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60 [sixty]

At the bank

At the bank

60 [тIокIищ]

60 [tIokIishh]



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I would like to open an account. Сэ-с-ёт----зэ--с-----Iоигъу. С_ с___ к_________ с________ С- с-ё- к-ы-э-у-х- с-I-и-ъ-. ---------------------------- Сэ счёт къызэIусхы сшIоигъу. 0
S-e----j---kyzjeIu--y -shIoi-u. S__ s_____ k_________ s________ S-e s-h-o- k-z-e-u-h- s-h-o-g-. ------------------------------- Sje schjot kyzjeIushy sshIoigu.
Here is my passport. Мары -и-а-п---. М___ с_________ М-р- с-п-с-о-т- --------------- Мары сипаспорт. 0
Mar- ---a-por-. M___ s_________ M-r- s-p-s-o-t- --------------- Mary sipasport.
And here is my address. С-а---си -ары. С_______ м____ С-а-р-с- м-р-. -------------- Сиадреси мары. 0
S-a---s--m-ry. S_______ m____ S-a-r-s- m-r-. -------------- Siadresi mary.
I want to deposit money in my account. С- -исчёт-ахъ-э и-г-ах---с-Iои--у. С_ с_____ а____ и_______ с________ С- с-с-ё- а-ъ-э и-г-а-ь- с-I-и-ъ-. ---------------------------------- Сэ сисчёт ахъщэ изгъахьэ сшIоигъу. 0
S-e si-c---t ah--h-- izga-'-e -s--oi-u. S__ s_______ a______ i_______ s________ S-e s-s-h-o- a-s-h-e i-g-h-j- s-h-o-g-. --------------------------------------- Sje sischjot ahshhje izgah'je sshIoigu.
I want to withdraw money from my account. Сэ-сис--т-а-ъ-э к--с-- с---и---. С_ с_____ а____ к_____ с________ С- с-с-ё- а-ъ-э к-и-х- с-I-и-ъ-. -------------------------------- Сэ сисчёт ахъщэ къисхы сшIоигъу. 0
S--------jot--h-h------s-y sshI--g-. S__ s_______ a______ k____ s________ S-e s-s-h-o- a-s-h-e k-s-y s-h-o-g-. ------------------------------------ Sje sischjot ahshhje kishy sshIoigu.
I want to pick up the bank statements. С- с-с-----ъы-э-х-кI-гъэх-- --тэ----эу-с----. С_ с_____ к________________ с_________ с_____ С- с-с-ё- к-ы-э-х-к-ы-ъ-х-р с-т-ж-ы-э- с-ф-й- --------------------------------------------- Сэ сисчёт къыхэтхыкIыгъэхэр сштэжьынэу сыфай. 0
Sje--------t --h--t-y-Iy-j-h--r ss--je-h-y-j-- -y--j. S__ s_______ k_________________ s_____________ s_____ S-e s-s-h-o- k-h-e-h-k-y-j-h-e- s-h-j-z-'-n-e- s-f-j- ----------------------------------------------------- Sje sischjot kyhjethykIygjehjer sshtjezh'ynjeu syfaj.
I want to cash a traveller’s cheque / traveler’s check (am.). Гъо-- -екым--- -хъ----ъис-ы---I----у. Г____ ч_______ а____ к_____ с________ Г-о-у ч-к-м-I- а-ъ-э к-и-х- с-I-и-ъ-. ------------------------------------- Гъогу чекымкIэ ахъщэ къисхы сшIоигъу. 0
G-gu---e--m-I-- a--hh---k-shy -s--oi--. G___ c_________ a______ k____ s________ G-g- c-e-y-k-j- a-s-h-e k-s-y s-h-o-g-. --------------------------------------- Gogu chekymkIje ahshhje kishy sshIoigu.
What are the fees? У-э-------тхьа--? У________ т______ У-э-п-I-р т-ь-п-? ----------------- УлэупкIэр тхьапш? 0
Ulj-u----e--t-'-p-h? U__________ t_______ U-j-u-k-j-r t-'-p-h- -------------------- UljeupkIjer th'apsh?
Where should I sign? Т--ч--пI----ык-эт-э--? Т_ ч______ с__________ Т- ч-ы-I-м с-к-э-х-щ-? ---------------------- Та чIыпIэм сыкIэтхэщт? 0
T- c-I--I-e- -y---et-je-h-t? T_ c________ s______________ T- c-I-p-j-m s-k-j-t-j-s-h-? ---------------------------- Ta chIypIjem sykIjethjeshht?
I’m expecting a transfer from Germany. Г-------- а--щ- -------а-ъэ--ы-Iынэ- -е-э. Г________ а____ к___________________ с____ Г-р-а-и-м а-ъ-э к-ы-ф-р-г-э-ь-к-ы-э- с-ж-. ------------------------------------------ Германием ахъщэ къысфырагъэхьыкIынэу сежэ. 0
G---a------hs-hje ---f--ag--h'y--y---- --z---. G________ a______ k___________________ s______ G-r-a-i-m a-s-h-e k-s-y-a-j-h-y-I-n-e- s-z-j-. ---------------------------------------------- Germaniem ahshhje kysfyragjeh'ykIynjeu sezhje.
Here is my account number. Ма-- -ис--т--но---. М___ с_____ и______ М-р- с-с-ё- и-о-е-. ------------------- Мары сисчёт иномер. 0
M--y --sc-jot-ino--r. M___ s_______ i______ M-r- s-s-h-o- i-o-e-. --------------------- Mary sischjot inomer.
Has the money arrived? Ах-щэр -ъ-сыгъа? А_____ к________ А-ъ-э- к-э-ы-ъ-? ---------------- Ахъщэр къэсыгъа? 0
Ah-h-j-r-kj-s-ga? A_______ k_______ A-s-h-e- k-e-y-a- ----------------- Ahshhjer kjesyga?
I want to change money. С- а-ъ-----б-эс--у----о-г-у. С_ а____ з________ с________ С- а-ъ-э з-б-э-х-у с-I-и-ъ-. ---------------------------- Сэ ахъщэ зэблэсхъу сшIоигъу. 0
S-e--h--h-e z-ebl-e--- sshIoi-u. S__ a______ z_________ s________ S-e a-s-h-e z-e-l-e-h- s-h-o-g-. -------------------------------- Sje ahshhje zjebljeshu sshIoigu.
I need US-Dollars. С--Аме--кэ-д-лл---сищыкIа--эр. С_ А______ д_____ с___________ С- А-е-и-э д-л-а- с-щ-к-а-ъ-р- ------------------------------ Сэ Америкэ доллар сищыкIагъэр. 0
S-- -mer--j---ollar-sis--y-I--j-r. S__ A_______ d_____ s_____________ S-e A-e-i-j- d-l-a- s-s-h-k-a-j-r- ---------------------------------- Sje Amerikje dollar sishhykIagjer.
Could you please give me small notes / bills (am.)? На----а--э-з--ыт-ахъ---э- къы-эт- хъ-щтмэ. Н___ м____ з____ а_______ к______ х_______ Н-х- м-к-э з-р-т а-ъ-э-э- к-ы-э-, х-у-т-э- ------------------------------------------ Нахь макIэ зэрыт ахъщэхэр къысэт, хъущтмэ. 0
N-h'--akIj- -j-r-- a--------e- -y-j-t,--u--h----. N___ m_____ z_____ a__________ k______ h_________ N-h- m-k-j- z-e-y- a-s-h-e-j-r k-s-e-, h-s-h-m-e- ------------------------------------------------- Nah' makIje zjeryt ahshhjehjer kysjet, hushhtmje.
Is there a cashpoint / an ATM (am.)? Банко-а--мы---ы-а? Б_______ м__ щ____ Б-н-о-а- м-щ щ-I-? ------------------ Банкомат мыщ щыIа? 0
Ba--o------sh--sh-yI-? B_______ m____ s______ B-n-o-a- m-s-h s-h-I-? ---------------------- Bankomat myshh shhyIa?
How much money can one withdraw? Ах-щэ-т-ь-пш--ъи---- -з--ит-р? А____ т_____ к______ у________ А-ъ-э т-ь-п- к-и-х-н у-ы-и-ы-? ------------------------------ Ахъщэ тхьапш къипхын узыфитыр? 0
Ah----e th'a-s---i------z-f-t-r? A______ t______ k_____ u________ A-s-h-e t-'-p-h k-p-y- u-y-i-y-? -------------------------------- Ahshhje th'apsh kiphyn uzyfityr?
Which credit cards can one use? Сы- ф-дэ к-ед-- к-р--х-б-ъэ--дэм- -ъу--хэ-? С__ ф___ к_____ к_____ б_________ х________ С-д ф-д- к-е-и- к-р-э- б-ъ-ф-д-м- х-у-т-э-? ------------------------------------------- Сыд фэдэ кредит картэх бгъэфедэмэ хъущтхэр? 0
S-d-fje--e-k----- k-r---h-bg--f-d----e---shh-hjer? S__ f_____ k_____ k______ b___________ h__________ S-d f-e-j- k-e-i- k-r-j-h b-j-f-d-e-j- h-s-h-h-e-? -------------------------------------------------- Syd fjedje kredit kartjeh bgjefedjemje hushhthjer?

Does a universal grammar exist?

When we learn a language, we also learn its grammar. When children learn their native language, this happens automatically. They don't notice that their brain is learning various rules. Despite this, they learn their native language correctly from the beginning. Given that many languages exist, many grammar systems exist too. But is there also a universal grammar? Scientists have been studying this for a long time. New studies could provide an answer. Because brain researchers have made an interesting discovery. They had test subjects study grammar rules. These subjects were language school students. They studied Japanese or Italian. Half of the grammar rules were totally fabricated. However, the test subjects didn't know that. The students were presented with sentences after studying. They had to assess whether or not the sentences were correct. While they were working through the sentences, their brains were analyzed. That is to say, the researchers measured the activity of the brain. This way they could examine how the brain reacted to the sentences. And it appears that our brain recognizes grammar! When processing speech, certain brain areas are active. The Broca Center is one of them. It is located in the left cerebrum. When the students were faced with real grammar rules, it was very active. With the fabricated rules on the other hand, the activity decreased considerably. So it could be that all grammar systems have the same basis. Then they would all follow the same principles. And these principles would be inherent in us…