en Possessive pronouns 1   »   ad ЕхьылIэгъэ цIэпапкIэхэр 1

66 [sixty-six]

Possessive pronouns 1

Possessive pronouns 1

66 [тIокIищрэ хырэ]

66 [tIokIishhrje hyrje]

ЕхьылIэгъэ цIэпапкIэхэр 1

[Eh'ylIjegje cIjepapkIjehjer 1]

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I – my с----с---й сэ – сэсый с- – с-с-й ---------- сэ – сэсый 0
sje - ----yj sje – sjesyj s-e – s-e-y- ------------ sje – sjesyj
I can’t find my key. Си-ункIыб---зг----жь---. СиIункIыбзэ згъотыжьрэп. С-I-н-I-б-э з-ъ-т-ж-р-п- ------------------------ СиIункIыбзэ згъотыжьрэп. 0
S--un--y-z-e---ot-z-'r--p. SiIunkIybzje zgotyzh'rjep. S-I-n-I-b-j- z-o-y-h-r-e-. -------------------------- SiIunkIybzje zgotyzh'rjep.
I can’t find my ticket. С----ет--гъ---жьр-п. Сибилет згъотыжьрэп. С-б-л-т з-ъ-т-ж-р-п- -------------------- Сибилет згъотыжьрэп. 0
Si---e- z-ot-z------. Sibilet zgotyzh'rjep. S-b-l-t z-o-y-h-r-e-. --------------------- Sibilet zgotyzh'rjep.
you – your о-- --й о – оуй о – о-й ------- о – оуй 0
o-----j o – ouj o – o-j ------- o – ouj
Have you found your key? УиIу---ыбз- бгъо-ыж--гъа? УиIункIыбзэ бгъотыжьыгъа? У-I-н-I-б-э б-ъ-т-ж-ы-ъ-? ------------------------- УиIункIыбзэ бгъотыжьыгъа? 0
UiIu--I-bzj- --o-yzh-y-a? UiIunkIybzje bgotyzh'yga? U-I-n-I-b-j- b-o-y-h-y-a- ------------------------- UiIunkIybzje bgotyzh'yga?
Have you found your ticket? У-би--т-бгъ-т--ь--ъ-? Уибилет бгъотыжьыгъа? У-б-л-т б-ъ-т-ж-ы-ъ-? --------------------- Уибилет бгъотыжьыгъа? 0
U---let bgot-zh-y--? Uibilet bgotyzh'yga? U-b-l-t b-o-y-h-y-a- -------------------- Uibilet bgotyzh'yga?
he – his а- -х-улъ-ыгъ)-–-а---й ар (хъулъфыгъ) – ащ ий а- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) – а- и- ---------------------- ар (хъулъфыгъ) – ащ ий 0
ar------yg) –-a-hh-ij ar (hulfyg) – ashh ij a- (-u-f-g- – a-h- i- --------------------- ar (hulfyg) – ashh ij
Do you know where his key is? Ащ---ъ--ъфыг----Iунк----- з-дэщыI-р---Iа? Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) иIункIыбзэ зыдэщыIэр ошIа? А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) и-у-к-ы-з- з-д-щ-I-р о-I-? ----------------------------------------- Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) иIункIыбзэ зыдэщыIэр ошIа? 0
As---------g)-i-unkI----e-z-dje-h----er os-I-? Ashh (hulfyg) iIunkIybzje zydjeshhyIjer oshIa? A-h- (-u-f-g- i-u-k-y-z-e z-d-e-h-y-j-r o-h-a- ---------------------------------------------- Ashh (hulfyg) iIunkIybzje zydjeshhyIjer oshIa?
Do you know where his ticket is? А--(-ъулъ----- иби-е----дэ-ыI-р-ошIа? Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) ибилет зыдэщыIэр ошIа? А- (-ъ-л-ф-г-) и-и-е- з-д-щ-I-р о-I-? ------------------------------------- Ащ (хъулъфыгъ) ибилет зыдэщыIэр ошIа? 0
As----hul------bil---z--jeshhy---r--shI-? Ashh (hulfyg) ibilet zydjeshhyIjer oshIa? A-h- (-u-f-g- i-i-e- z-d-e-h-y-j-r o-h-a- ----------------------------------------- Ashh (hulfyg) ibilet zydjeshhyIjer oshIa?
she – her ар -б-ы--ф---) ------й ар (бзылъфыгъ) – ащ ий а- (-з-л-ф-г-) – а- и- ---------------------- ар (бзылъфыгъ) – ащ ий 0
a--(bzylf-g) - as-h--j ar (bzylfyg) – ashh ij a- (-z-l-y-) – a-h- i- ---------------------- ar (bzylfyg) – ashh ij
Her money is gone. Ащ--бзылъ-ыгъ- и--ъ---эр-кIоды-ъэ-. Ащ (бзылъфыгъ) иахъщэхэр кIодыгъэх. А- (-з-л-ф-г-) и-х-щ-х-р к-о-ы-ъ-х- ----------------------------------- Ащ (бзылъфыгъ) иахъщэхэр кIодыгъэх. 0
A-hh (-zy---g)-i---hhj-hj-- ----ygje-. Ashh (bzylfyg) iahshhjehjer kIodygjeh. A-h- (-z-l-y-) i-h-h-j-h-e- k-o-y-j-h- -------------------------------------- Ashh (bzylfyg) iahshhjehjer kIodygjeh.
And her credit card is also gone. И-ре----к--ти щы-э-. Икредит карти щыIэп. И-р-д-т к-р-и щ-I-п- -------------------- Икредит карти щыIэп. 0
Ik---it ----i--hhy-je-. Ikredit karti shhyIjep. I-r-d-t k-r-i s-h-I-e-. ----------------------- Ikredit karti shhyIjep.
we – our тэ –-тэ--й тэ – тэтый т- – т-т-й ---------- тэ – тэтый 0
tj----t---yj tje – tjetyj t-e – t-e-y- ------------ tje – tjetyj
Our grandfather is ill. Тит-тэж- сы---ж. Титэтэжъ сымадж. Т-т-т-ж- с-м-д-. ---------------- Титэтэжъ сымадж. 0
Titje-j-z- sym-d-h. Titjetjezh symadzh. T-t-e-j-z- s-m-d-h- ------------------- Titjetjezh symadzh.
Our grandmother is healthy. Тина-- п--у----. Тинанэ псау-тау. Т-н-н- п-а---а-. ---------------- Тинанэ псау-тау. 0
Tinanje -sau--au. Tinanje psau-tau. T-n-n-e p-a---a-. ----------------- Tinanje psau-tau.
you – your ш-о-–-ш---ъ-й шъо – шъошъуй ш-о – ш-о-ъ-й ------------- шъо – шъошъуй 0
s-o-–-s-o-h-j sho – shoshuj s-o – s-o-h-j ------------- sho – shoshuj
Children, where is your father? К-элэ--ы---х-р- ш-у-тэ -ыд---ыI? КIэлэцIыкIухэр, шъуятэ тыдэ щыI? К-э-э-I-к-у-э-, ш-у-т- т-д- щ-I- -------------------------------- КIэлэцIыкIухэр, шъуятэ тыдэ щыI? 0
K--e---c-ykIu---r, -----------dj--sh-yI? KIjeljecIykIuhjer, shujatje tydje shhyI? K-j-l-e-I-k-u-j-r- s-u-a-j- t-d-e s-h-I- ---------------------------------------- KIjeljecIykIuhjer, shujatje tydje shhyI?
Children, where is your mother? К----цI-к--хэ-, шъу-----ыдэ щы-? КIэлэцIыкIухэр, шъуянэ тыдэ щыI? К-э-э-I-к-у-э-, ш-у-н- т-д- щ-I- -------------------------------- КIэлэцIыкIухэр, шъуянэ тыдэ щыI? 0
K-j-l-e-I-kIuhj--- s--ja-je------ sh--I? KIjeljecIykIuhjer, shujanje tydje shhyI? K-j-l-e-I-k-u-j-r- s-u-a-j- t-d-e s-h-I- ---------------------------------------- KIjeljecIykIuhjer, shujanje tydje shhyI?

Creative Language

Today, creativity is an important feature. Everyone wants to be creative. Because creative people are considered intelligent. Our language should be creative as well. Previously, people tried to speak as correctly as possible. Today a person should speak as creatively as possible. Advertising and new media are examples of this. They demonstrate how one can play with language. For the last 50 years the significance of creativity has increased greatly. Even research is concerned with the phenomenon. Psychologists, educators and philosophers examine creative processes. Creativity is defined as the ability to create something new. So a creative speaker produces new linguistic forms. They could be words or grammatical structures. By studying creative language, linguists can identify how language changes. But not everyone understands new linguistic elements. In order to understand creative language, you need knowledge. One must know how language functions. And one must be familiar with the world in which the speakers live. Only then can one understand what they want to say. Teenage slang is an example of this. Kids and young people are always inventing new terms. Adults often do not understand these words. Now, dictionaries have been published that explain teenage slang. But they are usually already outdated after just one generation! However, creative language can be learned. Trainers offer several courses in it. The most important rule is always: activate your inner voice!