------------------------.
For a card and a letter. От-------- п------- а---. Открыткэми письмэми апае. 0
O---------- p--'m---- a---. Ot--------- p-------- a---. Otkrytkjemi pis'mjemi apae. O-k-y-k-e-i p-s'm-e-i a-a-. ---------------'----------.
How much is the postage to America? Ам------ н-- п---- у---- т-----? Америкэм нэс почтэ уасэр тхьапш? 0
A-------- n--- p------ u----- t-'a---? Am------- n--- p------ u----- t------? Amerikjem njes pochtje uasjer th'apsh? A-e-i-j-m n-e- p-c-t-e u-s-e- t-'a-s-? --------------------------------'----?
How heavy is the package? Бг--------- т----- к---------? Бгъэхьыщтым тхьапш къыщэчырэр? 0
B----'y------ t-'a--- k-------------? Bg----------- t------ k-------------? Bgjeh'yshhtym th'apsh kyshhjechyrjer? B-j-h'y-h-t-m t-'a-s- k-s-h-e-h-r-e-? -----'----------'-------------------?
Can I send it by air mail? Мы- а----------- с------- с---------? Мыр авиапочтэкIэ стIупщын слъэкIыщта? 0
M-- a-------------- s--------- s-----------? My- a-------------- s--------- s-----------? Myr aviapochtjekIje stIupshhyn sljekIyshhta? M-r a-i-p-c-t-e-I-e s-I-p-h-y- s-j-k-y-h-t-? -------------------------------------------?
How long will it take to get there? Мы- т-------- н-----? Мыр тхьапшкIэ нэсыщт? 0
M-- t-'a------- n--------? My- t---------- n--------? Myr th'apshkIje njesyshht? M-r t-'a-s-k-j- n-e-y-h-t? ------'------------------?
Where can I make a call? Тэ-- т--------- с--------- с----------? Тэдэ телефонкIэ сызыщытеон слъэкIыщтыр? 0
T----- t---------- s----------- s------------? Tj---- t---------- s----------- s------------? Tjedje telefonkIje syzyshhyteon sljekIyshhtyr? T-e-j- t-l-f-n-I-e s-z-s-h-t-o- s-j-k-y-h-t-r? ---------------------------------------------?
Where is the nearest telephone booth? Те----- у-- ц------ а---- б------ т--- щ--? Телефон унэ цIыкIоу анахь благъэр тыдэ щыI? 0
T------ u--- c------ a---' b------ t---- s----? Te----- u--- c------ a---- b------ t---- s----? Telefon unje cIykIou anah' blagjer tydje shhyI? T-l-f-n u-j- c-y-I-u a-a-' b-a-j-r t-d-e s-h-I? -------------------------'--------------------?
Do you have calling cards? Те----- к------- ш-----? Телефон картэхэр шъуиIа? 0
T------ k--------- s-----? Te----- k--------- s-----? Telefon kartjehjer shuiIa? T-l-f-n k-r-j-h-e- s-u-I-? -------------------------?
Do you have a telephone directory? Те-------- з---- т---- ш-----? Телефонхэр зыдэт тхылъ шъуиIа? 0
T---------- z----- t--- s-----? Te--------- z----- t--- s-----? Telefonhjer zydjet thyl shuiIa? T-l-f-n-j-r z-d-e- t-y- s-u-I-? ------------------------------?
Do you know the area code for Austria? Ав------ и--- ш-----? Австрием икод шъуиIа? 0
A------- i--- s-----? Av------ i--- s-----? Avstriem ikod shuiIa? A-s-r-e- i-o- s-u-I-? --------------------?
One moment, I’ll look it up. ТI---- д--- к------ м--- с----------. ТIэкIу дэдэ къысаж, мары сыкъеплъыщт. 0
T------ d----- k-----, m--- s----------. TI----- d----- k------ m--- s----------. TIjekIu djedje kysazh, mary sykeplyshht. T-j-k-u d-e-j- k-s-z-, m-r- s-k-p-y-h-t. ---------------------,-----------------.
The line is always busy. КI----. А----- р---- м--------. КIорэп. АдыкIэ ренэу мэгущыIэх. 0
K------. A------ r----- m------------. KI-----. A------ r----- m------------. KIorjep. AdykIje renjeu mjegushhyIjeh. K-o-j-p. A-y-I-e r-n-e- m-e-u-h-y-j-h. -------.-----------------------------.
Which number did you dial? Сы- ф--- н----- у----------? Сыд фэдэ номера узытеуагъэр? 0
S-- f----- n----- u----------? Sy- f----- n----- u----------? Syd fjedje nomera uzyteuagjer? S-d f-e-j- n-m-r- u-y-e-a-j-r? -----------------------------?
You have to dial a zero first! Ап- н--- и--- ф--! Апэ ноль итын фае! 0
A--- n--' i--- f--! Ap-- n--- i--- f--! Apje nol' ityn fae! A-j- n-l' i-y- f-e! --------'---------!

Feelings speak different languages too!

Many different languages are spoken around the world. There is no universal human language. But how is it for our facial expressions? Is the language of emotions universal? No, there are also differences here! It was long believed that all people expressed feelings the same way. The language of facial expressions was considered universally understood. Charles Darwin believed that feelings were of vital importance for humans. Therefore, they had to be understood equally in all cultures. But new studies are coming to a different result. They show that there are differences in the language of feelings too. That is, our facial expressions are influenced by our culture. Therefore, people around the world show and interpret feelings differently. Scientists distinguish six primary emotions. They are happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, fear and surprise. But Europeans have different facial expressions to Asians. And they read different things from the same expressions. Various experiments have confirmed this. In them, test subjects were shown faces on a computer. The subjects were supposed to describe what they read in the faces. There are many reasons why the results differed. Feelings are shown more in some cultures than in others. The intensity of facial expressions is therefore not understood the same everywhere. Also, people from different cultures pay attention to different things. Asians concentrate on the eyes when reading facial expressions. Europeans and Americans, on the other hand, look at the mouth. One facial expression is understood in all cultures, however… That is a nice smile!